MORENO VALLEY (CBS) — The arraignment for the man suspected of murdering 17-year-old Norma Lopez was postponed Thursday.

Jesse Torres will now be arraigned on Nov. 16 for murder charges with a special circumstance allegation that the crime occurred during a kidnapping.

Torres was charged Wednesday after being released from custody and rearrested earlier this week.

If convicted, Torres could face the death penalty.

Torres lived within a block of Valley View High School in Moreno Valley at the time of Lopez’s murder.

She was taken while walking to a friend’s house after a summer school class in July of 2010.

Comments (4)
  1. AndreYoung says:

    It’s about time…I was wondering if they were ever going to catch the person(s) responsible for this crime….Props to those that did their work…because this girl was too young to die…it has similarities to the movie “The Lovely Bones”..My condolences to the family and friends..

  2. xo says:

    @ Andre, omg, i just made the comparison to The Lovely Bones and you’re right. I LOVE that book and it makes me cry every single time i read it. Wow, crazy! Except Norma was 17 and Susie was 14. My condolences to the family as well. Her life was just beggining. But you’re in a better place now beautiful angel ❤

    IF this guy did it, I hope he pays for what he did for the rest of his life. Doesn't he have kids? imagine if it was YOUR daughter your sc*m bag. I feel bad for both of the families involved.

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