STUDIO CITY (CBS) — Thursday will be a transitional day from the off-shore flow to the on-shore flow as the chance of showers moves into the Southland.

Temperatures will to drop from Wednesday’s 80s and top out in the mid 70s. By Friday the winds kick in and there is a good chance for widespread measurable rainfall…starting early in the morning well before sunrise and lingering through the day.

While the trough is deep and it will be cold, there isn’t a whole lot of moisture to work with. Rainfall totals will be around .50″ or less. The snow levels could drop down to 4000′ which would give the Grapevine trouble.

Coastal -low 70s
Basin – mid 70s
Valleys – upper 70s
Mountains – mid 50s
Deserts -low 70s

Comments (2)
  1. Mehicangeles says:

    Ive been watching your weather reports KCAL weather team, wrong for about two weeks straight.

    Seriously, its gotten annoying. Its summer through December. Don’t front or say there is rain or colder weather coming.

    Days are summer, nights are winter. This is because the weather has drastically changed in the LA area in the last 30 years because of over population, pollution and so on. All the energy from so many people, cars, pollutants, exhaust fumes to smokers, all of it, has created like this weird greenhouse effect IN THE CITY.

    I’m no expert but I have noticed a change in seasons. There used to be a time when it was hot in the summer, cold and brisk in the Fall, cold and rain, rain, cloudy days in the Winter and beautiful Santa Ana gorgeous winds in the Spring, you just KNEW and FELT the seasons change.

    Now? Desert weather, all year round.

    Im done believing or tuning into your weather reports.

    1. Mehicangeles says:

      Sorry if I sound so bitter about it, but really. Weather’s a mess in Los Angeles and surrounding days. I’m tired of the heat all year round. I want rain. Greenery, cleanliness, briskness and those beautiful after rain sunshine.

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