LOS ANGELES (AP) — Confidential memos show Sheriff Lee Baca’s command staff raised red flags nearly two years ago about deputy misconduct and brutality against inmates at Los Angeles County jails.

A Los Angeles Times report published Sunday says internal Sheriff’s Department documents detail cases in which deputies used unnecessary force, then escaped punishment because of shoddy investigations by supervisors.

One report outlines more than 100 violent encounters with inmates and found that jailers invented narratives “dramatized to justify” force.

Another document shows that serious injuries to inmates were not documented by deputies or medical staff.

Sheriff’s spokesman Steve Whitmore says the memos prompted the department to provide additional use-of-force training to jail managers.

The department has come under criticism since the American Civil Liberties Union released a report last month alleging abuse by deputies. Federal officials are investigating.

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  1. FFL says:

    More great credibility laurels for Baca .. When are citizens of LA county going to UN ELECT this liberal clown nightmare AKA Sheriff? He always operates as if he is the crown prince of Los Angeles! He is all knowing and all seeing in wisdom. Ever try to get a CCW from this whacko? He is convinced law abiding citizens MUST be unarmed at all times so his force can deal with all crime problems. Remember folks when seconds count Baca’s Sheriffs are only minutes away.. We need a DIFFERENT Sheriff and it starts with fair open and HONEST ELECTIONS!

  2. Igor Doublebubblevich. says:

    Baca like his twin bald look alike the Governor should retier, Baca advantage he is hispanic in Los Angeles, carte blanche

  3. kosher says:

    friend of mine spent 6 days in way side jail for minor thing , the sheriffs are having the fun of thier life with the inmates, they get thier boots shined around the clock by inmates, gourmet food served to theme by inmates, you cross theme sheriff you out naked in the freezing weather 2am laying on ur face for hours not to mention thier boots on the inmates head wether you are a gang or just for minor thing there. The sheriff will take the inmate away from the camera and bunch theme till they drop half dead , they even bring thier family inside the jail on the weekends only to have theme watch the fun the sheriff are having . So dont tell me senior baca and his dogs have no idea whats going on. The fbi knows, the mayer knows and hey, even my dog knows it . At visting hours, the sheriff takes private pictures of the inmates family during thier visit for thier owen pleasure and fun

  4. kosher says:

    dismantle the sheriffe dept to a private company so senior baca and his dogs can go back to thier home land mexico to help thier people there to rid of crimes hahaha they will thier fat a$s kicked all the way to the virgin lupe

  5. Voter says:

    I agree Baca must go. The only problem is finding someone to run against him, due to it being an elected position. A few years ago a deputy ran against Baca and during the campain brought theses same issues out for the public to see. Well Baca got reelected (I bet most of his votes were from his officers) and what did the deputy that ran against him get FIRED. Bacas reason was that this deputy brought a bad light on the Sheriff Department and its moral. So Baca knows what is going on but turns the other cheek

  6. Cherise Batteredbypd Rogers says:

    GET BACA OUT OF HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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