SHERMAN OAKS (CBS) — A Los Angeles City Planning Committee hearing is scheduled for Tuesday about an illegal wall surrounding a San Fernando Valley home built to keep the paparazzi at bay.

The 120-foot-long white wall wraps around a home in the 3900 block of Deervale Drive.

“I call it the wall of China,” said neighbor Elke Heitmeyer.

Homeowner Orit Picker built the wall in 2010. Actor Shia LaBeouf is his neighbor and Picker says paparazzi are on his property daily.

“We built this wall because we had a problem with intruders, paparazzi and such,” said Joe Picker.

He says photographers pour into his yard, violating his family’s privacy and threatening their security.

City planning officials say the wall is illegal and neighbors say its an eyesore. They want it torn down.

“I don’t think the occasional paparazzi incidents validate overriding city rules,” Heitmeyer said.

Some neighbors say the wall was built with no permit and is too close to the street. They also allege that city ordinances only permit residential walls to be three-and-a-half feet high.

The city planning committee will examine the issue Tuesday afternoon. Picker says LaBeouf supports the wall and has a statement from him. The actor will not be at the meeting.

“He’s working on a film in Canada and not available for comment,” LaBeouf’s attorney Fred Gaines said.

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Comments (19)
  1. T. JENSEN says:

    the wall looks nice to me in the pic. and i do not understand the idea of NEIGHBORS being allowed to dictate what someone builds on the land they own. also 3 1/2 feet tall wall is the limit in that area?? what exactly will a 3 1/2 foot wall keep in or out?? i have a 6 foot wall around my home for the purpose of keeping my dogs IN and intruders OUT and even at 6 foot a healthy intruder can get over it at 3 1/2 feet id call that mearly decoration

    1. bounce says:

      >> i do not understand the idea of NEIGHBORS being allowed to dictate what someone builds on the land they own

      What the neighbors think is not the issue. The wall violates the law (a city ordinance).

  2. geeM says:

    What about 12′ to 20′ tall walls in Hollywood and Beverly Hills? it’s okay to keep pepople from trespassing and invading a person’s privacy. How about fining the paparazzi while your at it?

    Have an engineer evaluate the wall for safety, then go away and leave these people alone.

  3. fastfreddie says:

    @TJ usually “front” street facing walls can’t exceed 3 to 1/2 feet. In Manhattan Beach if your neighbor signs a consent form you can go higher than 6 feet, in this case he and his neighbor both wanted the higher wall..

    1. T. JENSEN says:

      well front or back 3 1/2 feet is just silly that would never work for me lol i have 2 large dogs both are guard dogs one german and one lab if i had a 3 1/2 foot wall they would step right over it lol as would the punk kids in my area that seem to enjoy stealing at least they have to get a work out to get over a 6 foot wall and if they make it i pity them cuz my dogs will not be kind to them

  4. Hollywood Reporter says:

    Maybe Shia LaBouef should move to Wyoming, where they shoot trespassers.

  5. John Andrews says:

    Didn’t the mayor get his wall?? So the paparazi would not catch him having another affair with another married women??

  6. Trish says:

    OMG to wall is too high……. we don’t have enough to worry about in this world.

  7. Wally says:

    Gosh- I have some neighbors I’d like to turn in for their walls & Gates

  8. James says:

    Shia….. what kind of name is that ?

    1. VN says:

      the name is Hebrew and roughly means God’s praise.

  9. Nancy says:

    Why doesn’t someone deal with the REAL problem here: arrest the people trespassing on this guy’s yard. The gawkers would stop if their behavior was not tolerated by the police, etc. And yes, the Mayor got his wall cause the FBI said it was ok…..

  10. VN says:

    The wall looks nice, but I do agree that it’s too close to the street.

    1. Vin Smith says:

      It does look nice. It’s on his property. Let the man be. People complain about the stupidest things.

  11. ES says:

    I guess being the Mayor of LA does have its perks.

    1. Mel Gibson says:

      Would you want people watching you bring Home Skanks and Getto Girls?

  12. Dottie says:

    Great looking wall and if the Mayor can do it to protect his privacy so can this family. I sure wouldn’t want people tramping all over my yard to take photos of a neighbor.

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