By Charles Feldman

LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Security at Los Angeles International Airport has improved since the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, but poor oversight and faulty communication among police officials may still leave the airport vulnerable to security lapses, according to a report released Monday.

KNX 1070 investigative reporter Charles Feldman — who spent over a year looking into reported failures by LAX police — reports on the findings.

The Blue Ribbon panel appointed by Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa finds much fault with the LAX police force, taking to task its leadership and lack of cooperation with other police agencies stationed at the airport, including the LAPD.

The panel prefers having the LAPD absorb the LAX police force, but that would require an amendment to the city charter.

The airport’s police chief has apparently been pushed into retirement and a new head of security has been hired.

The mayor has ordered more uniformed LAX police officers to be visible at passenger terminals — something Feldman’s own reports found severely lacking.

KNX 1070‘s investigation led to a City Council call for an independent “audit” of LAX security, which Villaraigosa ultimately elevated  to a special Blue Ribbon panel comprised of current and former law enforcement people, academics, airport specialists and former judges.


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