LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Jeff Nguyen, reporting for CBS2 and KCAL9, is standing in front of the campus of California Baptist University with student, make that former student, Domaine Javier.

Says Nguyen, “What goes through your mind as you stand out in front of this campus?”

The 24-year-old replies wistfully. “It’s full of sadness and depression.”

Javier, of Riverside, says she’s a woman trapped in a man’s body.

And her gender identity caused her to get expelled from California Baptist University.

“It’s my future that’s at stake here. It’s my education. And I definitely think everyone has the right to be educated.”

Nguyen reports that Javier, born a boy – started dressing as a girl around the age of 13.

And it wasn’t long before folks started accepting him as a her. For one, he was named 2010 homecoming queen.

She was featured on an episode of MTV’s “True Life.” And she was supposed to start classes this past September.

But in July, Domaine received a letter from the school saying she could face expulsion for committing or attempting to engage in fraud or concealing identity.

In August, the school determined she had lied on her application for admission.

Domaine believe she did nothing wrong. “They asked for my gender and I see myself as female. I put female in there. If they asked for sex, I probably would have put male. So I didn’t commit any fraud or anything. It’s just the way I understood the application form.”

Reports Nguyen, California law prohibits employers, housing and government agencies from discriminating against gender identity. But private universities aren’t covered by that law.

Cal Baptist’s written policies don’t explicitly shut out transgender students.

But it is does have conservative requirements.

For example, applicants sign a form that they agree to not engage in homosexual behavior or live with someone of the opposite sex.

Domaine never set out to be a transformer but she is hoping by telling her story, more people will understand about the lives of transgender people. “Universities are there to change the students. But sometimes a student is there to change a university.”

Nguyen closed by reporting, “Today we reached out to the university for a comment. But so far no one has returned our call.”

Comments (18)
  1. Tom says:

    a lie is a lie Although he thinks he’s correct to identify himself with the female gender he is not if he is using university facilities designated for femaile students. As long as he’s physiologically male he should identify himself as a male transitioning to female. That is the fair and honest approach.

    1. Dee Omally says:

      Yes a lie is a lie. However Domaine NEVER lied!! News to you? There is no “thinking”….you are making the classic mistake of confusing gender appearance with sex organs. The question as asked about gender…is exactly ONLY about gender…not about plumbing. Remember she was kicked out for *drum roll please*…”lying about her gender”. Her gender is female….her sex is obviously…as we now know male. She was NEVER asked about her sex…just her gender. As far as the other concern…mixing up with female facilities…I am transgender…do you seriously think we are going to show our plumbing and bring hell down on us? But don’t worry…I didn’t know better so I asked my doctor….he said I AM female….and so now does my ID….

      1. Rita says:

        yeah except for the fact that he was on MTV and the title of the show was “”I’m Passing as Someone I’m Not”.

  2. Christina39 says:

    If you want a good education. why are you going to a school called California BAPTIST Univeristy. Didn’t the word “BAPTIST” tell you something. Why not get into a time machine and go back to the dark ages.

    1. Alison Kaze No Kae says:

      Good point lol but even a Baptist uni is better than none if it helps her to do what she wants to do with her life

  3. Ben says:

    He’s a man. That’s what he was born as. Plain and simple.

    1. Dee Omally says:

      You’re an infant. That’s what you were born as. Plain and simple.

  4. Alison Kaze No Kae says:

    If the form asked for gender and she put male, that would be a lie. If it asked for sex then sure she should have put male (or male transitioning to female) – maybe, although even then it’s kinda grey, since a lot of people say sex when they mean gender. She did right, and Ben and Tom are as bad as the university for saying otherwise

  5. FFL says:

    More whack job libs seeking attention to discredit and destroy people, places and things they do not like or agree with! Did this person not take into account a “Baptist” institution MIGHT have different views on his apparent dilemma? I wonder if this would be a problem say at a city college? Must be that pesky LA school system teaching again.. This is a manufactured problem to seek fifteen minutes of fame and gain attention .. no more and no less. Needs to be deposited like rat feces in an outhouse!

  6. wain says:

    Why did she/he he/she it elected to go to a religious institution. he/she she he/ it could enroll in a secular institution. period.

  7. Dee Omally says:

    Why did you/dumb jerk/that elect to make such an idiotic and lame friggin bigoted comment. You/dumb jerk/that could have kept such a bigoted comment to yourself. exclamation mark.

    1. Rita says:

      and your comment is not bigoted? These websites are so that people can express their opinions, so it’s funny that people come here saying “don’t judge this person, keep your opinion to yourself” and yet that’s exactly what they are doing.

  8. Christina Johnson says:

    Ms. Javier is female, and she probably prefers to have female pronouns used in reference to her. Also, since the form asked for “gender” rather than “sex”, she was right to put female… at least that’s how I fill out my forms (even though, because of stupid Kansas state stupid law, I still have an “M” on my driver’s license).

    1. Christina Johnson says:

      Oh! And, on top of all that, she is effin’ gorgeous! How can she put “male” on an application that asks for “gender” when she is so obviously effin’ FEMALE?

      1. Carlys says:

        Effin gorgeous??? LMAO!! Yeah Right!!! Bottom line He lied period!!! Just a story to get headlines!!! People like this make me want to puke!!!!

  9. noneoff says:

    From the World Health Organization:
    Click here for articule –> http://www.who.int/gender/whatisgender/en/.

    What do we mean by “sex” and “gender”?
    Sometimes it is hard to understand exactly what is meant by the term “gender”, and how it differs from the closely related term “sex”.
    “Sex” refers to the biological and physiological characteristics that define men and women.
    “Gender” refers to the socially constructed roles, behaviours, activities, and attributes that a given society considers appropriate for men and women.

    To put it another way:
    “Male” and “female” are sex categories, while “masculine” and “feminine” are gender categories.

    Aspects of sex will not vary substantially between different human societies, while aspects of gender may vary greatly.

    Some examples of sex characteristics :
    Women menstruate while men do not
    Men have testicles while women do not
    Women have developed breasts that are usually capable of lactating, while men have not
    Men generally have more massive bones than women
    Some examples of gender characteristics :

    In the United States (and most other countries), women earn significantly less money than men for similar work
    In Viet Nam, many more men than women smoke, as female smoking has not traditionally been considered appropriate
    In Saudi Arabia men are allowed to drive cars while women are not
    In most of the world, women do more housework than men

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