HOLLYWOOD (CBS) — This is one Forbes list celebrities don’t want to be on.

Forbes is out with their list of “Hollywood’s Most Overpaid Stars.”

And, sorry Drew Barrymore — not only did ABC recently cancel “Charlie’s Angels,” you topped the Forbes list this year as “most overpaid” star.

According to the magazine, the popular actress/producer/former child star only returns $.40 on the dollar for every dollar the studios pay her.

The magazine compiled their stats by comparing/contrasting Hollywood’s 40 highest paid actors, and each one selected have to starred in at least three movies over the past five years.

They also didn’t include work in animated movies, which explains why “Shrek” star Eddie Murphy — opening this weekend in the highly-anticipated “Tower Heist” opposite Ben Stiller — finds himself a close second to Barrymore as overpaid. The “Shrek” franchise has made billions, but Forbes doesn’t believe actors are the draw in animated films.

While Murphy has enjoyed major box office success, for decades, the magazine pointed out his last few films have been “colossal failures.”

Forbes said that for every dollar he was paid, he only returned $2.70 to his bosses.

Better news this year for Will Ferrell, he had been Forbes’ leading overpaid actor the past two years. This year he’s in third place. Forbes claims duds like “Land of the Lost,” have hurt Ferrell’s overall numbers. His return? $3.50 for every dollar he’s paid.

Reese Witherspoon (a $3.55 return) and Denzel Washington ($4.25) round out the top five.

For a complete list of the top 50 (or is that bottom 50?!) click here.

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  1. Gene Rodmy says:

    Really? They don’t want to be overpaid? I do.

  2. JS says:

    I hate people who are rich for dumb reasons while the rest wallow in wage slavery. “I’ve got mine” is the American motto. No wonder they rationalize that others don’t have theirs because of mean ol’ politicians somewhere.

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