OXNARD (CBS) — Several people were hospitalized Tuesday morning following a police pursuit and subsequent shootout in Oxnard.

The pursuit, which ended with a shootout near Victoria Avenue and Hemlock Street, started when police received a call about a domestic dispute.

Responding officers located an injured woman, but couldn’t find the suspect. He was spotted an hour later on Highway 33 and deputies chased him back to Oxnard, where police say he began shooting at them.

The officers returned fire, injuring the suspect, but officials won’t release any information about his condition.

Two bystanders suffered minor injuries, but no officers were hurt.

Comments (4)
  1. Alan Di says:

    The police need to rethink their priorities. If this was a simple domestic, the perp would have returned home soon and NO ONE would be shot! The cowboy mentality has to end. It probably won’t until a police officers family member is killed in the crossfire of a questionable shoot.

    1. Conrad says:

      Yeah, until the perp commits a murder, like maybe a Hair Salon, and the police get blamed for not doing enough. You’re wrong here, the guy allegedly committed a crime and the police responded. The bad guy then thought it was a good idea to shoot at the police. Obviously, this guy isn’t a very reasonable person.

    2. Jerry says:

      Really? So when the police show up to a domestic and there is an injured woman, but the man has fled, they should just tell her sorry, he’s gone. Have a nice night ma’am?

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