STUDIO CITY (CBS) — Want to see into the future? Book an appointment with Dr. Carmen Harra.

Carmen Harra, Ph.D. is a a New York-based Clinical Psychologist, author and spiritual counselor. Using her talents as a clinical psychologist in couple’s and cognitive therapy, as well as her expertise as an intuitive counselor, she has become one of the most sought after advisors for politicians, celebrities, spiritualists, and other prominent public figures such as Hillary Clinton, Candice Bergen, Barbara Walters, Deepak Chopra, Al Gore, Diane Von Furstenberg, Caroline Rhea, Denise Rich, Courtney Cox, Jennifer Lopez, Cornelia Guest, Cindy Adams, and more.

She is also a best-selling author. Her sixth book, recently released “Wholeliness: Embracing the Sacred Unity That Heals Our World”, focuses on the importance of working as a together to address the suffering we have caused, enable trust in ourselves and create abundance in our lives.