(CBS) — He went from being in the middle of one of the biggest messes in sports to a world champion in less than four months, now Rafael Furcal has finally won his first World Series ring.

Since 2000, Furcal never had a more frustrating season, hitting just .197 for the Dodgers in 2010, but it all changed when Los Angeles dealt Furcal to the Cardinals.

The Redbirds caught fire, making an improbable run to the postseason by overcoming a 10 1/2 game deficit in the NL wild-card, then upsetting the Philadelphia Phillies and Milwaukee Brewers before stunning the Texas Rangers in seven games.

For Furcal, it must be sweet redemption.

The Dodgers clearly passed the torch from Furcal to Dee Gordon and Furcal was an afterthought during trade rumors.

While the rest of the contenders languished with their deadline deals, the Cardinals thrived, en route to their 11th title.

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  1. Ex Dodger Fan says:

    In order to wear the world series ring with pride you have to earn it Furcal was lucky and was traded very late in the season who went on to win. In order to have pride you have to contribute from the begining to the end.

    1. Kathie Nevarez says:

      He changed the culture in that clubhouse to make them understand how to take the game more seriously and believe in their own abilities. Doesn’t matter the amount of time that he was actualy on that club, it is more about what he did in that short amount of time. Proud of him as a life long Dodger fan. He moves on and the Dodgers move on.

    2. henry stylez says:

      He scored the only run after he hit that triple and made a tremendous play to rob ruiz of a hit against the phillies, if it wasnt for him the cardinals wouldve never made it to the NLCS. its not how long youve been playing in a team, its how much youve been contributing in the short ammount of time you get on the field and he did more for that team than any player has done in a while. so be carefull what you say and dont try to take away anything from someone who has worked all their lives to get where they are without asking for any favors.

    3. B Ware says:

      Rafael Furcal helped the cardinals when we needed him the most. Providing solid middle infield help and hitting from both sides of the plate and adding a base runner for the Cardinals. Don’t hate cause he got on a winning team at the right time. We needed him then and will resign him for another run. Plus look how much fun he’s having again. he’s not the first to get a ring that way and won’t be the last. But at least he was a starter every game since he was acquired. We need Furcal in St. Louis and welcome him here.

  2. Conrad says:

    He also went 4 for 21 in the series.

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