POMONA (CBS) — The city of Pomona is bracing for a rally of Neo-Nazis Saturday.

On Friday evening, Dave Bryan, CBS2 and KCAL9 political reporter, interviewed some of the rally organizers outside Pomona City Hall where the rally will take place, tomorrow and said “it might just be the calm before the storm.”

Members of the National Socialist movement plan to march Saturday protesting what they call America’s lax immigration policies and California’s passage of the Dream Act.

Bryan said organizers told him their party was “mainstream” but others call them a hate group just pretending to be a serious political movement.

He spoke with local residents who are not happy about the rally and plan to turn out to shout down what they call hate speech.

Bryan, meanwhile, also spoke with the movement’s national leader, self-described “National Commander” Jeff Schoep.

Said Schoep, “We consider ourselves the vanguard of the American people. We’re a whites civil rights organization. And we’re one of the only organizations in the country that’s standing up and taking a hardline stance against illegal immigration.”

Pomona resident Rudy Valenzuela told Bryan, “While everyone has the right to their opinion and to voice their opinion, we also have an obligation to be even louder. And [we plan] to speak even more to those people that agree with us and disagree with them.  And it gives us an opportunity to do just that — to point out how wrong they are.”

The mayor of Pomona, says Bryan, is asking residents to just ignore the rally. And the mayor said groups that preach hate are not welcome in his city.




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  1. JW says:

    How are they any different than a black of hispanic group?? Just because they are white does’nt mean they are full of hate!!

    1. Chris says:

      Exactly and I believe the rally is stating that Illegal Immigration is wrong…I dont see the hate in that? I agree….

      Pomona resident Rudy Valenzuela told Bryan, “While everyone has the right to their opinion and to voice their opinion, we also have an obligation to be even louder. And [we plan] to speak even more to those people that agree with us and disagree with them. And it gives us an opportunity to do just that — to point out how wrong they are.”

      I dont see how wrong they are Miss Rudy Valenzuela! They are correct in stating that Illegal Immigration is wrong…..So what you are saying is that breaking the law in the US is ok? I dont understand how everyone coming into the US can think that you can live here free….IT’S NOT A FREE COUNTRY” So unless you are an illegal yourself…go back to your home and watch TV. Leave those who practice their freedom of speech to speak out on Illegal Immigration! It’s their right as US citizens!

      1. mantohugandkiss says:

        Hi Mr. Rudy! Ha ha. Glad to see you got people fired up and talking about this. I guess if you had a TV (or watch TV) you could follow the above advice–but I know you’d rather read a book. Read? Yeah, people still do it. The issue is more complex than this, and if speaking against neo nazis is wrong, then that mean you are in favor of breaking the law? That doesn’t even make sense. Freedom of speech is freedom of speech– we all have it and could all make the world a better place by using it responsibly, not to advertise our ignorance on a street corner. When’s the last time you heard about a Neo Nazi Nobel prize winner? Or Guggenheim fellow? Name one neo nazi that has done something productive for society, and we can talk, Chris.

    2. ianam says:

      What’s the difference between Nazis and blacks or Hispanics? Seriously?

  2. The Truth says:


    1. Rico says:

      Glad to see you are proud to be a racist! I suggest you quit being a pansy, and join them tomorrow so we can see who you are! And kill a few minorities if possible. Tired of hearing weak, pansy ass jodies!

      1. The Truth says:

        Hey Rico, why am I racist, because I am tired of illegal aliens from all countries leeching off of tax paying legal citizens. You must be an illegal aiien or the offspring of one, that is why you get so upset when people speak about you. Illegal aliens get to protest here in the United States while carrying Mexican flags saying they need equal riights. They have no rights in this country when they illegally crossed the border into the United States. The USA can not keep supporting illegal aliens and their offspring. The US spent over 9 billion dollars on illegal aliens just in California. The Dream Act rewards law breaking illegal aliens with college tuition, while citizens can not get any of the 40 million dollars that the state wants to allow for them even when the state is broke.

      2. heathen666 says:

        racist = stuiped fukin white thing , thats almost human u dizzy fuks!

    2. cano says:

      if youre loyalty is to the u.s. of a why be anal and tell us your life story
      you dont here jim or jonny say there family is from poland or holland
      or claim there grandfather came here and raped a couple of squaks right
      youre proud of having youre spanish roots fromm people who were also invaded by the moores and thus giving all your last names a z in the end
      and invading most of these american contenets and leaving offspring who now in day knows the true story of there coulture and heritage
      the proud people are here
      the cultured people are thriving
      thats the fear in the lazy little redneck people
      the eventfull sellouts
      the trader to their own
      these are our times
      we will not be stepped on
      and for youre info i am a stinking u.s. citizen born and raised
      with a blod line that you cannot relate
      and you will never be able to enjoy being proud of

    3. Jay says:

      @The Truth I agree the with you partially. Im an American of hispanic descent who works very hard and pays taxes. I am against the Dream Act because I do feel they should take care of American citizens first. At the same time I am against the ignorance of racism. I attended the rally and for the most part they were solely attacking Mexicans. This country has immigrants from ALL over the world. Not just Mexico. Their focus and blame was on Mexicans. This country was built by the blood and sweat of immigrants. The true Americans are the Native Americans whose blood was shed by the Europeans and the Spanish conquerers who immigrated. We are ALL immigrants by that standard. I support Legal Immigration to those who will be Law Abiding and Productive members of society. We should stand UNITED against RACISM and HATE.

  3. six says:

    please, dont get me started on law breakers in this country, not only are there so many crooks in the judicial and legislative branches, we have molesting teachers, pedophile priests, and overpaid celebrity law breakers who walk away from serious crimes unpunished. This system is a joke.

    I hope you have chosen your allegiance correctly because you will be judged by your maker.

  4. Zombified America says:

    These so called “Americans” are a bunch of fakes! If they really knew anything about protesting laws or standing up for what they believe in they would have researched everything, and by that I mean EVERYTHING. If they are against Illegal Immigrations, why would the so called commander in chief of the Nazi group wear a supportive mexican-american clothing brand that supports immigration from mexico into the U.S. What a waste of time! I mean, you can’t judge a book by its cover, but when the cover of the book is this stupid and obnoxious, burn it!
    -Down with the nazis and up with the DWR’s.

  5. Jessenia Martinez says:

    F–k neo-nazi’s, but unfortunately they also have a right to speak their mind… Like the Westboro Baptist Church idiots, both of these groups are ignorant idiots that sadly also get protection under the First Amendment.

  6. Sally AM. says:

    Awesome! The NSM coming to Pomona, the white community here loves them. for anyone wanting to join or assist them here is their site http://www.nsm88.org

  7. EverydayGuy says:

    You can easily spot any NSM member by the pink high heels and pick lipstick they all wear.

  8. Rankin1 says:

    Nothing wrong with white people expressing their feelings, we need a march to demand CCW”s be issued to all law abing citizens, that should be the next marcch

  9. mark says:

    tohell with this stinky natzis wana bee they want to start a movement in this country hoping achive what hitler did and to all those in favor go back to germany to practice you s-it upther
    and to the comentator that calll himself the TRUTH AND HIS OR HER LAST NAME IT IS SANCHEZ WHAT IN IDIOT SANCHEZ tell to this rally group that you are SANCHEZ they will kick you ass in no time on the other side you ancestros come in here 150 years ago thy brought wwith them the epidemics

    1. The Truth says:

      To Mark, where did your ancestors come from, outer space and they dropped them off in California?

  10. Larry Ortega says:

    Nazi-ism, Neo or otherwise has at it’s core the most purest form of ignorance known to man, how else can you justify a position of race supremacy when all scientific data points to the fact the humans are 99% anatomically the same, and that ones ancestral lineage is almost impossible to trace beyond 5 generations. I would argue that most of those (ignorant Neo’s) have no verifiable evidence they are not born of a Mexican or African American heritage a few great-granddaddies ago…the ignorance of hate – it is amusing, yet sad.

  11. benavides says:

    if they werent nazi’s maybe they would get more respect for the views on the dream act… but they are nazi’s so i will be there to counter demonstrate..

  12. heathen666 says:

    white-mans disease, listen to fools the mob rules…. devoid of intellectual honesty

  13. 1. national self determination is the right of all peoples 2. Mexico & others use the U.S to dump their excess population 3. The crrnt chimera falsehood that the U.S is a mix of peoples that are interchangeable flies in the face of nature & reality ie Yugoslavia 1991 & will cause U.S. collapse.4. The lack of common sense & intellectual ddpth displayed here only underscores all the above. & proves our NS beliefs. That only the multi kultis presume to have the only right to speak is hypocritical of their position. chairman Herrington cofounder NSM 1974 http://www.nsfm.webs.com chairmannsm/nsfm@yahoo.com 918-835-9657

  14. sholmo says:

    why does mexicans love to come to the us ? I mean, if they hate so much the white race ?

  15. sholmo says:

    and yet mexicans loves using none hispanic names , mike hernandz, joe morino, steve cholo, brian fernando hahaha

  16. cano says:

    youre ignorance must be bliss to you
    having no idea what land this is what california was and shall be
    dont strive to make this a skin color thing
    mexico has a white population which thrives from the spaniards and french that invaded the land before youre little vikings ever intended on settling here
    its a cultural thing which you may not comprehend or strive to understand
    this isnt youre country its our country check out who are the marines, navy, army fighting for idiots to protest and demand there equal rights like if they have ever been looked down turned down or pushed around this is california with castellian influenced city names
    dont make things worse on yourselves cause at the end who knows wholl kick who out

    aztlan is here
    aztlan is now

  17. Paco says:

    Aztlan will NEVER happen! You idiots will get sluaghtered! WHITE POWER! Quality over quantity! 14/88 WHITE PRIDE WORLD WIDE!!!

  18. Lucifer says:

    Congrats to the NSM for these successful protests. Their numbers seem to grow every time they come to Pomona. Next time there will be even more!

    Great job guys!

  19. Mehiilanheles! says:

    Two negatives.

    Mexicans have HUGE racist issues with not only Whites but with African Americans (look up Azusa 13 cleansing as insight to a well hidden cultural sentiment as a whole), Asians (envious of their wealth), same thing goes with Armenians, envy when they seem them in nice cars… and the more shocking one – OTHER NON-MEXICAN LATINO’S.

    So when I see one side acting all “noble” countering these other extremists, I have to laugh and roll my eyes.



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