By Ron Kilgore

SANTA ANA (CBS) — A group of Republican business leaders in Orange County broke ranks Friday with the mainstream GOP party line on immigration reform.

KNX 1070’s Ron Kilgore reports the three-point plan from the Lincoln Club of Orange County calls for a pathway to legal residency — but not citizenship — for illegal immigrants.

Founded in 1962, the Newport Beach-based Lincoln Club is a coalition of business leaders who support constitutional liberty, a limited central government, and lower tax rates.

The plan calls for increased border security, establishing a guest-worker program that would conditionally allow both foreign workers and illegal immigrants to apply for temporary work permits, and providing more tools for employers to more readily identify those workers who have been approved for the program.

The move will likely lure more Latino voters to vote Republican in what is expected to be a contentious election in 2012.

“Our hope is that this provides a starting point for Republicans and Latinos to find common ground on immigration solutions that respect the rule of law, secure our borders, and afford future immigrants and those who are already here a fair pathway to legal residency,” said Lincoln Club President Robert Loewen.

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  1. Carol Donofrio says:

    Illegals are Illegals Only and Never Immigrants!!! Always no to illegals in any country and deport with their extended welfare families and welfare anchor babies!!! $100000$ Fine to any employer knowing/unknowing hiring illegals each illegal!!! Tattoo all illegals on the forehead with the words ILLEGAL 1Inch Letters before deportation!!!

    1. Frank says:

      Good idea but you are dreaming. That will never happen. You either gotta learn to live with them or leave California.

      1. Carol Doesanal says:

        Carol Donofrio has an illegal baby

  2. Doug says:

    These people are pathetic. Why don’t we just take in all the people all over the world. There a lot of snakes in this wood pile.

  3. Carol Doesanal says:

    I wish an illegal would give it to me good.

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