LOS ANGELES (CBS) — A new report from the California state auditor shows as many as 1,000 sex offenders are either living or working in the state foster care system.

KNX 1070’s Jan Stevens reports a state lawmaker came across the information and now wants Sacramento to come up with a plan.

Assemblyman Henry Perea said the addresses of more than 1,000 registered sex offenders matched the addresses of licensed foster-care facilities and homes — with almost 600 of those considered high risk.

“We’re talking about day cares, we’re talking about foster homes, group homes, places that are supposed to protect and help our children, not put them in harm’s way,” said Perea.

He pointed to a glaring lack of legislation that would prevent anyone convicted of a sex crime from employment with state child and family services.

“Background checks are done, but obviously thousands of people are slipping through the cracks,” Perea said.

The audit focused on Child Protective Services agencies in Sacramento, Fresno and Alameda counties.

Los Angeles County was also selected for review. A report is expected to be released by the end of January.

Comments (3)
  1. WalterandCindy Alv says:

    What plan does it need to come up with, fire them all and interview the children that were exposed to them to make sure they weren’t abused. soo sad and sickening

  2. The Big Logic says:

    The pervs from allover the country are aware of Calfornias loon liberal politics, so therefore it should be understood that it would be only a normal course of action to go there to do what it is they do. It’s a magnet state for all degenerates of all persuasions, all illegals, criminals, nut cases, and in general the lowest form of 2 legged beings.

  3. TheWindrunner says:

    It’s what the state is all about…perversion in all matters of social interraction.

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