(CBS) — KCAL 9’s Suraya Fadel reported on Bargains LA, a new shopping deal app for your iPhone to save you money.

Click here for more info.

Comments (3)
  1. car says:

    There is no app listed on the android market and the link in your article does not work.

  2. Tom says:

    It says Iphone. There are more phones out there using an Android OS. Why do they insist on trying to make the Iphone more popular?

  3. Suzanne O'Connor says:

    Here’s the deal on an Android app…. Apps are really expensive! In the 5 figures. When we made the decision it was based on stats of who actually uses apps. iPhone users use apps more than Android users. We could only afford one app, so we choose the iPhone app.
    We’d love to do an Android app, but we are a small business are not willing to take a loan out on something we giving away for free. So it will have to wait until we can afford it. Sorry, but you can still access the website BargainsLA on your Android.

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