MAR VISTA  (CBS) — Police have arrested a 96-year-old Mar Vista man  for allegedly killing his 81-year-old wife.

Authorities said the woman died from blunt force trauma. She was found in a pool of blood, according to officials.

Police were called to the couple’s apartment in the 3100 block of Sepulveda Boulevard Saturday morning just after 8:30.

The suspect is identified as Milton M. Weiss. The victim was identified as his long-time wife Anne G. Weiss.

Jay Jackson, reporting for CBS2 and KCAL9, said Weiss’ 97th birthday is next Friday.

Sharon Queen-Ford, a neighbor, was shocked to hear about her friend’s murder. “I’m just stunned. It’s so unexpected and so awful. It’s a great loss to all of us. To have her leave here in any fashion [is awful] but especially in a terrible way like that.”

Queen-Ford says the victim told her that her husband had become increasingly erratic.  “She felt he would get irritable for things that weren’t justified. It scared her, I think,” Queen-Ford said.

Weiss is expected to be arraigned Monday after a psychiatric evaluation.

Comments (50)
  1. Giovanni Magana says:

    Oh yeah, we hear this all the time, now his attorney is going to plead insanity, and with La county prison overpopulation, he`ll be out faster than lindsay lohan

    1. g says:

      at his age they can not put him in any form of jail he will at best go to a mental ward or something like that

      1. Pollard Moss says:

        I totally agree.

      2. John C says:

        How about they give him a life sentence, or 5 years, whichever comes first.

    2. Brad says:

      i think he will be dead soon. Also at 97, he probably is out of his head. That grey matter only holds up so long.

      1. J J says:

        EXACTLY, I work with in a medical facility that deal mainly with the elderly, I’ve seen violence in patients whose minds are deteriorating, especially in alzheimer ‘s, as well as other diseases. He probably had a medication error, or drug interaction. At that age many things can occur, even low blood sugars for this age can cause the mind to go hay wire. He will be found not guilty.

    3. LaVonte d'Ashawn Jackson IV says:

      Apparently she told him she was gonna vote for Obama, no matter what.

      1. Donahue says:

        fricken hilarious

      2. Reality says:

        That’s blue gum,boot lip racist!

      3. Ed Stark says:

        Now that she’s dead, she’s definitely going to end up voting for Obama! Oh ACORN, you wacky nuts. What do you call yourselves this week?

        (At this point I’d laugh but jokes have been made reality and it’s not too funny anymore.)

    4. Kevin Bush says:

      The guy is probably suffering from dementia or Alzheimer disease. I bet he forgot who she was, saw her walking around in the house and thought she was an intruder or something.

  2. old school says:

    a one year sentence would be a life sentence to this old man.

  3. larrylove1948 says:

    Did he do it? If so he life for a life. If not he needs help. Either way he can’t make it past 120 years old anyway, can he?

  4. larrylove1948 says:

    So 20 to 25 years to do it with parole.

  5. cindy says:

    i’m wondering if they put handcuffs on the 97 yr old man

    1. dennis wilkey says:

      Of course , the cops probably “fear for their life”

  6. ben says:

    that man is in his mid 90s and was acting erratically. a characteristic of some alzheimers patients is increased rage and a loss of control..

    the man is probably crying desperately now and is in despair, every day a torrent of sadness. he’ll be gone soon.

    1. M says:

      Those of you who have elderly parents that exhibit strange behaviour. Please have them checked for dementia or Alzheimer’s. My dad is 82 yr old and starting to exhibit very odd behavior. Don’t ignore it.

      1. Kevin Pearson says:

        Strange Behavior? Like support for Ron Paul?

  7. M says:

    He probably has dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. Most of the elderly exhibits erratic behavior. I have read online that many elderly murders their spouse because of mental illness. He probably will go to a mental unit to get treatment. He probably will not live that long anyway. Sad but true.

  8. sol says:

    3100 sepulveda blvd is actually in a section of los angeles known as westdale NOT mar vista as if anybody really cares!!

  9. Guest says:

    My step-grandpa got Alzheimer’s and became dangerously violent before he died. He was never a violent man before that. He almost started the house on fire twice in confusion — grandma was scared of him but refused to put him in a Alzheimer’s Home.

    This is a sad story. What are they going to do now, give him “life” in prison?

  10. Daisy says:

    Tragic for all concerned.

    May she rest in peace.

  11. JUNE says:

    I sympathise..sometimes enough is enough!

  12. Linda says:

    My mom is 87 and is doing the same things right now.
    She is in the hospital and knows who we are most of the time, but it is so hard.
    Take care and Good Luck.

  13. HeyThere says:

    People, please. Get help, get medication, get treatment when the older folks start to exhbit strangeness. THERE IS HELP.

    And there’s more than one kind of dementia.

    For some, also, there’s thyroid disease, B12 deficiency, etc etc

    With my mom, synthroid made everything worse. look up ”stop the thyroid madness”

  14. Ken Puck says:

    Whether he beats the rap or they give him life, he’ll be out by dinnertime. But who will cook his meals? He’ll have to send out.

  15. Mr Mike says:

    Have been dealing with an In law suffering from dementia. It’s not pretty in men, and can be downright dangerous. According to the neighbor’s report of the wife stating that his behavior was getting irrational, to the point of him getting upset for no quantifiable reason; it’s easy for me to conclude the man is demented. Literally, and could not help himself.

  16. Steve says:

    I love this kids style! Wonder how he did it? Gun, knife, ice pick…

  17. Temper Bay says:

    Too little information to make a realistic judgement. T’would be interesting to know what her medical condition was prior to death – and what medications the ol’ boy was taking.

  18. Tony says:

    Classic case of ‘being nagged to death’ for too many years.

  19. Carl says:

    I guess he got tired of his wife telling him to leave the toilet seat down.

  20. J.A. says:

    My deepest sympathies to their family and friends. Some people on here are making light of the situation. I for one do not find anything at all here to joke about. God
    Willing I will be that old someday and only then will I partly know what it feels like. Instead of criticizing or making fun I think we should all stop and seriously think just how sad this is.

  21. John Campbell says:

    This is truly sad. Even his wife had said he was losing it. At his age I have no doubt that his mind is not with him all the time. Nearly as horrible will be when his mind wanders in and out and at some point he finds out what he’s done to the love of his life. Devastating. Horribly cruel.

  22. John C says:

    Give him a life sentence without parole.

  23. Bicassaug says:

    Заметки строителя… груда информации по строительству и ремонту.

  24. Doug B. says:

    Marriage is like a deck of cards: When you’re both young and everything is new, all you need are 2 hearts and a diamond. After 30, 40, 50 or 60 years with the same person, you’re only for a club and a spade.

  25. ken says:

    let him get a new wife like 35 ?

  26. BigDaddy says:

    Maybe he realized Amerika is doomed and he did not want her to be a part of it… just sayin’…not condoning.

  27. BigDaddy says:

    I also find it odd how people can make simple minded jokes about those who just happen to be elderly, irrespective of said crime. Welcome to the decline …

  28. LaVonte d'Ashawn Jackson IV says:

    She called him a liberal. He snapped.

    1. Moderated says:

      He’s an old joo. Of course he’s a liberal. Probably voted for Ob ongo many times.

  29. Michael F. Husk says:

    He’ll probably only get a year or two, otherwise known as life in prison, lol

  30. Haywood says:

    Scenario: He’s 97 and she is 81. They have no money, no burial insurance and she is dying. He will not be able to make it on his own when she is gone. They come with the idea to make it look like a murder but, he doesn’t have a gun so he’s forced to use a blunt object. So the state bury’s her and he gets put in a mental hospital and the state foots his medical and living expenses until he dies. Just my opinion.

  31. Frog Prince says:

    Now the taxpayers can cover his extensive medical expenses

  32. Moderated says:

    Oy, da old yenta vuz cheating on me.

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