STUDIO CITY (CBS) — How would you like to help reduce poverty in Africa and Asia from right here in the Southland?

Shaheen Nanji and Sasha Rawji visited the KCAL9 studio Tuesday to talk about how you can be involved with Partnership Walk LA.

On Nov. 13, more than 4,000 people are expected to walk to end global poverty in the 17th annual Partnership Walk at Santa Monica Pier. The walk features lively entertainment and activities for all ages to celebrate the diversity of world cultures.

Last year the walk raised over $500,000 and is expected to raise more this year. Organizers say 100 percent of the funds raised go directly to projects sponsored by the Aga Khan Foundation.

For more info, visit Partnership Walk LA online.

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  1. alg says:

    HERES SOME MORE. THE AHA KAHN FOUNDATION. They have more money than God.
    Why are we giving our money tosomeone outside the U.S., when we have people here in LOS ANGELES COUNTY that need our help.
    How many HOMELESS CITIZENS have you helped today? or in the past.?
    It seems that this organization is only interested in their own self interest.
    Don’t tell me it’s a not for profit foundation. Take a look at their by laws, and how much money is paid their staff. You might be surprised. How do they travel? In luxury. How do they eat? In luxury. How do they live? In luxury. PERIOD OVER AND OUT.

    1. Scam At Its Finest says:

      ALG – You are dead on. This is a scam. We love helping other country’s, adopting kids from overseas and that always comes first before we take care of those in the US. It is a complete scam. I live in Santa Monica and will venture out of the city when this event happens.

    2. bz says:

      Where do you see these bylaws, staff salaries, menus, and luxurious homes? It would be nice to see where you get your information from (but not your grammar). Most of the Americans who volunteer with the Aga Khan Foundation have a strong history of service in the US and also give their time consistently throughout the year to help the homeless, conduct canned food drives, visit soup kitchens, and help clean up schools in the area as part of their service. Agreed, Americans first. But if you have something against the greater Los Angeles community giving a few hours out of their day to reduce the devastation in Asia and Africa, your perspective is somewhat skewed. This event is definitely not a scam and the organizations work and mandate is one of the noblest I have ever heard. I, for one, will be staying in Santa Monica, walking to help the organization, and doing it proudly.

  2. ss says:

    I work for both local organizations and international organizations. How can you say it is not important to help both? We have more resources here. Over here, the poverty is horrible but there is more chance for a person in the US. Internationally, they live on literally less than $2 a day. The AKF sends 100% of their money to the projects straight – definitely NOT a scam.

    1. alg says:

      to SS – don’t put words in my mouth ah – who said they were a SCAM – I believe most good people have good intentions.
      MY POINT WAS – and always will be – AMERICANS FIRST. Once all the homeless and jobless are safe and secure, we can care for others. NOT BEFORE.
      We need to pull in all those who are overseas in other countries and have them do good works here. If you can’t understand that then you are a traitor. We have no need for you, as you don’t care about Americans. You are in the corner of the AGHA KAHN. Go live in middle east. Have fun. enjoy.
      But do what you do best. IGNORE Americans., and their needs.

  3. Chris says:

    “How would you like to help reduce poverty in Africa and Asia from right here in the Southland?” ??????

    I would actually like to reduce poverty right here in my own land I stand on!

    Doesn’t make sense to me at all!!
    What…..are we all off the streets and living high in million dollar mansions? or better yet do we at least have a piece of bread on our table and a good education? I don’t think so! I’m not against helping another country but we need to help this one first…make it strong and then reach out!

  4. Michael J. McDermott says:

    Ah, wonderful little news story.
    Why not just forget about these poor people in Central America and elsewhere who literally risk their lives to come here just to find some menial labor job so they can send that little bit of money back to their family in need of it thousands of miles away.
    Who cares about those people. Their own government won’t even help these people. Yeah, who cares about them.

    1. alg says:

      mr. McDermott – another bleeding heart for anyone in the world EXCEPT AMERICAN CITIZENS. Why is that. Why can’t you help our own homeless without food or clothing or shelter. Do you really think others are helping them? To an extent some are being helped, but there aren’t enough. Perhaps you could volunteer as I have to help them.
      Further, you seem to be ignorant of our economic problems. Don’t you realize that all 14 million illegal aliens send money, that is, american cash to the rest of the world, depleting money that needs to be spent in OUR ECONOMY.
      YOU FKG IDIOT. I’m so sick of people like you. go straight to jail, and of course do not collect $200 dollars.

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