LOS ANGELES (CBS) — In an exclusive CBS2 investigative report, David Goldstein exposes a Los Angeles city employee drinking on the job — on L.A. taxpayers’ dime.

The man is not just an employee, but a supervisor for the city’s General Services Department, earning nearly $76,000 last year in taxpayer money.

Goldstein, along with CBS2 undercover cameras, watched the worker over a series of days as he traveled to various job sites in his city truck, working as a cement supervisor.

On those days, they also found him frequenting a liquor store in Lincoln Heights.

One day at 8:45 a.m., a CBS2 undercover producer caught the worker on hidden camera buying 4 small bottles of brandy.

His shift began three hours earlier.

Cameras followed as he walked out of the store, got in his city truck and drove away.

At 9:25 that morning, he arrived at the mayor’s house.

That’s right. Less than 45 minutes after coming out of the liquor store, the city employee showed up for work at Getty House, the official city residence of Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa.

As the mayor’s driver waited for him outside, the worker supervised others who were constructing a wall around the house.

The mayor left in his car after walking past the city worker, who had just bought booze while collecting taxpayers’ money.

And that wasn’t the only time.

On another day, CBS2’s undercover camera caught the worker again buying at the liquor store.

He then left in his city truck and pulled over on a quiet street.

There, cameras saw him take a drink while parked on the side of the road. A minute later he put the city truck in gear and drove away.

Two hours later the supervisor was back at work at the mayor’s mansion.

And that wasn’t the only thing CBS2 caught him doing on city time.

On yet another day, the city worker stopped at a house and picked up a man and young girl. He drove them in the truck, which is against city policy.

Another time he picked up someone else, who then went into a liquor store and bought three small bottles of alcohol.

When that person left the liquor store, the supervisor was waiting for him in the city truck.

Finally, on Oct. 11 CBS2’s undercover producer videotaped the city worker in the liquor store at 6 a.m. buying three bottles.

A few hours later, the worker was seen driving the city truck while drinking from a small bottle. That’s the first time CBS2 saw the worker drinking and driving. It was then that Goldstein decided to confront him.

“You’re buying alcohol in here,” said Goldstein. “We’ve been following you for weeks at a time, buying alcohol, driving the city truck, sometimes drinking and driving. How do you explain that?”

“No, I’m not,” said the city worker. “No, I’m not.”

“Yes, you are,” said Goldstein. “We have it on video — days and days of it. We have video of you drinking and going to work at the mayor’s house.”

Goldstein and his crew then went to the worker’s bosses to tell them what they saw.

Goldstein offered to show them the video. They declined, claiming it was a personnel matter, but did open an investigation.

Mayor Villaraigosa looked at the tape.

“It is wrong. We don’t condone that kind of behavior,” said Villaraigosa. “There should be consequences for it. In this case, as I understand it, he is seeking medical help.”

The mayor’s office confirmed that within hours of Goldstein’s confrontation with the worker, he was seeking medical help. That could save his job under city policy. But councilman Herb Wesson said it could save a lot more.

“Maybe what you’ve done, you could have saved the guy’s life,” said Wesson. “He could have been drunk, drive, hurt somebody else, kill somebody else.”

Councilman Eric Garcetti said it’s not just this one worker’s fault, but others’.

“Certainly there’s a failure of supervision to do this,” said Garcetti. “If he’s able to do this all day, why didn’t somebody notice this?”

That’s the big question, and the concern. If one city employee is able to get away with it, how many others may be out there?

David Goldstein, CBS 2 News



David Goldstein

Comments (53)
  1. dweezle says:

    I am wondering why they allowed it to go on for such a long time without blowing a whistle? Imagine, if this guy who obviously has a drinking problem was involved in an accident where someone was hurt, had the victims attorney learned they had been recording this behavior for “weeks at a time” & failed to notify anyone…
    I think CBS would have some liability.

    1. Yesenia says:

      LOL!!! Funny…. but VERY VERY VERY TRUE!

    2. Evo says:

      WONDER NO MORE, do you honestly think this guy Goldstein actually cares about this story….all he cares about is ratings…he produces a good story, gets a fat check heads to a bar for a few drinks and drives home…the irony

      1. Ron says:

        Evo, what is your problem? Are you a UNION worker or is it just your concern, that someday David will get you on camera?

        David thank you for your investigations and keep up the great work of EXPOSING our government CORRUPTION.

      2. Jerry K says:

        How do you know? DO you follow Goldstein around? I, personally would like to thank him for doing this. For us HONEST and HARD-WORKING City workers who are down in the trenches below who are actually doing the work and abiding by the rules and making the City run, this guy is an embarrassment..

    3. Ron says:

      Don’t blame CBS for this guys fraudulent behavior and drinking problems.I am sure It took awhile to track his behavior and show that it was more than a one time thing.

      And of course the union told him to claim he is getting medical help, so he can keep his job. That IS the PROBLEM with the UNION, they protect the BAD SEEDS and the CORRUPT. If he keeps his job, the fraudulent behavior will continue and what a great example for other government workers. They will KNOW that the UNION will protect them, no matter what criminal deeds they choose to do.

      1. icecream says:

        I don’t blame unions for this guy’s hangups. It’s HIS own fault.
        I also greatly appreciate David Goldstein for all of his expose’ reports. The city needs to monitor it’s employees better. There have been far too many proven cases of serious misconduct from L.A. City officials.
        Wake up, Mayor Viva La Raza !!!

      2. Ron says:

        icecream, you don’t understand. The UNIONS PROTECT these corrupt and incompetent government employees. They can’t be fired because the UNIONS use their pressure and lawyers to prevent rooting out the cancers in government jobs.

      3. dweezle says:

        The guy is a drinker, what is fraudulent or corrupt about that?
        deceit, trickery, sharp practice, or breach of confidence, perpetrated for profit or to gain some unfair or dishonest advantage.
        guilty of dishonest practices, as bribery; lacking integrity; crooked: a corrupt judge.

      4. Ron says:

        Dweezle, this guy’s behavior as a worker, who goes to a liquor store and drinks alcohol on the job(while wasting the taxpayer’s money), is deceitful and it IS a breach of confidence. He is also guilty of dishonest practices and lacks integrity. You may be able to copy definitions, but evidently you can’t comprehend what those definitions mean.

    4. Mehi-angelino says:

      It would NOT have been CBS’s responsibility. You want to blame CBS for that thugs slouch’s actions?

      You build a solid case when you have a vast amount of EVIDENCE. They are not responsible. That thing would of been.

  2. Xen says:

    He should be fired like with any company that finds an employee and especially a supervisor drinking or using dope while on company time.

    1. Ron says:

      He should, but NOT as long as he is a UNION member.

  3. da Truth says:


    1. Dweezle says:

      dT you must suffer from a bad case of constipation as you seem to be really full of it! No I am not a city worker, I am an axe murderer, and I am sharpening my blade getting ready to find you!
      I never offered any support to the individual. I simply remarked that tailing this guy for weeks at a time was leaving CBS & Goldstein open to liability, and apparently someone at CBS agreed as the article has been edited… I copied and pasted the comment from the original article, now it says days and says… daTruth is a clown…

  4. Linda says:

    WOW..maybe the little girl couldnt use the child seat in the city truck because the DRIVER WAS USING IT????? arrest his ass…

  5. JIm and Paulette says:

    Our daughter was killed by a drunk driver twelve years ago. Thank You Mr. Goldstein and CBS management for the brilliant work that you do. My wife and I Dvr’d your story to show our entire family. We hope that this individual will be dealt with accordingly.

    1. Yesenia says:

      Can’t even begin to comprehend your loss.. and although you praise him and CBS… I can’t help but agree with another commenter here… CBS and this reporter just followed him around instead of reporting him. What if he had killed another innocent child or person… would you then still praise them? Again, I hope you and your family have found some peace, however little after your loss.

      1. Ron says:

        Again, you have NO IDEA what David had to do to get this guy on tape, more than one time. Stop blaming him and CBS. We need accountability from our government workers, but it will NEVER happen, if the UNION has it’s way.

        How about you put the blame where it belongs? And that is with the WORKER that drinks on the job and HE is a supervisor. Do you think he allows his workers to do the same?

  6. nonunionworker says:

    If the public really knew of how the liberal politicians are the ones that have tied the hands of good City supervisors who try to change the culture, they would be voted out of office.

  7. FFL says:

    I hope the citizens who actually vote in elections (not the uneducated ones who keep Tony Villa La Raza in power- or that city council filled with incompetent uber liberal boobs) take note and throw EACH and everyone out in the next election. But we all know they will not. It will continue to be socialist progressive liberal garbage day in and day out. Not much will happen the city will continue to decline and eventually go bankrupt. The culture of corruption and lax, lazy irresponsible behavior is so ingrained there only a revolution will change it. So expect more of the same..no matter what CBS does.

  8. junior says:

    Hey igor or ignorant where does it say on the report that he’s a mexican stupid moron maybe you were born high on meth

  9. DH says:

    Oh come on. He’s just celebrating he’s got a city job and doesn’t have to report to anyone.

  10. Ray says:

    Everyone has problems, This guy included. City government is not the only employer who has these kind of troubles, but David Goldstien has a bone to pick with government employers. I wonder what bones are laying in his closet? I am sure his bosses have wine with their lavish lunches before returning to work.

    1. Ron says:

      Ray, you are correct. STATE and FEDERAL government have it too. We are concerned about the government corruption, because those of us that are LEGAL, pay taxes that are wasted by those same UNION workers, that are paid to go to the liquor store or take their fire truck to another city, to watch their child’s game, on the taxpayer’s dime.

      But Ray, I am sure that YOU think that is ACCEPTABLE. We aren’t paying CBS bosses or employees out of our TAX money.

    2. Mehi-angelino says:

      Bone to pick? Because Goldstein has also busted OTHER city gardeners and others drinking on the job IN THEIR city trucks, smoking pot, taking naps, visiting strip joints ON THE CLOCK.

      There was a report and some of them were making more than this fat loser. Near or at six figure incomes if I remember correctly. It was like a year or two ago, I remember.

      Goldstein and CBS should do a follow up and if actions were taken these system abusers, most of which were of the same vibe, thugs, fat, short, slouchers, you know the type, Mehiangelino’s…. were abusing in the same manner.

      And Villaraigosa was confronted – what happened? Who knows! But its here again and nothing is done.

      I have to wonder if those thugs have something on the mayor or something, or is it Villa just covers up for his homies?

  11. Jerry K says:

    ok, he’s not a mexican, but POSSIBLY a LATINO.. he does not look African-American or Asian. I t will be hard to fire this guy once he seeks medical help. If this were a private company, he would be fired yesterday, and his pension gone with it. almost $60K a year?? no wonder the City is broke, and the City will pay for this guy’s medical treatment and i’m having a hard time buying a decent lunch…

    1. Charlie says:

      He’s Mexican, Trust me….

    2. Mehi-angelino says:

      I know those types. They only exist within the Mehi-angeles area of New New Mexico.

      Travel Latin America. If you’ve got a keen eye, you may see other fat Latino’s but not with that certain PINTA.

      And NOT all Latino’s are like this … this….

  12. Tracy S. says:

    This is outrageous! There are many, many, many people out of work! I’m sure the city can find someone better for this job. Why do we keep these people on the payroll? Any other company would have this man IMMEDIATELY dismissed. With this economy and the shortage of jobs, give someone more responsible a chance!

    1. Ron says:

      UNION worker and RESPONSIBLE, CANNOT be used in the same sentence.

    2. Dweezle says:

      Wrong Tracy, any employer that has more than maybe 10 employees is pushed into requiring a drug & alcohol abuse program by either insurance companies or contracting requirements of most governmental agencies. If you use commercial trucks you are required to have a drug & alcohol aversion program. These programs are one size fits all. if an employee asks for treatment for drug and alcohol abuse before being tested, they usually cannot be terminated for that reason. We know nothing about the reason this guy drinks, and for my part I do not care, perhaps he was a military veteran that saw tough combat action who knows. the news story did not seem to check that out in its weeks of investigation. I checked with the California Highway Patrol, and the officer I spoke with stated that a routine Drunk driver investigation takes less than 5 hours to investigate, NOT WEEKS or MONTHS, and in a technical fact, the reporter could be guilty of a misdemeanor for failing to immediately report this guys Drunk Driving.

      1. Kevin says:

        Everyone seems to not ‘get’ that it was at the FIRST instance of catching him drinking AND driving that CBS confronted him. They acted in a timely fashion. Up until then they only saw him BUYING and/or drinking while parked. They also took the time to investigate that this was ONGOING not just a one time thing, not pouncing in before gathering good solid evidence, but getting their ducks in a row. This guy is indefensible. Good job CBS.

  13. randy says:

    Another bombshell by Goldstein! Wow! An entry-level city employee drinking while at work! If he keeps up this torrid reporting pace, he can get on Howard Stern’s radio show and be the new Stuttering John.

  14. Sam Adams says:

    Anyone who defends his actions is an idiot. You’re telling me the city can afford to give away millions of dolllars after he hurts someone. Lawsuit waiting to happen. Stop kissing your supervisors rear. Blaming David Goldstein is stupid. Investigations take time.

  15. Sam Adams says:

    Who wrote Tony Viva La Raza? That’s Racist…….. Fuuny but racist. Do you think he ever drank with Tone loc? We all know Tony parties with hot chicks. Have you ever partied with them Yesenia ( comenter above). Cant deny it, why would you want to, you need me. you’re ghetto.

  16. Jerlo says:

    Oh yehh,did you even stopped to think that these people are humen that make human mistakes in need of help and not to just write them off,people do drastic things in drastic situations,I wish him well,jerlo

    1. mehi-angelino says:

      You’re one of them. Same ilk. I can tell by the way you write. I got in late, Im tired but you, you probably write like this everyday. Wow. What a society its turned into. Enablers and people who obviously also defend the criminal thug element.

    2. Mehi-angelino says:

      Yes, or I mean ‘yehh’, I meant this for you homie^

      You’re one of them. Same ilk. I can tell by the way you write. I got in late, Im tired but you, you probably write like this everyday. Wow. What a society its turned into. Enablers and people who obviously also defend the criminal thug element.

      1. Charlie S. says:

        You “got in late” so you lost all grammer skills….wow

  17. Mehi-angelino says:

    Just so representative of the how America has its collective heads up their ____.

    How can Villaraigosas and that other council member or whatever he was just make excuses for that thug fat lazy opportunist mediocre homie city supervisor. That he’s seeking medical help – or that Goldstein saved his life! Hesus Christo. Its truly amazing. AMAZING.

    He’s making HOW MUCH? $75k a year? And we’re occupying WHAT? And angry at WHO?

    Jeepers, no wonder you see the same type of fat mediocre types at LATTC and Abram Friedman Ocupational Center trying to gain skills to GET the same coasting tax payer jobs.

  18. Jerry K says:

    no excuses, 50 lashes at least
    i believe in second chances, but not for this guy

  19. Jerry K says:

    and the hits keep coming … i miss Mayors Hahn, Riordan & Bradley

  20. KeepitReal says:

    Yesterdays news….now let’s all move on and wait for the next story to break so you trolls can throw another of your 15 minute tantrums. People are funny when they actually pretend to care, if you do get up from behind the keyboard and DO SOMETHING about it, Take action…if not, continue to sit behind a keyboard and keep pretending to care and just accept this is reality….your crying obviously means nothing so stop wasting your time here….Lol Too Funny

  21. LucyGoosey says:

    city employees know that if trouble stirs, go into rehab.
    I wonder what was the time line between the mayor and employee being confronted with the video tape. It just rolled out the mayor’s mouth that the guy was seeking help.

  22. Erncky Jamies says:

    another dumb , dirty, fat mexican living like he is in tj. this turd needs to spend time in jail, no using the union to get him off . do your job lazy velar.

    1. Charlie says:

      Racist comment, not a smart idea

  23. Sam Adams says:

    The city is plagued with Lazy supervisors. People that are too bussy trying not to step on each others toes, while the city falls apart. Someone needs to grow a pair. The city needs someone to come in and clean house. “Heads got to roll”. Someone from the outside because the city is not going to fix itself. Lazy complainers, 2 hour lunches, 1 hour Facebook, 1 hour smoke break,, 2 hours complaining, & 2 hours of work.

  24. WASP says:

    Now that Los Angeles is almost all Hispanic, we’ll just have to get used to their La Raza alcoholic and reconquesta for Mexico ways I suppose.

  25. Carlys says:

    They need to throw the book at that old booze-hound!!! He needs medical help??? Please he needs to be fired!! Come On People!!! Hello!!!

  26. The Mob says:

    Yea lets follow some of cbs bosses around what a joke this snitch will get his one day all snitches do I may be watching you someday so be aware i am looking for you everyday and your boosses so tell them
    Snitch Reporter

    1. Ron says:

      @The Mob: ooooh, I bet they are REALLY FRIGHTENED. You are WORRIED that someday they are going to catch you and THEY WILL !!!!
      Worthless UNION BUMS stealing the taxpayer money and NOT doing the JOB that they were given by some UNION relative.


  27. Joshua says:

    I myself see this almost everyday. The overweight shaved head people with black goatee holding up a drink in a little paper brown bag behind the wheel or in a parked car behind the commercial building. Another hand is always a burrito-look-alike object. When they saw you looking at them, they look at you with a gang banger furious eye sight. You will wonder for sure is that what your tax money goes to?

    Yes, it is. Google the image or youtube the video you will see it yourself. And I am sure you know what tag word to use to define the search. You know Jose?

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