NEWPORT BEACH (CBS) — A bronze statue of former President Ronald Reagan was vandalized early Sunday, according to officials.

Police received a call at approximately 5:30 Sunday morning about a possible vandalism in progress at the Bonita Canyon Sports Park.

A witness saw a suspect tie something around the top of the statue and the other end to the front of his vehicle. The witness said the suspect then got into his vehicle and put it in reverse in an attempt to pull the statue down.

The suspect, described as a male in dark clothing, fled the scene before officers arrived.

Police said the vehicle was a tan pickup with an extended cab, circa early 2000s.

It’s not known if the suspect was trying to simply cause damage to the statue or steal it, but officials believe the vandal may be a thief who hoped to take off with the statue and sell it as scrap.

City workers were called to assess the damage to the statue and decide it had to be removed because it was compromised.

There is no word from officials on when the statue can be replaced and put back on its pedestal.

The statue debuted last month during a dedication memorial to celebrate the former president’s 100th birthday. It is reportedly worth $60,000.

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  1. cletus van damme says:

    vandalized? They probably tried to steal it.

    1. sothatsit says:

      yep,thats prolly all this actualy is. A metal thief. Been a lot of that going on lately. I’ve seen articles about people stealing manhole covers, street lights, parking meters, copper tubing in houses, even power lines in some places have been stolen. Guard rails on the highway…anything metal. A bronze statue I guess would be a major score.

      1. Shrikant Gupta says:

        watch Poonam panday hot video ========================

      2. pammalou says:

        Yep…it reminds me of when NPR said the gubbermint noticed how much people were spending on their dogs,and they weren’t buying (revenue) licenses! All of the sudden on local news only there were “pit bull”attacks all over the country!
        Then new tough legislation was introduced where I lived and even cats need licenses now.
        Keep in mind thanks to all the “metal thieves”and bizarre thefts,Louisiana is banning cash sales for like craigslist,and garage sales…
        So I will guess we will see a lot of these stories until we all clamor for cash being banned in our states too! Criminals use cash !Reagan was a goof anyway.He got rid of the last usury laws,and he didn’t know the Wall was there to keep communism out! Haha

      3. Caligula says:

        This is an Obama shovel ready job…and Reagan would laugh. These idiot Obama voters couldn’t even do THIS job right.

      4. Jaye Southworth says:

        I saw a pic the other day of two men kissing the pole they were trying to steal wire from. They both got fried. Too bad Reagan’s statue didn’t fall on them crushing them to death. That would have been a golden moment.

      5. Alan Whitney says:

        Even the bronze or copper doors off mausaliums… Turns out they are worth up to five grand.


      6. Casper says:

        Hey pammalou, couldn’t you at least move out of mommie’s basement before you embarrass her with you idiocy?

      7. teaisstronger says:


        He changed world history.


    2. Spanky says:

      This is a metaphor for what the Dems are doing to the USA.

    3. Fanny Forbes Franklen says:

      “The problem with Socialism is that eventually you run out of other people’s money.” – Margaret Thatcher

    4. LLeone says:

      Two birds with one stone: entrepreneurial theft and vandalism and a political statement.

      The Left never misses a trick, do they?

    5. Pinki says:

      “It’s not known if the suspect was trying to simply cause damage to the statue, or try and steal it, as there has been a recent spike in thefts of bronze and copper items across the country.” Note that CBS News places the word ‘vandalized’ inthe headline to imply malice toward a person or philiosophy and then way down in graph 6 says they aren’t sure if it’s theft for the metal. Now let’s cogitate on the bias there.

      1. statesrule says:

        Both are criminal…and of course you do understand why folks would believe this to be a political statement with our President going around demonizing others across the 50 states. He’s an instigator of this type of behavior..are you proud of him?

      2. Caligula says:

        you mean 57 states. i know it can be hard to keep count.

    6. Joseph says:

      It’s only a matter of time until vigilantes start bringing back some order to a society that is breaking down as we watch. The government is failing in nearly every facet of it’s responsibilities. There is no leadership. People will do what they must to restore and maintain civilization. Attempts to curtail this movement will result in the overthrow of what has become a thoroughly corrupt and unresponsive government. Just my opinion.

      1. mewp says:

        I agree, except that I don’t think that theft is restoring anything.

    7. Gene Poole says:

      Or replace it with a statue of Stalin.

      1. George Bush says:

        It was Obama he wanteda statue of himself in that spot!!

      2. GunnerLee says:

        But then you would have half of California tieing up traffic on their pilgramage to pay tribute and whorship it.

  2. Jack Roth says:

    This is so typical of the new breed of the liberal/socialist left.

    1. Mune Shadowe says:

      Or ignorant Communist/NAZI immoral leftists

      1. tanklv says:

        Typical Ignorant repuke comments.


        Communists and Socialists are “left wing”…

      2. BigV says:

        Sorry, the last time I checked NAZI is National Socialist Workers Party. Socialist is LEFT. National Socialist is LEFT. National Socialist WORKERS is LEFT. Fascist can be Either right or left. Fascism is extreme nationalism with strict governmental control. Learn your political tree before you go spouting things, it will make you seem ever so much more intelligent, as difficult as that may be.

      3. URStewpid says:

        Nazis are national SOCIALISTS, communists are world SOCIALISTS. Now who are you calling ignorant? You have placed socialists on both ends of the political spectrum. The extreme right would be anarchy. Public school fail.

      4. kicklibsout says:

        It’s way more complicated than that but the Nazis were basically socialists. American “progressives” are obviously fascists.

      5. Gene Poole says:

        Well put, they are nothing but vandals.

    2. John Clark says:

      Nice quip. However the right has respect for Reagan. Unlike the left who respect nothing except what they can steal from others in the form of taxes and redistribution.

      1. jane says:

        Reagan stole the most, after all he raised taxes. Biggest tax and spend President of his time.

      2. Barry Levy says:

        Reagan cut taxes, income to governement nearly doubled, but congress decided that they would spend more and more, showing that those in government never have enough of other people’s money.

        Nice to know that you are so ignorant of the facts of the tax cut, and the increase to the government.

      3. Jim in Houston says:

        What planet are you from? You need to go back to go back tosleep.

    3. Jason says:

      Thank you! You’ve just proved Jack’s point.

    4. obb says:

      Not likely. If they’d used a pickup truck, it would have been pulled down. So that means they were probably using a Prius. Also, the statue is now leaning to the left. With those two pieces of evidence, I’d say it was definitely a liberal. ROFL

      1. DL says:

        And if it stayed like that and rocked back and forth in the wind, you could say a swing voter did it……

    5. John Campbell says:

      Ignorant is those who attempt to use “Redneck” as a demeaning title. Suggest getting out a little more and finding out the actual meaning of “Redneck” and where it comes from instead of buying into and peddling perverted leftist political trash.

      Posted by a proud Redneck. Take the racist & uneducated garbage and shove it.

    6. YeahRight says:

      uh… you mean right of Ron Paul??

    7. Republicrat says:

      Indeed. Regan was responsible for the first wave of illegal alien amnesties. He’s no hero in my book.

    8. Al Tango says:

      You may be a tad bit right of Saul Alinsky but you are probably just like him. If you are a conservative and do not respect Reagan, you have no values, just like all liberals.

    9. bubbles says:

      You might be to the right of Karl Marx, but to the left of Obozo The Clown

    10. David Thibeaux says:

      Yor a fuc. K. Ing liar if your on the right. You may sit on the right of obamas face

    11. Frank M says:

      You can’t possibly be ‘on the right’… and have no respect for Reagan. That statement is simply impossible to advocate. You’re a mixed up little girl…

    12. Ron says:

      If you have no respect Reagan, then you are a liberal.

    13. TLC says:

      All Leftists are liars and cheats.

      Their need to be imposters stems from their inability to become human beings.

    14. joey zasa says:

      the jagoff banned automatic weapons for civilians.

      “The bill was subsequently passed and signed on May 19, 1986 by President Ronald Reagan to become Public Law 99-308, the Firearms Owners’ Protection Act”

      1. P. Amboy says:

        Dolt. Automatic Weapons have been “banned” since 1934 (National Firearms Act), but if pay the $200 tax and register the weapon you can possess any Automatic Weapon. Now if you talking Semi-automatic weapons, they have never been fully banned. There was the typical reactionary Clinton era Assault Weapons ban that was effectively a limit on the number of rounds in the magazine (and some other innoculous limitations).

      2. Crazy_Redneck says:

        @P. Amboy – “Dolt. Automatic Weapons have been “banned” since 1934 (National Firearms Act), but if pay the $200 tax and register the weapon you can possess any Automatic Weapon”

        Not 100% true. The stipulation is that said automatic weapon must have been registered prior to (I can’t remember the exact date) 1986. This limits the number of automatic weapons that are available on the market to about 175,000. Of course, do the math. Because of limited supply and availability, you can’t get one for less than $10,000…IF you can find someone willing to sell.

    15. Joe says:

      Nihilist huh? Must be hard

    16. NotFondOfLibs says:

      You’re probably another idiot that was born at night. Last night. Go pound sand you jerk.

    17. Tim Lucas says:

      They’ll B-tch slap you around here. Liberals are traitors. They are liars, thieves and a poor represenative in guarding the nations coffers. Liberal greed, plain and simple. Government isn’t the solution, Government is the problem.

    18. Hey Obama, GTFO says:

      If you have no respect for Reagan, you are NOT on the right.

    19. Hey Obama, GTFO says:

      And you sound a lot more like a wishy-washy progressive than someone who “claims” to be on the right

    20. George W. Axl Rosebush says:

      Probably some thief supporting their drug habit. Lots of druggies on the left. The thought of a free ride and all…

      1. Steve says:

        Not mutually exclusive.

      2. E says:

        Yeah Rush Limbaugh. What a leftie.

    21. The Avenger says:

      joey zasa…you have a right to respect anyone you choose. You do not have the right to make an assinine oxymoronic statement “I’m on the right and I have no respect for reagan”…because President Ronald Wilson Reagan, affectionately known as “Ronaldus Magnus”, was and will be THE greatest conservative (that means being on the ‘right’) president of the 20th century.

    22. klmdia says:

      I believe the only point that you brought to this discussion is the one atop your head.

    23. George Renfro says:

      I wonder if anyone has ever done a survey of the people in prison to see what percentage of them are liberals and what percentage are conservative. Anyone here have any figures for this?

      1. Jean Poole says:

        97% to 3%

      2. Rhonda Rogers says:

        George ^ here is a German survey of outpatients with chronic mental
        illness living in therapeutic residential
        facilities that responded to
        an opinion poll to determine
        their voting preferences for the
        2002 federal election.
        The poll found that the
        outpatients were significantly
        more likely than the general
        population to prefer
        left-wing parties (78 percent
        compared with 56 percent). I can’t find any reliable statistics of prison inmates but I’m still looking. I hope this helps. Here is the website : please feel free to post this whenever necessary.

      3. dlw says:

        Hey Rhonda, Maybe my math is a bit off but 78% plus 56% is way more than 100%. Did some of thes loons vote twice? Or are you pulling stats out of your ass?

  3. William R. Smith says:

    but the Gipper was tough and fought back!

    1. Team me says:

      That’s probably why the suspect ran.

    2. alpha1six says:

      What a very dumb comment. It makes absolutely no sense at all. But I guess that is what is to be expected these days from the left.

      1. pammalou says:

        Yeah….you aren’t a bi polar 2 party moron are ya? I pity the mentally ill such as yourself.

    3. shut your hole, communist says:

      Having spent your life on drugs and welfare and as close to death as you are, it may be time for you to stop making stupid, incoherent, assinine public statements and just shut the flock up. Nobody has EVER cared what you think about canned peas, much less politics. Your only contribution to any conversation is to act as an exhibit supporting the argument that stupid, drugged out liberals should be neutered and disallowed the vote. Now, shut your stinky piehole and go sleep in the dirtiest corner of a public toilet where you won’t draw unusual attention to yourself.

    4. Jim in Houston says:

      Do you take stupid pills or do you come by it naturally?

    5. G Smith says:

      sadly, this person is dead right… reagan was head of the labor union and his entire pre-political career was backed by ge… and he did lay a wreath at the grave at bittburg.. sadly, you people claim that we have taken our stupid pills. what drabble… that type of thought process is no different than the gullible left. luckily judgment comes to us all and will be on an individual basis and not based of what others told you

    6. Alice Ramirez says:

      You are incoherent. Typical lefty libturd tool.

    7. TheRealKingMax says:

      Pammalou, after reading your inane leftist ranting in this blog, and giving them careful, objective consideration:

      I’ve come to the conclusion that you’re definitely a chunk of human waste.

      Folks, now if you’ll please pardon me:

      I have to go take a large Pammalou.

      1. pammalou says:

        Is that all you can come up with? I don’t buy into your LEFT RIGHT Bi Polar mental illness.
        The 2 party system is for morons,and repeating their talking points makes you look like the ultimate imbecile.
        Get a brain will ya?

    8. Max723 says:

      You’re a moron.

  4. Gary Mcquate says:

    what do people think.. ahhh yes i t is .. they dont think.. they need more than just punishment.. there needs to be an example made of this person when caught.. like …. shot at dawn or something.. people have not fear today because there is not punishment

    1. Rj Petrucci says:

      really DEATH ?
      so much for thou shall not kill

      1. Jubal says:

        The original wording of that commandment was “Thou shalt do no murder [as in murder by stealth]” Somehow, so many people are mislead by others’ agendas. Also please keep in mind that Jesus never said to be a door mat. His last admonition to the disciples in the garden was “If you do not own a sword, sell your [cloak/coat] and buy one.”

      2. Coldcajun says:

        He said SHOT! not executed… and I would be fine with that…

      3. Out in the Country says:

        You are 100% correct.

        Instead, the person should be put in an unlit box where they cannot fully stretch out and always feel like they’re going to suffocate, when in fact they are not. Once a week they’re taken out, hosed down to keep them clean, and put back in the box.

        A month punishment would suffice, and nobody needs to die. See? Win-win! Everyone’s happy except the filth that did this, which should be okay, right?

      4. TroyG says:

        Actually, there is a translation error in the Bible. The commandment doesn’t say “Thou shalt not kill.” The real commandment says “Thou shalt not murder.” Totally different. The death penalty isn’t forbidden by the Bible.

      5. @jubal says:

        @Jubal, fool, no he did not. When the Apostle Peter attacked a man with a sword, Jesus turned towards him and said put your sword back in its sheath. For those who live by the sword will DIE BY THE SWORD! Funny, he said he had the power to call twelve legions of angels, yet he did not. That goes to show if Jesus Christ could let people spit, mock, persecute, ridicule, torture, mame, and crucify him, and yet not offer up 1 spiteful word, shouldn’t we try to imitate that? Lastly, his last ADMONITION to his father GOD, was to forgive the ones who put him on the cross. “Forgive them father, for they know not what they are doing.” These are the examples we should strive to follow

      6. yanks123 says:

        “those who spill the blood of man shall have their blood spilled by man” the holy bible

      7. Casper says:

        It’s more like stepping on a roach.

    2. Voice of Reason says:

      I like the idea of a public lashing, perhaps fifty lashes in downtown Newport Beach.

    3. statesrule says:

      When folks commit a crime and thrown in prison, they should never be told how much time they have to serve for a crime. I believe the not knowing would help deter crime.

      1. statesrule says:

        An unsettled mind will forever be changed.

      2. John says:

        I like it.

        The world just needs more immediate, shotgun justice. Criminals know that the worst that can happen to them is that they get free room, board, health care, entertainment, heat, electric, water, etc in an environment where they have no responsibilities or work.

        Why *wouldn’t* they commit crimes?

        But if people started swinging from trees 60 minutes after they were caught…

    4. pammalou says:

      I think if we outlaw cash transactions like Louisiana did !
      That will fix them!
      Let’s all get angry because St.Reagan’s holy image was attacked,trust me…the government already has a solution for these thefts.
      That solution is banning cash transactions at resale shops,craigslist,garage sales and more!
      Anywhere there is an underground economy that poor people use.
      This is a nice way to demonize any maniac wanting to buy or sell something with cash.
      The Louisiana law requires you keep records of anything you sell and you keep records of the license plates of the vehicle that delivered it to you.
      But hey! Roland Reagan’s statue was accosted!
      We need tough new tools for the police and banning cash transactions is the solution!
      It’ll be great for the private prisons!
      Keep talking like a tough guy !
      There’s plenty of punishment out there but not for the big time crooks who spend your money on wars and killing people and bailing out the banks.
      Let’s take it out on the little guys because they are easier to beat up!

      1. George Renfro says:

        What on earth are you saying? Do you think every time something is done illegally that you just pass another law? That’s what the Democrats have been doing for years and years. Instead of solving the problems with crime by enforcing existing laws, they just pass another bunch of laws which won’t be enforced. Now you want to ban cash? What the h##@ kind of solution is that?

        This is the way all our liberties are being taken from us. Your mindset is at the very best foolish, more likely you are just an idiot. Just ban cash–jeeze what a genius.

      2. Kent says:

        I am in Louisiana and all I can ask is WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT? I have already made two cash transactions this morning.

      3. 911Survivor says:

        pammy-poo, or palumalu, or whatever: You’re just jealous because thet didn’t tear down your tinfoil statue of jimuh cahtuh, the original dweeb-president. Bugger off, silly twit…

      4. pammalou says:

        They ALREADY have passed the Law in Louisiana.
        I am not here espousing my OPINION like y’all thinking that your foolish opinion on these boards mean squat.
        You people are really not too smart are ya?

    1. Fred Lopez says:

      you are an IDIOT

      1. kurgee says:

        We don’t need statues honoring racist fascists. Mission accomplished.

      2. Allen says:

        Ol’ Kurgee proves your point nicely below using words he cannot correctly define.
        Who meets the definition of fascist (i.e., a proponent of dictatorship by government of a country, often involving hostile nationalistic attitudes, racism, and private economic ownership under rigid government control)? A.) The late President, who was for smaller government and individual rights and responsibilities; or
        B.) The current President, who regulates cow f arts and light bulbs and has appointed Czars to control everything anyone can think of.

      3. Ronnie Raygun says:

        Right on ALLEN!

      4. jane says:

        Yea Allen because deregulation works so well, LOL., what a moron,

      5. Skeete says:

        kurgee also thinks I have a right to an opinion as long as it agrees with his. We don’t need dictionaries or history books either for that matter. Liberal propaganda will take care of all that. You’re a good little lib Ms kurgee.

    2. Rick H. says:

      I’ll bet you don’t even know what a fascist is.

      1. LiveFreeOrDie says:

        Right you are. He needn’t look any farther than 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue’s current occupant (occupier?) to see a real-life racist fascist, but this clown is too busy libeling the finest president of the last 150 years.

        Liberals are some of the ugliest, most hateful and vile people.

      2. Christina Bdba says:

        LOL Idiot does not even know that fascists were the left not the right.So much for public school indoctrination….

      3. Google OBAMA FAILED E-VERIFY says:

  5. Ben Fuct says:

    Topple it like they did poor ol’ saddam hussein’s statue.

    1. John_B says:

      This country has really started to follow the great swirl down the toilet when people can say the things they do on this sight and expect others to believe it. There is a truth and it is absolute. Ronald Reagan was a great man as well as a great president.

      1. pammalou says:

        For a guy with Alzheimers who was so freaked out after his strange assassination attempt he made all his decisions according to what his flaky astrologer said.She told him he would meet a Pisces named Gorbachev and sign everything over to him! She told him it would be his lucky day if he visited the Nazi SS officers graves in Bittburg!
        I don’t think he was so great…it was more the way his astrologer told him what to do to make him look good to you.
        Nancy was a genius too because she was the one who got Joan Quigley the genius to pull Roland Reagan’s strings.
        I wish people would worship the one Real God instead of these weird meat puppet gods like Reagan.They hired the astrologer to improve their image and judging by the comments here it was taxpayer money well spent.
        The guy was a goof.I am not a Democrat or a Republican BTW ….That 2 party rope a dope is for suckers! Wise up.All the Presidents have been garbage since Kennedy,and you have to wonder about him too…
        I farht in Roland Reagan’s general direction and statues in general.It was a waste of taxpayer money to build statues of any politician if you ask me.

  6. Not My Government says:

    I’d wager illegals looking for metal. It’s who’s doing most of the bold thefts here. There’s a reason everything of any value is behind razor wire and electric fencing in Guatemala. We’ll be there soon enough however.

    1. Crazy_Redneck says:

      At face value, one would think it was illegals looking for metal. However, this refutes your suspicion:

      “Police said the vehicle was a tan pickup with an extended cab, circa early 2000s.”

      It says the pickup was tan…not tan, red, black, grey….

      It also says the pickup was “circa early 2000s”, not circa early 80s to mid 90s.

      It also said the pickup was “extended cab”, not regular cab. Additionally, it did not say that it had a 5 gallon igloo water cooler bungeed to a rusty headache rack.

      Attention to detail…

      1. Hank Hill says:

        Got a news flash for you: most illegals drive flashier/newer vehicles than gringoes anymore, because it’s easier to for them buy these when someone else is doing the heavy lifting: healthcare, groceries, housing, etc. all paid for by the taxpayers, while the illegals sneak across, squirt out an anchor baby and reap the benefit of being untouchable because their kid is a citizen.

        Just sayin’…

      2. Crazy_Redneck says:

        You don’t live in southeast Texas, do you, Hank?

    2. how2findtruthTube says:

      it might be fake a hoax,, they want to ban recyclling for the common person they will put it in the fine print that you cant own gold or silver with some sweeping legislation as usual but it could be some mexicans idk isnt there alot of illegals in LA?

  7. JuanValdez says:

    Illegals trying to steal some metal for cash at the recycler.

    1. joey zasa says:

      some wombato probably

  8. Buck Ofama says:

    There you go again.

  9. Crazy_Redneck says:

    “It’s not known if the suspect was trying to simply cause damage to the statue, or try and steal it, as there has been a recent spike in thefts of bronze and copper items across the country.”

    Really? Seriously?!?!?!?!

  10. John says:

    Ronnie still leans to the right . You can.t stop someone with princples.

      1. pammalou says:

        You Bi-Polar Left Right people are HILARIOUS ! Scary….but Hilarious.
        You’re like watching a baby being surprised every time the left right paradigm yells PEEK A BOO !
        There is Right and wrong….your two party peek a boo game defines insanity.
        Doing the same thing over and over and over hoping for different results.
        You just stick with your Bi Polar left right diatribes and see where that gets you!

  11. pemberton says:

    Mr. Illegal, tear down this statue!

  12. irving nussbaum says:

    this is the kind of thing you can expect from today’s democrats

    1. dicedfroggy says:

      Norman Thomas said this in a 1944 speech:

      “The American people will never knowingly adopt socialism. But, under the name of “liberalism,” they will adopt every fragment of the socialist program, until one day America will be a socialist nation, without knowing how it happened.” He went on to say: “I no longer need to run as a Presidential Candidate for the Socialist Party. The Democratic Party has adopted our platform.”

    2. pammalou says:

      That’s the kind of comment you can expect from today’s Bi-Polar 2 party sucker.
      Too bad you can’t see that both parties they allow you to have is the old English throw the bums out tactic.Both parties are corrupt.Both parties are bought and paid for.I feel sorry for you Bi-Polars.

  13. JayCeezy says:

    I wonder if the pickup truck was insured.

  14. Carlys says:

    This World Is Going Crazy!! How Disrespectful Can People Get???

    1. Casper says:

      Very magnanamous of you to refer to left-wing nuts as people. Rodents is more accurate.

    2. pammalou says:

      Yea….worshiping Roland Reagan,and statues instead of God.
      God laughs at people like you.He will spit you out.Enjoy the trip.

      1. Carlys says:

        Just Because there is a statue of someone does not mean it is to become an idol of worship. I pray to God and God alone and he will judge us all not anyone posting here including you pammalou!!! Hello!!!

  15. Rj Petrucci says:

    Didn’t American’s start becoming poorer when Reagan got elected once he broke the Unions?

    Didn’t Wall Street Crash during his Presidency and cause a recession that did not end until Clinton was elected?

    Sad this is the best Republicans have to worship.
    Oh right THE top 1 Percent got richer. They must be the ones here bashing everyone else.

    1. Mike says:

      Eric, Rj, you DEFINITELY need to learn on your own and not from what people TELL you is the truth. Look at life under Carter (seems a worse today IMHO) and then at the end of Reagan’s Presidency…you don’t have to be honest with anyone but yourself

      1. bob says:

        I’ll take Carter anyday over St Ronnie.

      2. Hank Hill says:

        Bob, you’ve forgotten your meds again….

      3. Mikey says:

        It’s obvious that Bob is too young to remember the gas lines and “misery index”.

    2. dan says:

      get your facts straight….even the poor are richer than they were in the 60’s and 70’s

      how many on welfare do not have an xbox? not many

      Didn’t Wall Street Crash during his Presidency and cause a recession that did not end until Clinton was elected? once again get your facts straight….technology drove the increases of the 90’s…clinton did not until his hand was forced in 94 to cut govt spending

      1. Gwen Marsh says:

        You people sure don’t get yur facts straight. Probably reading too many lefty blogs. when Reagan took office from Carter, the country was in disarrey, gas lines went for blocks, hostages had been held for almost two years, the world had NO respect for America (I believe we were called a paper tiger), for those who could buy a house the interest on said mortgage was a whopping 18%. When Regan took over the hostges were promptly returned, mortgage rates came down and ther was suddenly plenty of gas and best of all USSR fell. Now nearly 30 years later we are in another democratic mess yet again. All these observations are correct as I lived through them. Reagan’s good works are being flushed down the toilet. Don’t question my observation because I lived the nightmare.l

    3. Crazy_Redneck says:

      “Didn’t American’s start becoming poorer when Reagan got elected once he broke the Unions?”

      Dunno ’bout that. I do know my family became poorer when United Steelworkers of America threatened to strike in the mid 1980s against the phony ENA, to which they agreed. The problem was US Steel was losing market share to foreign producers and USW wasn’t willing to make the concessions necessary to keep the company competetive, not to mention the plant open in Baytown, TX in 1986.

      My dad had worked at that plant since returning from Vietnam/Thailand in 1970 and was a shift supervisor. The USW threatened to strike which resulted in the lockout at this plant, which was never reopened. This affected a lot of other kids’ families with whom I went to school. Many of us couldn’t even play football throughout high school because our dads were unemployed or underemployed for a great deal of time and didn’t have health insurance for their families. Reagan didn’t bust USW. USW busted itself.

      That said, Reagan, in my opinion, was not a great president. As Ron Paul correctly pointed out in his letter of resignation from the Republican party in 1988, Reagan didn’t live up to the image of Reagan. But to claim Reagan as a union buster, is weak at best. It is my own personal experience that he failed miserably.

      If membership were ever a condition of employment in the State of Texas, I would remain unemployed. I advance myself on my own merit. My talent is such that if I weren’t happy with the position, pay or benefits befitting said talent, I would go elsewhere and get the compensation I deserve. Unions, while at one time in our history had a noble calling, have outlived their usefulness. Unions, whether they like it or not have no immunity from the laws of economics…free market economics…not that Paul Krugman BS.

      Sorry so long winded. When I hear someone defending unions, I just have to relate my own personal experience.

      1. John Q. Jones says:

        Ron Paul is an idiot and just as insane as his lunatic following. He’s an opportunist of the 1st order and hypocrisy runs through his veins. Reagan espoused American Ideals better than anyone in modern-day history, period. To even mention Ron Paul in the same sentence as Ronald Reagan is akin to blasphemy. IMO…

      2. Luis says:

        I have to say, this is the most well thought and realistic comment about how poisonous unions can be in modern society. I applaud you for pointing out the obvious truth without resorting to using terms like lefty, socialist, commie, etc. If only more people were willing to discuss the nation’s issues without making things caustic and personally insulting.

      3. janeporto says:

        You are mistaken if you think our nation or any nation on earth will ever really be a true free market economy. There will always be a need for government and some form of regulation to control greed and the resulting development of a dictatorship.

      4. Crazy_Redneck says:

        @janeporto – I’m not mistaken at all. You cite that “There will always be a need for government and some form of regulation to control greed and the resulting development of a dictatorship”, however, you don’t back it up with any evidence. As a matter of fact, you fail to realize that the government solution, quite often, winds up being worse than the problem it tries to solve.

        Take the Federal Reserve Act of 1913. It has a dual mandate; to maintain the value of our currency and to implement monetary policy so as to foster maximum employment. From the early 1800s to early 1900s, an ounce of gold was worth between $17 and $23/oz. From the beginning of the Bretton-Woods Agreement in the 1940s until Nixon closed the gold window in 1971, an ounce of gold was fixed at $35, leaving the value of the dollar completely in the hands of the Fed. As I write, gold is sitting at $1771/oz. Wow. What a colossal success that’s been!

        In numerous cases, it IS the large corporations who lobby FOR the regulations. That seems counterproductive, doesn’t it? What winds up happening is the large companies either don’t have a problem complying with the regulation or it is exempted. This leads to increased expenditures by smaller companies to comply with the regulation, instead of being able to spend that capital on growth. The end result is the larger company has a growth advantage over its smaller competitors.

        You think corn ethanol is a sound investment? Of course not. If not for subsidies, it would not exist. Subsidies are a form of regulation. If the market thought it was a cost effective alternative fuel, it would not require subsidization.

        Look at the Amish farmer who is currently under investigation for selling his customers a product they wanted — raw cow’s milk. This isn’t marijuana (which also shouldn’t be illegal, but for big pharma/government collusion). It’s MILK. Look at the heart of those regulations and I’d pretty much bet big agri-business is behind it.

        Look at Monsanto (frankenfoods) and all the regulations that are written in their favor to crowd out the little farmers.

        You argument says that regulation is there to “control greed and the resulting development of a dictatorship”. Evidence says regulation is there to encourge that which you fear.

      5. Ol' Ranger says:

        CrazyRedneck, I worked in that mill from the mid to late 70’s. You’re correct on your statement. I finally had sense enough to get out of there and found a much better job in Baytown and am now retired.
        I can’t say I agree with everything else you stated, but the part about USW is 100% correct.

      6. Crazy_Redneck says:

        @Ol’ Ranger – I don’t think any two people are going to ever agree 100% on everything. I actually spelled out my displeasure with Reagan in another post citing specifics, but it looks like it got lost in la-la land.

        Reagan was certainly head and shoulders above Carter, however, I personally think his personna is greatly overstated. Even in his memoirs he cites a lot of regrets he had over actions he took as president. I think that is what makes him great. I do agree with Reagan that “libertarianism is the very heart and soul of conservatism”. I was a hardcore conservative up to about 6 years ago, and then I started studying things on my own. I came away with a different point of view.

        I’m glad you got out of the Baytown mill before things went south. It’s good to hear from someone else who has had similar experiences. My dad is 67 now and is currently head maintenance for a school district west of Baytown…dunno if he’ll ever retire…don’t think he wants to. LOL.

        God bless.

      7. eleryd says:

        Good for you!!

      8. Casper says:

        Hey Janeporto, we have them already. They’re called ‘laws’.

      9. Casper says:

        Hey BRAINWASHED, no you are!

    4. Atlas Yawned says:

      RJ Petrucci you are possibly the dumbest person I’ve seen commenting on posts in, well, probably forever. Typical brain dead lefty- “Don’t let the facts get in the way of my radical ideology!” You’re a patheitc loser- no hope for morons like you.

      1. YOUR BRAINWASHED says:

        No sir, you are the dumbest person commenting buddy. You just throw a bunch of name calling that you hear daily from Rush, FOX & Friends, and the drudgereport. You have no facts to support your case in attacking RJ. You just sit there and call him a “Brain dead lefty”, while you are not making a single point on why you believe he is a moron. Just because he does not agree with your ideology, does not make him anything that you called him in your stupid pathetic little rant. People like you make me sick to my stomach because you have no context in your argument and just use cliche right wing name calling for your point. You sound like a brainwashed fool who listens to too much talk radio and watch WAYYYY too much FOX News. You are a puppet of the right wing propaganda machine, and I laugh at your inability to understand that you are just a pawn and you don’t even realize it. Please sir, educate yourself some more, and make a valid point before posting. Also, try to open up your eyes and realize that you have been hypnotized by so much propaganda that you can’t even think for yourself anymore. you just spew out anti Democrat (aka liberals) rhetoric in an auto response straight from the right wing propaganda machine. Educated people who want to have an intellectual debate don’t want to have to read your nonsense ramblings of hatred. If I were a Republican I would be embarrassed for my party when reading your comment.

      2. pammalou says:

        Lefty lefty lefty…..haha There’s no hope for the Bi Polar Two Party rope a dope fools that think either of the only two party Coke Pepsi parties have anything to offer but more corruption.
        Put your faith in men,not God.As a Bi Polar no one can fool you !
        {eg}Perry was a Democrat but now he calls himself a Republican and the Bi Polars jumped on his bandwagon to stand up against the other Democrat labeled Kenyan.
        Keep drinking the 2 party Left Right Kool Aid !
        Doing the same thing over and over will get you real results!

    5. BigV says:

      As I recall, the recession began under Jimmy Carter, when Reagan took office we had double digit unemployment and interest rates were around 20% and taxes were through the roof. Reagan came in, cut taxes heavily, this allowed businesses to keep money, allowing them thereby to hire more people, meaning that there were more people to pay taxes, meaning tax revenues went up, allowing interest rates to come down, allowing that pay check to stretch just a little further. Stop whinging about the 1% until you’re part of the 54%.

    6. TroyG says:

      Rj you appear to have a problem with people getting rich.
      Hey, you could go join Hugo Chavez…he’s looking for a few good communists.

      This is America, and anyone who works hard enough, and has half a brain can become wealthy.

      It’s all about envy with you lazy dorks. Someone needs to tell you that life isn’t fair, and someone will always be poor, and someone will always be rich.

    7. Dave says:

      Reagan inherited double digit inflation, double digit unemployment, and double digit interest rates when he took office. When he left office,it was completely reversed. He accomplished this by lowering taxes and de-regulating industries. Oblama has it easy compared to Reagan. So what is Oblama doing to fix the economy? Exaclty the opposite of what Reagan did, with the anticipated results. Liberals only lie when their lips move or when they type ontheir computers.

      1. pammalou says:

        Boy! You guys with your excuses for the guy your television tells you is the real President are amazing!
        Today they Obama inherited his financial problems from Bushie.
        You really think Roland Reagan who was saturated withAlzheimers ever did anything but read his teleprompter like Obama does?
        The guy was an actor with Alzheimers.
        Carter was put in place by Soros(just like Obaaaama) and it’s all a show for the stupid Americans who really believe there is ONE MAN in the White House that really really thinks up all the policies the TV tells you he does.
        Worship the statue of the actor!
        Talk about them as if they really run the country!
        As if they really make the tough decisions….for the good of the country! LMAO

  16. boozy says:

    OK..we have put up with there sh** for a couple they are attacking a hero of this nation…the gloves are off….these Obama Nazis’s need to be destroyed…they have taken one step to far…mmm mmm good Herman Cain 2012

  17. John Trotter says:

    Looks like these roaches even failed at this most basic task! Get yor butts back to flippin’ burgers – that is about all you are good for! And that is pushing it!!

  18. Luis says:

    The Gipper looks like he could use a V8.

  19. nomoregore says:

    Does Nazi Pelosi have an alibi?

  20. Magneto says:

    This is why Democrates need to deported to the North Pole with a Mexican under each arm. And remember to punch one in the face if it tries to talk to you.

  21. Tommy says:

    I wish it had fallen on the creeps. I would think it is either people stealing for metal profit or another peaceful liberal. Isn’t it funny how the far left liberals are always for “inclusion” except when it comes to anything that does not fit their “ideals”.

  22. BigBoa says:

    To the morons that try to blame Ronald Reagan for illegals,,,,, it was no doubt foolish, but Reagan made the one crucial mistake one MUST NOT make in dealing with the marxists. He tried their “compromise” resolution. Yes, he agreed to amnesty. But it was in the agreement that the then completely marxist controlled congress was going to secure the border, require English, and several other points that THEY were supposed to carry through on. Like typical marxists, they went back on ALL of them before the ink was dry from his signing off on the deal. One can’t really blame him for attempting to be compassionate towards people. One CAN, however, take the lesson from this that you NEVER, EVER “compromise” with these creeps….

  23. rowley says:

    This kind of action is spawned by the Obama Demo Regime’s degradation of the segment of the population that feels entitled to vandalize for self gratification without reprisal.

  24. Helios says:

    Reagan had bronze balls!

    1. pammalou says:

      Roland Reagan’s ball were in Nancy’s purse.
      Did you know there is a way to eat cake that’s UNLUCKY?
      Nancy Reagan knows!
      Watch Ronnie minus his balls.At the end of the video you can see NuTtY NaNcy
      explain how eating a certain piece of cake can be UNLUCKY.
      People like you are really really scary.
      My hero is Jesus.No other.
      Worship your meat puppet.
      I don’t buy into the 2 party Bi Polar left right mental illness the media exploits,so don’t come up with your stupid I must be a Democrat/Lefty because you can’t believe that someone who doesn’t worship 2 party meat puppets must be on the other side of your left right psychosis.
      Thank You

  25. Josey says:

    Are Drudge and these fking idiots so dumb to think that this was “vandalism”? They wanted the metal, idiots.!

    1. Casper says:

      I’ve got metal for them. 115 grains at a time. Some for you, too Josey.

    2. Japes Macfarland says:

      The motive could have gone either way, genius. And don’t call people names. 🙂

  26. joe says:

    sounds like a typical youth liberal.. If they are unable to get the silver spoon they resort to this garbage

  27. Scooch says:

    So in a time of great economic crisis some wealthy people drop 200K or so to memorialize some schmow President. Big surprise somebody tries to pull it down.

  28. Navy Corpse Man says:

    Generally I’m not a grammar Nazi, but sue me. I happen to believe that a journalist should know better than to say “try and steal it” in the example:

    “It’s not known if the suspect was trying to simply cause damage to the statue, or try and steal it,”

    If I were drawing a paycheck for my use of the language, I’d avoid the split infinitive, too, but the “try and” is just too much..

    1. Al Dente says:

      I thought the splitting an infinitive nitpick was put to bed with William Shatner saying, “to boldly go where no man has gone before” every week. I continue to think “to boldly go” sounds better than “to go boldly.” Without a split infinitive, how would you express this: “The population is expected to more than double in the next ten years”?

      Given the right context, I would have almost no problem at all with “try and steal it,” as being idiomatic for “try to steal it.” The problem is not so much “try and” instead of “try to,” it’s that it should be “trying to.”

      After moving “simply” around, I think the thought is best expressed without using the word “simply” at all. “It’s not known whether the suspect was trying to damage the statue or steal it.”

      1. Navy Corpse Man says:

        If a 1960s TV show made that impact on the English language, then a 1950s TV show ought to have “put to bed” the subject and verb agreement “nitpick” that might otherwise be raised with respect to, “boundaries are that of imagination.” And in either instance there’d be a sadder tale being told.

        Anyway, as I made clear enough for my satisfaction, I ain’t talking about casual gab. My belief is that a journalist should know better and demonstrate it in practice. I also believe that a news legitimate news organization should have higher standards in general — though just why I say that in apparent reference to the network that only reluctantly let go of Dan Rather, eludes me.

  29. Burn In Hell Gipper says:

    There are too many right wing parrots here spouting conman talking points. Do any of you Raygun lovers have any original thougts? Why don’t you worship George W Bush ? What about George H? Richard Nixon anyone? You unpatriotic fcuks disgust me.

    1. Navy Corpse Man says:

      Nice language.
      Maybe you had a thought about Mom with that nasty mind and now she won’t drop you off at the “Occupy” show…

      1. Burn In Hell Gipper says:

        Witty aren’t you Mr Navy Corpse Man – Not.

        I spit on the corpse of Ronny Raygun and take solace in knowing he is turning on a spit in hell..

    2. M Larsen/MN says:

      Ronald Reagan was a great president and a patriot. To say anything less just shows the fact that the comments here come from people who don’t know history and are blinded by their faith in liberalism.

      1. Burn In Hell Gipper says:

        10 Reasons Why Ronald Reagan Was a Horrible President

        1. Reagan sent the deficit skyrocketing, growing faster in real dollars than under any other president, including Obama.
        2. Reagan cut social spending to the bone and created the homeless problem by turning hundreds of thousands of mentally ill people out on the streets.
        3. Reagan catastrophically lowered taxes in 1981, creating debt so bad he raised taxes each of the next six years and still didn’t make up for it.
        4. Reagan cut school funding and tried to classify ketchup as a vegetable.
        5. Reagan’s streamlining of the income tax created the largest-ever shift of tax burden from the wealthy to the middle-class and working poor, resulting in expanding the income gap, which continues 30 years later.
        6. Reagan showed no leadership and ignored AIDS — the biggest health crisis of the century — while tens-of-thousands of people died.
        7. Reagan traded arms, money, drugs and hostages between Iran and the Nicaraguan rebels.
        8. Reagan gave chemical weapons to Saddam Hussein.
        9. Reagan claimed “Trees cause more pollution than automobiles do”.
        10. More appointed officials were indicted and convicted of crimes under Reagan than than any other president.

        (Bonus) Reagan banned the Beach Boys —THE BEACH BOYS!— as attracting the wrong sort of crowd.

      2. Navy Corpse Man says:

        True and well said, M Larsen. And it appears that this one would be much better off only blinded by his worhip of whackery.

    3. Japes Macfarland says:

      You wrote: “I spit on the corpse of Ronny Raygun and take solace in knowing he is turning on a spit in hell..”

      Thanks for the great illustration of leftist hatred. Sometimes the depth of it still surprises me, so yes, this helps.
      Besides, he helped end Communism for much of the world, he set free millions of people in East Germany. People who were essentially enslaved. And you don’t care. You don’t care that Communism caused upwards of 200 million deaths in the 20th century. It is what is basically socialistic atheism that has caused more war, death and suffering than all the religious wars in all of human history. Yet you do not care. You judge reality by your feelings, and your leftist schooling has not only taught these things, but deliberately taught you how not to think. It is frightening.

  30. sothatsit says:

    Times are tuff. People been stealing all kinds of metal things. Copper tubing from houses, manhole covers, street lights..anything metal. I dont think this was a political statement, I think it was simply a metal thief lookin for a score. Guard rails from the highway, I have seen all kinds of articles about this metal thievery goin on.

  31. Jedediah says:

    Suspect described as a “male in dark clothing” Hummm another one of these raceless suspects.

  32. Darrell Nelson says:

    could have been some of the illegal mexicans he gave the ok to stay here. this is their way of saying thanks.

  33. Ken Pittman says:

    Likely an Occucommie. The Flea Party is looking for attention since no one cares about their vermin infested camps….plus they are getting insects and rats too.

  34. amplitude jones says:


  35. Old Man Chuck says:

    If they catch the perp, the appropriate punishment would be to drop the statue on him from a height of 20 feet or so. Irony, right?

  36. Ali says:

    Reagan persuaded Saddam to attack Iran. He was a good friend of Saddam. Remember the handshake of Donald Rumsfeld with Saddam?

    One million people were killed in the Iran-Iraq war and the war extended and empowered the Islamic Republic of Iran. He also made a deal with Iranians on the release of the US hostages that Carter was beaten by that matter only.

    Carter’s winning the presidential post was very certain until the Us hostages fiasco came up.

    How about the Iran-gate? Whatever happened to that? Dealing with the terrorists? How about giving weapons to the Mujahidin through Pakistan to fight again the Soviets and what happened next? TALIBAN came up then 9-11.

    Reagan weakened the unions in US. He gave breaks to the immigrants and destroyed the job opportunities for Americans you republicans who keep talking about illegal immigrants in the US. Well your body Reagan had different point a view about immigrants.
    He promoted minimum wage for the corporations’ large businesses so they could hire cheap labor to increase their own profits as we see it today.
    Reagan started the Tex credits for the rich and big corporations.
    He created the mess we are in right now.

    Republicans, read and watch less the so called Fox news channel.
    Reagan demolished the Sherman Act anti-Trust (that was introduced by Senator John Sherman of Ohio in the 1890s) to limit the monopolies of corporations.
    So Reagan gave Tax breaks to the corporations and got rid of the Sherman Act.
    You republicans, tell me one thing that Reagan did for the People of US.
    He destroyed the middle class and created many poor people.

    1. Osamas Pajamas says:

      Every word that you say is a lie, even the frkn punctuation. Reagan’s only guilt is that he did not destroy the bloodsxcking Democrat party.

    2. jane says:

      They can’t because they won’t let facts get in the way they can only repeat sound bites from faux news, or just plain name call.

      1. Del061 says:

        You mean the Fox News Channel? The FNC that has the highest ratings? That news outlet? You sound like Bill Maher or that Olberman character. The MSM is so in the palm of President Obama that they don’t even report news. They report what the White House tells them to report. They get their news right from the WH.

      2. Trajan Long says:

        Since you’re so in love with facts, cite one fact Fox News broadcast which was false. Interestingly, in a national poll taken recently Fox had the highest points for accuracy over CBS, NBC, etc. But of course jealous angry libs don’t actually bother with truth because they’re too busy blaming others for their miserable lives.

  37. Osamas Pajamas says:

    If you find the perpetrator, please let me kill him.

  38. moonmac says:

    END THE FED!!!

  39. Rabble Rouser says:

    We only got Reagan because John Wayne was dead.
    He had Alzheimer’s while he was in the White House.
    He raised taxes on the middle class, while cutting those on the upper class
    He raised the debt to levels never before seen.
    He busted unions.
    He traded arms for hostages with Iranians.
    Yeah, he was a great president…
    If you want to rewrite history.

    1. RichD says:

      Ronald Reagen won re-election with 49 out of 50 states, the largest landslide in American history. He was a great president who united this country. Unlike the pathetic hack in the White House today.

      1. tanklv says:

        Obama, who is the best republican president we’ve had lately (it’s NOT a compliment), but he won the MOST popular votes to date…


    2. DEL061 says:

      Even if he had Alzheimers, he was so much better than the current POTUS. heck, the President Reagan statue that was damaged would do better than the current POTUS.

  40. Navy Corpse Man says:

    Nice language.
    Maybe you had a thought about Mom with that nasty mind and now she won’t drop you off at the “Occupy” show…

  41. Beltway Bill says:

    So sad the liberal left wants our children and grand kids to die in slavery, poverty and debt.

    1. jane says:

      NO you can thank bought a paid for Republicans and Democrats for that.

  42. TLC says:

    In case you haven’t noticed, the main stream Liberals of today are malicious cowards who do such things. When GW was President, they stole all the flags for miles on the 4th of July. The Liberals are sick and twisted, and psychotically so.

    1. jane says:

      just more typical name calling by a so called conservative. TLC has no facts, just like every typical conservative.

  43. Artist Patrick says:

    My guess is it was John Wayne’s ghost, just a tad drunk having a good time at the Gippers expense.

  44. neil says:

    “It’s not known if the suspect was trying to simply cause damage to the statue, or try and steal it, as there has been a recent spike in thefts of bronze and copper items across the country.”

    Pretty easy to surmise. They wanted the metal for cash. Only plausible answer.

  45. JoeG says:

    A bronze statue and a single suspect…and people can’t reach a conclusion about the man’s intentions???
    What are the statue’s dimensions? How much does it weigh? If he were a metal thief, could a single man have lifted into the bed of his truck?
    On it’s face, this screams vandalism.

    1. neil says:

      No, it screams IDIOCY!! Read some of the articles about metal thieves who kill themselves trying to steal live wires, etc., etc. Drugged out metal thieves are just plain stupid. As was this one.

      On it’s face, this screams just plain dumb. Soon to be in jail.

  46. jimmo says:

    Can’t tell how big it is, so can’t tell whether it would fit in the vehicle. Just some more shoddy TV reporting brought to the web.

    1. neil says:

      It was a ‘life size statue’. So one person stealing it would be rather feasible. Especially if the truck was equipped with some type of towing or lifting capability. Even without it

  47. Robert says:

    Blood in the Streets is coming…

  48. Rich D says:

    People who don’t respect Ronald Reagen, the only president to win re-election with 49 out of 50 states, the largest landslide in American history, are prime examples of the historical ignorance and partisan hatred that is destroying this country.

  49. jane says:

    Reagan has been proven to be the worst President by far and all you conservatives fail to see who he really was, boy is love blind. IMO conservatives think highly of themselves and not for any good reason, they mistakenly think they are not replaceable and are just a bunch of hypocrites hoping to be part of the 1% too ignorant to realize who is really robbing the american people,

    1. Pounce Kitty says:

      Crawl back under your rock. Obama wishes he could be Reagan, but he has no chance.

    2. jimmo says:

      Speaking of ignorance and proof, I bet I could prove in two minutes that you couldn’t even name fifteen presidents.

  50. jane says:

    Question, did taxpayer money pay for that ridiculous statue, just another example of wasted tax dollars thanks to Republicans.

  51. jane says:

    More wasted taxpayer dollars thanks to Republicans.

  52. Pounce Kitty says:

    This is who the Obama creeps are. Destroy, destroy, destroy! They can’t build anything, they can’t create any jobs, they just whine, complain and destroy. The negative nabobs of negativism. That’s the Obama generation. Celebrate yourselves, girls!

  53. USA1st says:

    Iran-Contra, Ollie North, “I don’t recall” over 100 times under oath, fired all the aircraft controllers, had early stage Alzimers while still in office, savings and loan bailout, all true. Great man/President NOT. Not even that good of an actor really.

  54. Barry Levy says:

    Copper has a huge cash value.

    Nice to see theives never stop. And amazing there are probably laws about not damaging public property, or theft, but criminals don’t seem to listen to rules.

  55. Old Man Chuck says:

    liberals and progressives practice the art of lying as part of their political philosophy of “the ends justify the means”. In Islam, this is also done and is called “taqiya”. Therefore, a rational person should NEVER ever believe ANYTHING a liberal, progressive, or muslim says as the probibility that it is an out and out lie, or “taqiya” is as near to 100% as can be. Also, liberals and progressives, due to their mental illness, project their own inadiquacies and fears on everyone else as a means of asuaging their guilt at being such sorry excuses for humanity. This is what causes them to support abortion on demand, gun control, and racism.

  56. LLeone says:

    If that had been an Obama statue, the liberal press would be reporting it as a hate crime.

  57. Rblackbird says:

    I suspect the individual is an unemployed worker who responded favorably to Herman Cain’s admonition that he get up and find a job. So now, he’s a self-employed metal recycler.

  58. I’ve been using gas pump activism to beat Obama. Putting decals on gas pumps, on store coolers, drive thru screens, inside menus, etc. They say “These high prices brought to you by Barack Obama” with his picture next to it. They’re reusable and leave no residue (no worries about vandalism) I get them at feels great everytime I put one up somewhere.

  59. Nigel H says:

    Republicans. Is there ANYTHING they’re not scared of?

  60. Sigmonde says:

    Vandals..? This must be a new word for liberals..

  61. Tom E says:

    Man you wing nutz is crazy. Reagan was among the worst presidents this fool country ever had.

  62. Sigmonde says:

    Reagan made even liberals feel good about being Americans……

  63. rob says:

    it amazes me all the liberals that point out fox news sound bites. How do you know if you dont watch? or do you.

    or you get your news from jon stewart.

  64. 777denny says:

    This really makes me angry, and not a little. I’m too fuming to think of what more to write.

  65. WaldoBinney says:

    It’s time to make Puerto Rico a state and get rid of LA LA LAND. That way we don’t have to change the flag.

  66. Dave says:

    Anyone find it funny that he’s leaving to the right now? Oh well, you can’t pull the man down.

  67. JimmieM says:

    No crime here….move on….just another ows protester….if you are protesting you have a right to distroy public property, democrat leadership has made it so.

  68. Caligula says:

    Reagan would laugh. These idiot Obama voters couldn’t even do THIS job right.

  69. cntrlfrk says:

    I knew as soon as I saw this statue being put up that the hateful leftists would do something to it.

    Their hate knows no bounds, and Obama feeds off of it, and fuels it.


  70. The Bobster says:

    Probably done by an ugly brown squat monster recipient of the Reagan amnesty.

  71. Jack Russell says:

    Obama’s Wars all over, Obama’s Depression, Obama’s selling guns to Mexican mafia drug traffickers, Obama’s Health Disaster plan,
    Reagan was a builder , NObama is a destroyer of the US.

  72. Bob says:

    They said vandalized because they want us to think someone didn’t like it. They tried to steal it, dummies.

  73. olderguy says:

    How wonderful it is to start the work week off with a good laugh!

  74. Michael says:

    Can you imagine the response and outcry if this had happened to the new MLK statue in DC?

    1. neil says:

      1) Its made of Rock
      2) Its 30 feet tall

      But – yes – one can imagine the outcry.

  75. Norwegianbear says:

    When they catch him, he should first of all pay for the damage. Secondly, his penalty should be to show up every day at noon with a bucket of water and cleaning supplies to keep the statue immaculately clean. I’m sure those of us who loved Reagan would be happy to walk by to make sure he lives by the rule.

  76. Keith says:

    Chingow! If I catch anyone messing with Reagan, they are going to be pulling a Nike out of their rear!

  77. Gilbert R Albright Jr says:

    I am notifying this guy that I am available to help if he wants to try to pull it down again.

    If caught, maybe he can get Gorge H.W. Bush to pardon them like he did the Iran Contra conspirators in the Reagan Administration.

  78. Gilbert R Albright Jr says:

    I have notified this guy that I am available to help if he wants to try and pull it down again.

    I sure we can count on George H.W. Bush to arrange for us to get pardons like he gave to the Iran Contra conspirators in the Reagan Administration.

  79. Gilbert R Albright Jr says:

    I hear that dogs in the area LOVE the Reagan statue because there are no fire hydrants in the area for them to pee on.

  80. BarnacleBilious says:

    I hope they get that incredibly obnoxious statue of John Wayne at John Wayne International Airport. Makes me sick every time I go there. If only I could find it merely pathetically funny.

  81. tramky says:

    This epidemic of metal thefts must be stopped, and the only way to do it is to authorize shoot-to-kill policies for police & individuals with concealed-carry permits. The metal thefts have gotten more & more audacious, with thieves in northern California recently cutting off water service to occupied residences so they could steal numerous costly copper-and-brass water service devices, an escalation that represents a physical attack on the occupants of those homes and the loss of water service for most of a day while the stolen devices are replaced at great cost..

  82. UrsusRexx says:

    Ronald Reagan was mis-labeled, as the ‘Great Communicator’!
    Here’s a ‘paraphrase’, since I can’t precisely remember the quote:
    “While I don’t believe in my heart that we sold weapons to terrorists…”, (Reagan, speaking about the contra’s, courtesy of Olli ‘Never-Faithful’ North’s thefts during Iran-contra), “…I know in my mind that, in fact, we did sell these weapons” or some such saliva-encrusted verbal garbage!
    …If I sell so much as a pistol, in or out of the United States, minus the legal paperwork, I risk a substantial fine/prison term!
    He reportedly referred to the late Osama Bin_Ladin as a ‘Freedom Fighter’, (the late George Carlin got a LOT of laughs as a result of Regan’s ‘pet-terrorist’s’ label)
    Mr. Bin_Ladin was making use of U.S. taxpayer-provided weapons & training, (to Al-Qaida & the mujahedeen), sending Russian boys back to their mothers in coffins…
    A ‘curious’ way to pass the time for Mr. Reagan, a self-described ‘Christian-prolifer’!
    Mr. Reagan also made the following comment, then brushed off humanity-wide criticism, (another instance of his ‘Teflon Presidency’), calling it a ‘joke’:
    “Ladies & gentleman, you’ll be pleased to learn we’ve passed legislation outlawing the Soviet Union. We begin bombing in 5 minutes”. …Ever made a ‘hijacking’ joke while waiting to have your nipples groped by the TSA?
    Perhaps others find it funny to ‘joke’ about a radioactive Darwinian Extinction, (like Harold ‘Rain-Date’ Camping, still waiting for his Deity), made by one who is/was authorized to initiate it…I DON’T!
    …If you’ll pardon the sarcasm…
    Did ‘Amerika’ ever find all those nasty little ‘W.M.D.’s in…Nicaragua? …Or El Salvador? …Guatemala? …Chile? …Argentina? …Paraguay? …Vietnam?
    We ALL know they WEREN’T found in Iraq, Afghanistan or Pakistan, despite 10 years, a TRILLION in tax money, 5-6,000 dead Americans, (gay & straight), and of course, 1.something.MILLION ‘collateral’s damaged’, a polite example of ‘Orwellian Diplo-Speak’: describing men, woman, children, pets, live-stock, trees & other living things, and, of course, foetels, (wanted & unwanted), converted by the marvels of modern technology into…
    steaming chunks of Pastrami…all we need is the veggies, potatoes & gravy, and, presto: it’s dinnerl!
    Under ‘Sir Ronald, The Senile’, we spent enough tax $$$ on proxy wars, REAL WMD’s, (thew ‘Peacemaker IRBM build up, then build down), unarmed civilians tortured by their own governments, (and sometimes disposed of just like Bin_Ladin: dropped from U.S. $upplied helicopters into the ocean), & modern military firepower vs. unarmed civilians in the (above-mentioned) countries!!

    Now, having learned NOTHING from the incredibly dangerous tenure of Reagan, we have prolifeers, (some of whom claim their Deity “loves I.E.D.’s!”), T-baggers & (Talibanistic) Tv-evangelicals who publicly admit belief in a ‘6,000 year old earth, populated by humans & dinosaurs, (…’Fred Flintstone’, brought to life!), while the actual 2012-wannabes have, as yet, FAILED to pass the 35% slice on the (republican) voter-pie!

    I hope Mr. O’Bama isn’t nagged too much, (circa: spring, 2013), by Mrs. O’Bama when he gets around to thanking those he couldn’t possibly have been re-elected without!
    …Including ‘Quitter’ Palin, ‘Diamond Newt’ Gringrich, ‘Pray-Her-Hubby’s-Gay-Away’ Bachmann, ‘Does-anyone-else-know-I’m-running?’ Huntsman, and, last but not least, ‘Job-Exporter’ Romney…

    1. RichD says:

      Are you forgetting that Ronald Reagen won re-election with 49 out of 50 states, the largest landslide in American history? Unlike the oathetic hack in the White house today, Reagen was beloved by the country.

    2. TheRealKingMax says:

      Well, now, what do we have here?

      “UrsusRexx”, another hatemonger turd of the Left.

      And, GUESS WHAT, boys, and girls? AnusRaxx has learned the complicated task of ‘cut ‘n paste”!!!! Right off of DailyKAOS!!!!

      Yayyy, AnusBoy!

      NO WMDs? Really?

      Time to put that old liberal lie to bed. Just look for the declassified link on the webpage:,2933,200499,00.html

  83. elmer says:

    they admired him so much– they just wanted to put this in there back yard

  84. moreco2 says:

    Newport Beach is full of crack heads. It’s also full of lefty Moonbats that hate Reagan. So it’s a toss-up as to who did it.

  85. David B says:

    I have a really good idea for a movie! But I have an even better idea for a reality TV show. Call it…..Bait Statue,Bait bumper sticker. So you have a mobile copper statue of Jesus or Reagan on a trailer but locked up etc. You have cameras set up at all kinds of angles. You put up signs in English Spanish etc Warning Danger of Electric Shock! You also have a ton of cops around. So when the dems try to deface it and steal it you shock the living f out of them then arrest them.

  86. Susy says:

    I think we know where this came from. Look for many more historical statues to be destroyed. Didn’t Michelle say we will change history? Well, they are trying their best to destroy – oops, change history.

  87. TroyG says:

    America is filled with people who can’t pay attention.
    This thread is filled with comments on everything but the story.
    Pay attention people, this story is about vandalism.
    The moral of the story is that it is wrong, period!
    It wouldn’t matter if the statue were of Bill Clinton, vandalism is wrong, and the politics are just a stupid excuse to not condemn the illegal act.

  88. TheRealKingMax says:

    “Bob” drooled “I’ll take Carter anyday over St Ronnie”.

    Yup, I’ll bet you would.

    We also hear that you’ll take ANYTHING when you’re bent over a barrel…

    And that you think Preparation H is a miracle cure. No mystery there, limpwrist.

  89. toof to powie says:

    Just some cackling, drug addled, unemployable leftist sticking it to Reagan. Tee hee.

  90. ROD says:


  91. Jim says:

    It was probably the RNC wanting to run it for president in 2012.

    A statue wouldn’t be much different than Reagan was during his second term, and maybe even a bit more reliable.

  92. Looneytoonsindville says:

    I hope the idiot ruined his truck!

  93. Roger Harris says:

    This is why I call liberal sthe move on hate movement. They disrespect everything; they are too busy with their name calling and self congratulation to realize they are spreading of hate in the name of jealousy for other peoples belongings. Acts like these are why I will never vote for a democrate again.

  94. Abel Garcia says:

    I am surprised even “The Statue of Liberty” has not been tried to be stolen since it is mainly steel framework holding up copper plates. I am surprised Reagen’s statue was not loaded dozens with antithief sensors. Yoyu can bet that when it is repaired, someone will try again.

  95. Ranger01 says:

    To catch theifs, All you need is a hidden camera to get the license plate.

  96. SamBoPrez says:

    Speedy Gonzales is at it again. Needs more taco money.

  97. jay says:

    Some might vandalize the FDR drive – If it wasn’t built to suck

  98. K. A. Hieb says:

    It had to be a liberal knucklehead. They’re the only ones with the capacity to think something like this is acceptable. Now, had it been a statue of Marx, Stalin or Mao it would have had a garland of flowers placed around it’s neck. Vote conservative, vote sanity!

  99. Bombastic says:

    This is why we should have concealed carry.

  100. Trajan Long says:

    The US has become a country full of animalistic pigs and the trend is down.

  101. Trajan Long says:

    Liberals are jealous miserable parasites blaming others for their own misery. Facts are irrelevant to them. Look at our education system through high scool the most expensive on earth, has gone from first to 37th since the 60’s under liberal control. Liberals can’t run a 7/11 let alone the country. What a pathetic bunch of of blood sucking losers.

  102. Gene Poole says:

    These low life left wing punks know nothing but vandalism, they break windows, spray graffiti and destroy property. Then they demand free stuff from taxpayers. The democrats are the parasites that live off the hard work of others.

  103. John C says:

    The left’s hatred of Reagan is surpassed only by their hatred of George W. Bush or capitalism in general.

  104. Gene Poole says:

    The left wing promises entitlements, free education, free food and medical, but all these items must be paid for by someone. The so called rich pay a majority of taxes and give millions to charity but are always demonized by left wing politicians. What leftist really want, more than anything is ‘Power’. The power to dictate how people live, what they are allowed to think and do. Conservatives are for an open society with no limits on personal achievement and success. The enemy of the people are socialists and communists, they are the ones who build Gulags for political prisoners and conservatives.

  105. Minneapolis says:

    I continue to be amazed at the creativity and hyper intelligence of criminals. They should all be sterilized in honor of Darwin.

  106. JAMES FISKE says:


  107. ClearyJ says:

    Every last one of these thefts I lay at the feet of The Messiah. He has intentionally destroyed the economy beyond the “bend radius,” and now it will take a long, long, LONG time for even the smartest capitalist to turn it around. So people who never stole a thing in their lives now see it as their only option. This, like the mobs of black “unruly teens” are a direct result of our misbegotten Messiah’s policies. How would his policies be any different if he were a mole for the Chinese government? This is the world of hope and change America. It is the fault of those idiot voters who put this barnacle of a ding dong into office, and all of you who did this owe all of us who voted for McCain a deep heartfelt apology – not that I’m holding my breath.

  108. Bernard says:

    The current US population are not used to such a depression and the worst is coming out. News of copper theft is common, and as Obama makes our lives that much more miserable, nothing will go unmolested or safe. The biggest fear is that the baby boomers are now at an age in which organs are a high priority. I would not be surprised that eventually, in the near future, a healthy person will be targeted for that person’s organs. Even before this crisis and the aging baby boomers, a healthy kidney would fetch around 30 thousand. A healthy person could be worth several hundred thousand if that person is kidnapped and all of that person’s organs are harvested to a growing population in desperate need for them.

  109. Marbran says:

    This was a metal swipe. The perps probably don’t even know who Reagan is, or was.

  110. Carl Curmudgeon says:

    Saw the pic.

    Even a truck couldn’t pull Reagan to the left.

    Miss that guy…

  111. Mehiilanheles! says:

    Is it just me or does this vandalizing of symbolic statue wreak of an overzealous Occupier?

    Just sayin’. Considering the sentiments thats sparked up, I’d look into that.

  112. Bob Dob says:

    Actually, privately-donated funds paid for the statue, as a simple search would have told you:,0,3681474.story

    Assume, much?

  113. Rhonda Tracey says:

    this punk generation better watch out…. the generation in their 40’s.. that’s me… and we just making it by all our hard work and have toughed it out since college…we have saved and bought a home a car and improved our lives…
    we will not let you tear down the america we know and will die defending our person or our homes.. we will defend ourselves any means possible within the law.. i predict a punk like this and the occupiers will be shot by a self defending homeowner, self defending cop, and self defending citizen out in public… i will cheer

  114. Timmothy Turnstone says:

    “Hope & Change” in Obamaville

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