LOS ANGELES (CBS) — President Barack Obama will arrive at LAX in the middle of Monday afternoon’s rush hours, and a Westside city councilman says he has urged the Secret Service to avoid tying up much of Los Angeles as the president motorcades to Hancock Park.

And more delays are likely in the Cahuenga Pass and Burbank area, as the president drops in on Jay Leno at the NBC studios. Plus, airborne traffic reporters will again be grounded.

Councilman Bill Rosendahl said motorists should be prepared for blockades on major east-west boulevards linking West Los Angeles with the Hancock Park area, and delays on north-south avenues that cross them. The councilman was interviewed today by KNX radio.

Like an earlier afternoon arrival this month, the president is expected to be helicoptered from LAX to the UCLA area, Rosendahl said. That will again avoid closure of the San Diego (405) Freeway.

“From there, Sunset, Santa Monica, Pico and Olympic (boulevards) are under consideration for the route to Hancock Park for the fundraiser,” Rosendahl told KNX. Major north-south streets between the San Diego (405) Freeway and Highland Avenue will be closed as the presidential motorcade passes.

Rosendahl said the exact route will not be revealed, nor will be the location of where the president will spend the night.

“Tuesday morning, he goes over to NBC in Burbank to do the Jay Leno show, and then he flies out of LAX at 11:45,” Rosendahl said on KNX. “That will be the trick, and that exact route has not been shared with me.”

Earlier this year, monumental traffic jams developed from Santa Monica to Inglewood to the Civic Center to Cahuenga Pass by another presidential fundraiser in Hancock Park. But a presidential appearance earlier this month in West Hollywood resulted in gridlock only immediately near the two restaurants that hosted Obama near La Cienega Boulevard at the Sunset Strip.

Another councilman, Tom LaBonge, told motorists “you can count on street closures as the president’s motorcade moves across town on Monday afternoon,” Airspace has also been closed over western Los Angeles to all but scheduled jetliners starting Monday afternoon.

Rosendahl told KNX he has been told by the Secret Service “over and over there will be no hard closures. After the president clears a certain location, they will immediately open up the streets.”

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Comments (20)
  1. Chris Carlson says:

    CA’s electoral votes go to Obama’s opponent in 2012!!

  2. Malcolm Rawlinson says:

    Loser alert instead of sig-alert in L.A. monday afternoon and tuesday.

  3. Ron says:

    Isn’t it interesting, that while MILLIONS of Americans are UNEMPLOYED and California has somewhere between about 11.9 to 12.1% unemployment rate, OBAMA continues to place RE-ELECTION as his Number 1 PRIORITY !!!!

    Unfortunately California WILL re-elect him, just like the LOSERS they have elected( Jerry Brown, Mayor V., Lt. Gov. Newsom, Feinstein and Boxer).

    We are DOOMED by the IGNORANT and the Hollywood Democrats.

  4. Hate Crout Car Drivers says:

    Another West Los Angeles visit. Does Obama favor the rich white folks?

  5. Terry McCabe says:

    Just who is paying for all of the costs of Obama jet setting around in Air Force One doing all of these fundraisers? Tax payers or his re-election campaign?

    How about the huge costs of Obama’s visits to various cities which gets picked up at by the tax payers.

    Fundraisers and the Jay Leno program are certainly not official business . . so how about an accounting President Obama.

  6. Mar Vista Mark says:

    how many “occupy wall street” folks will be attending since obama sides with them? Oh…. only multi millionaire elite movie stars and their private banking friends?? I get it now. Phony.

  7. medic says:

    Can we divide our state now? Im tired of my vote being wasted in california

  8. Lou says:

    Obama’s taking donations from the richest 1%

  9. Yankee Dog says:

    If there are any fence-sitters out there yet, this latest fiasco by”The Annointed One” should be the decider! What a narcisstic egomaniac! Right
    on, “Medic”, ABO -(Anybody But Obama) !

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