LOS ANGELES (CBS) — After months of saying, and adamantly, that he was not going to sell the Dodgers, a report in the LA Times suggests Frank McCourt is exploring the option.

With a one-month postponement in bankruptcy hearings, sources told the Times McCourt and Major League Baseball discussed a possible settlement that would include McCourt selling the team.

The Times quoted anonymous sources who said they were not authorized to comment on the confidential talks.

A four-day trial was scheduled to start Monday.

US Bankruptcy judge Kevin Gross announced the postponement Wednesday without citing a reason.

Those close to the talks say the month was broached to give McCourt a chance to seek a buyer.

The Times reported MLB Commissioner Bud Selig was okay with McCourt initially selling a minority interest in the team but now favors McCourt selling the team outright.

A MLB report accused McCourt of “looting” the team of $190 million for his own personal use, a charge McCourt vehemently denied.

Further, using team revenue for personal use is just one of ten rules the commissioner charged McCourt with violating. One violation is grounds for a franchise to be terminated.

McCourt has said he would never part with the Dodgers, but broached the idea at one point of selling off parking rights or concessions.

A court filing by McCourt’s legal team set the value of the Dodgers at “in excess of $1 billion.”

Comments (4)
  1. dodgerdog says:

    finally ..tyes!.sell the dodgers,,plz . its something you should of done long ago

  2. Xen says:

    McCourt is showing some intelligence. Not bad for an idiot.

  3. Marissa says:

    Get on with it McCourt. You ran our beloved Los Angeles Dodgers into the ground from what was once one of the greatest and proudest teams of major league baseball. Sell then get the hell out of Los Angeles.

  4. Barbara says:

    Sell the team so they can put you in the past and move on to a fresh start ! ! !

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