LOS ANGELES (CBS) — The search continues for a 29-year-old woman suspected of ripping off elderly men in the South Bay in what police believe to be a mother-daughter con artist team.

Investigators say Debby Frank and her daughter, Rosa, allegedly conned a 90-year-old El Segundo man out of $22,000 in cash; a $30,000 Mercedes; and tried unsuccessfully to get him to purchase two BMW’s.

“He was here to buy two brand new 5-series BMW’s for $75,000 each,” McKenna BMW Greg Connor said.

According to Connor, the victim and the two women were turned away because the elderly man had appeared confused and hadn’t used his credit in over 20 years.

“Since we wouldn’t finance it for him since his credit wouldn’t support it, they tried to talk him into writing a check,” he said. “And that’s when we got really suspicious. Our policy is if it doesn’t look right, if it doesn’t smell right, we don’t want the deal.”

El Segundo police believe the women prey on single elderly men, often promising to use the victim’s money for a bogus investment.

Detective Eric Atkinso of the El Segundo Police Department said several people have called in describing the same women as suspects.

“They definitely target older victims that may be sharp in one respect but yet, are easily coerced and may not have a sharp memory,” Atkinso said.

Police arrested 52-year-old Debby Frank but her daughter is still at large. Both women have criminal records for similar offenses.

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