DOWNEY (CBS) — A family was demanding answers at a Downey city council meeting after police gunned down a father of four by mistake.

The family of Michael Nida were joined by community members as they demanded new leadership, new policies and better training for officers.

Three weeks ago, Nida was shot in the side four times by officers looking for an armed robbery suspect.

michael nida Family, Downey Residents Express Outrage After Police Fatally Shoot Civilian

(credit: Terri Teramura/CBS)

Officers said Nida ran from them but family members said that’s no excuse for their reaction.

Officials refused to comment at the meeting.

Community members vowed to attend the weekly council meetings until city leaders addressed their concerns.

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  1. Love God, Hate Evil says:

    Hey Family. I am outraged too. I hope you guys find justice and peace in God! This was a horrible thing that happened to the guy and as much I know that we need the Police, but, there some evil trigger happy guys on the force who will shoot a minority very quick even if they are not in danger.
    God bless The family of Michael Nida and his soul.
    “The City should pay 100 million for this wrongful death!”

    1. The Big Logic says:

      ‘Minority’… He’s Latino!! Latinos haven’t been a minority in Cali since Jesus was a teenager.

      1. Andy says:


        True. After all, the US did steal the place from Mexico.

        If the cops weren’t so well know for shooting latinos on sight and making up excuses later, they wouldn’t run on seeing the cops.

        Being a criminal is a crime, being Latino isn’t. Somebody should tell the cops.

    2. Christopher Thaxton says:

      your an idiot, God help you

    3. Justice for Nida says:

      You have hate in your heart and nothing better to do than cruise news blogs and post hateful comments. He was NOT a loser. Did you know him? I doubt it. He was my friend’s best friend.

  2. Karen says:

    We all know, or should know, to stop when the police ask us to stop. There should no quesion in anyone’s mind that this is what we all need to do when the police ask us a question.

    Unfortunately, this person thought he did not have to listen to the police and he is now dead. It is his own fault.

    We all know that when the police ask us to stop, we stop and answer. It’s a simple fact.

    We are equally obligated to respond to the police. Period.

    1. Christopher Thaxton says:

      So if the police told your kids to stop and they didn’t the police should just shoot them to make them listen, your stupid and I hope you don’t pass that on to your kids, because if you do the world don’t have a chance

      1. Karen says:

        This man was not a kid first of all and I repeat. We all know that if the police stop us, we must stop. That is the law and no one is above the law. Period.

      2. RJ OGuillory says:


        ….yes,…no one is above the law,…period…….except for those who define, enforce and live off of the application of those laws,….or have you been asleep for most of your formative years,..?


        RJ O’Guillory
        Webster Groves-The Life of an Insane Family

    2. Ron Stone says:

      Running away does not constitute resisting arrest; deadly force is not authorized. That is the law, not your lying stupidity.

    3. Mort Gildersleeve says:

      Oh come on now idiot. a man is dead and he didn’t do anything to deserve to die. if you think that someone had the right to shoot him because they were wearing a badge then please go live in Nazi Germany. if you wanna live as a sub-species to the police, and do what you’re told, when you’re told to do it, that’s fine. don’t expect free people to feel the same.

  3. Stubby says:

    Once again we see an individual’s behavior cause his own death. Why would anyone run from the cops unless guilty? The cops are looking for a suspect that is armed and dangerous and this guy sees them and runs away. While he may not have deserved to die, he basically committed suicide by not acting like a good citizen, if he was one. Don’t mess around with law enforcement. They are in a serious, life and death occupation with tragic, unpredictable yet expected consequences like this guy’s death. Good work officers. We support you whole heartedly.

    1. Christopher Thaxton says:

      This man grew up knowing that the Charleston WV PD wrongfully killed his uncle, and nothing was ever done, who knows what those cops where doing to scare or to cause him to run, they thought they had the right guy but they where wrong, killing somebody is never the right action to take,how can you support the officers that killed an unarmed father of four, hope your family never has to reply to statements like this one

    2. Andy says:

      “Why would anyone run from the cops unless guilty? ”

      Because they’re black of hispanic.

      White people of normal intelligence do all eventually figure out what minorities learn quickly – the cops really do have it in for them. OF COURSE they run away – and despite ravings in the letters column, there are a lot of situations where you are NOT legally required to stop for the cops or answer them. The cops like to pretend and hope you don’t know your rights and put up with their questioning which of course greatly increases the likelihood of unfortunate events as reported in this story.

    3. Mort Gildersleeve says:

      Well good then. let’s just hope it’s one of your family members who gets shot next.

    4. Ron Stone says:

      Running away does not constitute resisting arrest; deadly force is not authorized. That is the law, not your lying stupidity.

  4. Roger Thornhhill says:

    Humorous how KCBS tries to fan the flames by constantly writing the suspect was shot “by mistake.” He fatally resisted arrest. If he hadn’t run, he wouldn’t have had his deadly encounter. He was shot by design, due to his actions. It may be that he was not the suspect for the crime, but that was disclosed later and not know at the time of the shooting. The officers respond to those facts they know at the time.

    1. Christopher Thaxton says:

      He didn’t have a weapon, why would they shoot at all

      1. Karen says:

        He resisted arrest. The police have procedures. You seem to be too vested. Stop and answer the police and you won’t have any issues with the police. I can not believe that he did not know how police in so Cal operate. Everyone knows that you do not run from the police here and that is just the way it is. Cooperate and you have zero issues. It’s simple. Everyone needs to comply with the law.

      2. christopher thaxton says:

        If everyone knows how police operate in so Cal. then why is my family the only ones to stand up for change, something needs to be done!

      3. Javier says:

        police do have procedures but deadly force is the last resort!! they shouldnt be shooting someone if the person is running, how are the officers lives in eminent danger if the suspect is running from them?

    2. Andy says:

      Under California law it is murder to shoot a suspect who is not posing a lethal threat to someone. The U. S. Supreme Court decision Tennessee v. Garner (1985) severely restricts the situations in which the police can shoot a fleeing felon, and this situation is not described as one of the permissible ones.

      On the face of it, the story says the cops committed murder. Shooting someone ‘by mistake’ is either manslaughter or capital murder depending on why the shooting was happening – if the cops didn’t have a reason to believe they could lawfully shoot the actual perpetrator then this is capital murder and they should be executed.

      I’m sure lots of whiney white supremacists in training will not like this, but it is the way the law works. The cops aren’t above the law, and don’t get to shoot ‘mexicans’ just because ‘they all look the same’ and they thought this guy was the perpetrator, thus bad, and thus OK to shoot despite not apparently having a weapon or being threatening to anyone.

      1. RJ OGuillory says:


        …Great response and analogy….


        RJ O’Guillory
        Webster Groves-The Life of an Insane Family

    3. Ron Stone says:

      Running away does not constitute resisting arrest; deadly force is not authorized. That is the law, not your lying stupidity..

  5. Hager the Mediocre says:

    Its going to take the blatant killing of a police officer to justify change in police reform. Without that, there is no stopping this overzealous killings of innocent, yet rather stupid “Innocent” people .

  6. citizen says:

    Shooting is always the best way to go. Dead men tell no tales. Mike you are an idiot.

    1. mike says:

      Thank you! That means alot coming from you.

  7. Next Time Don't Run says:

    Sucks that he died, but why did he run? Odds are the cops would of let him go, even if he had dope on him.

  8. Laura Bailey, RN, BSN says:

    Perhaps this victim didn’t realize that the police were asking him to stop? Maybe he thought he was running from an armed robber and that the police were telling THAT guy to stop? Who knows? However, the fact remains that this man didn’t have a gun, he wasn’t threatening the police and now he’s left his family in the most tragic way. Shame on the Downey Trigger Happy Police!!!

  9. Laura Bailey, RN, BSN says:

    P.S. Even if he did rob the store (which he hadn’t, of course) it’s no reason to kill him. Have the Downey Police ever heard of tasers? They make people stop running AND they don’t kill them, imagine that!

    1. Andy says:

      Or they could run him down/ The cops are SUPPOSED to keep themselves in good physical condition so they can do just that. Not as fun as playing shoot’em’up cowboy, but it IS their job to be able to do so.

  10. Jessica Edwards says:

    It makes me sick to read some of these comments, but I’m thankful for those who understand that this is truly an unjustice. Michael was a family man, he was NOT a thug, he was NOT a criminal, he did NOT have a record. He was married to the same woman for 14 years and had 4 children. We do not think the whole police department is corrupt, we just want them to make changes in how they deal with these matters. They shot and killed an UNARMED man that was running away. Why couldnt they shoot him in the leg or use a tazer or rubber bullets? Please join us here so we can help make changes. We do not want this to happen to another family. Changes need to be made in our community.

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