LOS ANGELES (CBS/AP) — Authorities say two people died when the motorcycle they were on collided with a big rig on the Golden State (5) Freeway, causing a traffic tie-up for several hours.

California Highway Patrol Officer Christian Craycraft says the motorcycle was riding between lanes on the northbound 5 Freeway at Branford Street in Pacoima late Sunday morning when the crash happened.

Erik Scott of the Los Angeles Fire Department said a male motorcyclist and his female passenger were declared dead at the scene.

The wreck occurred as dozens of motorcyclists crowded the freeway on the 28th annual “Love Ride,” a mobile charity fundraiser.

Craycraft says it appears the victims were riding ahead of the Love Ride motorcyclists and were not part of the charity event.

Three of the four northbound lanes were closed for nearly three hours.

Firefighters treated two people for cuts at the scene, and took another to a hospital on a backboard.

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  1. k says:

    The FBI and DEA fabricate evidence, steal from suspects and use murder to close those bad cases.
    At the corner of Calaveras and N. Park Victoria in Milpitas California two corrupt DEA allmost caused the death of an elderly lady while they where harrassing a suspect.
    The elderly lady was crossing the street about 15 yards ahead of the suspect’s car that was going west bound on Calaveras after having just pulled out of the Shell station. One of the DEA in the bus stop near the Shell station tried to gain the attention of the suspect thereby almost causing the car to hit the elderly lady. The other DEA was at the Shell station.
    Both DEA are in their mid 20s and have many years of corruption in their carreers ahead of themselves.

    1. The Truth says:

      cool story bro

  2. Medic says:

    California needs to make it illegal for motorcycles to pass between cars

    1. hans gruber says:

      california needs to make it a death penalty for drivers who feel more entitled than motorcycle riders, pedestrians and bicycle riders etc. When you are given a license you acknowledge and are required to follow the laws pertaining to driving. complaining about not seeing pedestrians, bikes, bicycles is YOUR problem. If you have a problem with lane splitting it’s from resentment and entitlement. only YOU should be able to use the roads and why should anyone ever beat traffic that I’m stuck in. Get over yourself.

      1. Mel Gibson says:

        You are an Idiot Hans. I used to ride Bikes, but reality is that most drivers are in too much of a hurry and they can’t always see a bike. I look out for bikes but someday i might not see one at the wrong time. I know there are laws , but if you ride a bike be extra careful cause it’s hard to see you. Bikes or any other 2 wheeler should really have the road to themselves if they never want o be in an accident.

    2. Three Cents says:

      Right, Medic, it’s so much better to make them sit in bumper-to-bumper traffic where they’ll get rear-ended and crushed against the car in front of them. Using a motorcycle’s innate mobility and nimbleness to maneuver out of dangerous situations like that would be stupid.

  3. George says:

    Splitting lanes in california is Illegal however it is never ever enforced!!!

    1. Mike from Pizza4U Traffic School says:

      Actually, George, you are wrong. Splitting lanes is illegal in several states, California is not one of them. Now if you’re referring to driving in between the double yellow lines that separate the car pool from the fast lane, then you are accurate. That is illegal, though almost never enforced.

      I am a traffic school instructor, and not just some yahoo on Yahoo.

  4. Maddy says:

    I understand the reason we are allowed to split lanes (ride between lanes) is because traffic is so dense in Southern California especially. If bikes weren’t allowed to split lanes, many of the bikes would overheat as we waited in stopped, bumper-to-bumper traffic. That would cause more traffic tie-ups. The rule I follow is to only split in stopped traffic, and ride no faster than 10 mph. As a biker, I and other riders are well aware that we take risks, just like I’ve taken risks crossing the street and almost getting killed twice, and riding my own bike on the freeway, not splitting lanes when a truck driver who wasn’t looking blindly switched lanes into my own. I’m not starting an argument, but just showing a different point of view.

    1. george says:

      I normally split lanes but i turn on my hazard lights on so other drivers could see mei will only do that if it is safe and the traffic is extremly bad, on the other hand the law states that splitting lanes is Illegal here in the state of california and lots of new riders thinks it is easy to go in and out between cars and thats when accidents take place. to cure this problem we motorcycle riders should use the carpool lane more often it is lot easier and safier.

  5. Maddy says:

    Splitting lanes in Calufornia IS legal. I learned that in my Motorcycle Safety Course, and asked a California police officer about it. Thoughts to the families’ loss…

    1. george says:

      California Vehicle Code Section 21658
      This statute states that a motorcyclist or vehicle shall be driven within a single lane and shall not be moved unless done with reasonable safety. However, the CHP website and DMV booklet states that a motorcyclist can “split lanes” when done in a “safe and prudent manner”. it is to the discretion of the police officer to detemine whether to give you a ticket or not, furthermore when a motorcyclist is involve in an accident with another vehicle and the cause was determine that the biker was splitting lanes it is automaticlly the biker’s fault…it has been proven many times in court just be SAFE there are lots of Bad drivers out there..

      1. lord septus says:

        Pretty ignorant george. Vehicle code doesnt specify motorcycle. Motorcycle is previously defined in the code as a qualifying vehicle.
        unless there is serious injury, death, or significant property damage fault is rarely assigned in traffic accidents. It is not automatically a motorcycle rider’s fault for an accident while splitting a lane.

        Preliminary results from a study in the United Kingdom, conducted by the University of Nottingham for the Department for Transport, show that filtering is responsible for around 5% of motorcycle Killed or Seriously Injured (KSI) accidents.[37] It also found that in these KSI cases the motorist is twice as likely to be at fault as the motorcyclist due to motorists “failing to take into account possible motorcycle riding strategies in heavy traffic”.[37]

      2. Smokey says:

        Actually except for private property reports….fault IS determined even in non injury traffic collisions when a report is taken. And …a motorcycle can only split lanes (actually by definition passing) when it is safe to do so. Most lane splitting collisions iare thefault of the motorcyclist. Having been a cop for almost 40 years and written numerous collison reports I know where of I speak. And I’m also a bike rider.

  6. george says:

    My deepest condonlences to the families, we are not arhuing it is simply debating whether our laws in california have loop holes or they simply sucks..

  7. Alex says:

    hahah thats what i thought too..stupid headlines….

  8. Mike from Pizza4U Traffic School says:

    You’re misinterpreting CVC 21658, George… And adding conjecture after the fact. I’m not even going to bother trying the point any further, I have plenty of student in my class that “know the law”, funny how they all end up in traffic school 😉

  9. larry sipe says:

    the female passenger and i were best friends for a few years and
    this is truly devastating for me to say
    she was the greatest person you could ever want to know
    i miss her

    1. Joeski says:

      I was best friends with the driver of the bike. We rode to Sturgis 6 times. I saw the whole thing and said hi to them before they left…I am so sad .he had 5 children we all skied together…who was his girlfriend. Larry I just met her.

    2. Joeski says:

      Larry who was his paaenger? I just met her.

  10. Joan says:

    My heart goes out to them. I saw the lying on freeway. I’m sorry for their loss.

    1. larry says:

      i appreciated your comment the best
      the hell with the laws
      my heart goes out to my friend
      she is still my friend

      1. john says:

        I just heard some bad news about a relative who died in a motor cycle accident in CA. Julie from Denver, was this her?

      2. Joeski says:

        I miss my friend. I will keep you in my prayers Larry.

  11. Jane says:

    I was on I-5 today when this happened. I did not see the accident, but I can tell you that there were probably a 1000 plus bikes on I-5 weaving in and out of traffic before this horrific accident happened. It was already heavy traffic and I was in the fast lane and most of the vehicles moved to the far left to let the bikes into the 1 and 2 lanes. While I agree with allowing them to pass, this was insane the way most if not all the bikes were weaving in and out of all lanes. Traffic came to a stop after already stop and go for over an hour as they came through. As we approached the scene where a male rider and his passenger laid dead in the road with blood pouring out of the man, I look over to see a Semi that was stopped and thought oh no the bile was weaving in and out and the Semi didn’t see them. I don’t agree or disagree with the law and love to ride. How can so many bikes on a run such as this be allowed to do what they were all doing and not expect something to happen. This was several hours ago and I still can’t get the image of the dead rider out of my head. Very tragic!! Designate a lane and all follow when doing such as a big run like this!! After most bikes passed the site and saw a fellow rider laying on the ground, I didn’t much weaving in and out, just allot of riders with tears streaming down their faces. So sad..

  12. Cat Comenas says:

    first of all no one knows if they were lane splitting yet..the part of the 5 where they got into the accident at is awful..there is construction going on and some lanes aren’t marked..if you look at the accident history at that area you will see that many a car have even been in accidents..as far as lane splitting…I don’t..I ride a Harley and people think I am nuts for not lane splitting. It disturbs me when I hear young people talk about how they want to get a bike so they can get around the traffic faster. Also that whole concept of going fast to get away from traffic..bla..thumbs down..if you think that’s going to avoid an accident..well your wrong… and to Larry I am so sorry for the loss of your friend…it really sucks and its really sad….doesn’t matter now if and I say IF he was lane splitting..two people died a violent death and families and friends have lost loved ones..On a side note big rig drivers are the worst..not all of them but a lot of them..I have almost been taken out many a time on the 5 by them while driving a bike as well as a car… RIP my follow riders..my heart goes out to your families and friends

  13. Mark L says:

    Very sad, we also saw the downed riders covered bodies. Our hearts and prayers go out to the families. I’m very upset with the Love Ride Foundation for poor planning and logistics. A ride of this size should have had a designated land and CHP assistance. God Bless all riders.

  14. Ana says:

    Saw the riders pass by the car before the accident they both looked so happy. Never would have thought that they would be the ones lying on the ground 🙁 very sad what happened to them. my heart goes out to the families and friends of the two riders

  15. Denise says:

    saw their bodies partially covered in bloody sheets as we rode by today. Vary scary sight. Please ride and drive with care! It is not worth someone dying for.

  16. Brita McCollough says:

    Let me set the record straight since I was 10 to 15 feet behind the semi truck that ran over the two riders at 11:am this morning. The man who is giving an interview for chanle 2 way Not there and his comments could be slanderous. The truck driver never veered into the riders! At the curve in the 5 fwy the driver of the bike made a very bad decision in deiding to split the lanes with a semi truck and a small car. The bike ran over a few road lane reflectors, lost control, the handle bars hit the semi’s rear fender which the semi tires then caught the bike and dragged both the bike and riders under the tires. Before this accident happened I witness four other bikes, one a three wheeler passing motorist on the shoulder. I said to myself that someone is going to get hurt, and they did…… It’s been a very sad day, rest in peace~

    1. Honored to have known Julie says:

      Thank you for writing what you saw, it helps all of us that knew Julie and the wonderful, cheery person she was.Anyone that met her remembers her smile and love of life. This is tragic and we are trying to cope with the lost of this beautiful person. I am sad that you had to witness this event and I hope and pray that you don’t have to keep going over and over that horrible accident in your head and we very much appreciate you writing this even though it must have been painful to recall. She is greatly missed!

  17. Don says:

    Weaving in & out of traffic sounds very reasonable. I doubt if anyone was splitting lanes cuz this usually only happens when u have very slow traffic. britta’s comment sounds the most realistic. God Bless the fallen riders families.

  18. FreeClue says:

    Holding a ride of this size on the LA freeway system is somewhere between poor planning and criminal stupidity.

  19. JoAnne says:

    As a member of the young woman’s familty, I thank the serious folks here who witnessed the event for their information. This helps us to piece together how this tradegy occured.

    1. Joeski says:

      Hi , I was a long time Great friend of the driver of the bike. we had been friends for years. Went to Sturgis 6 times together. Country danced with him and took his kids water skiing. i had never met his girlfriend and I am deeply sorry for your lost i just met her at Glendale she shook my hand and was very polite nice, and forth coming…a terrible lost. the next thing I see is Ro on the freeway receiving CPR by the CHP….i miss him..but at least I got to say hi and shake his hand before he went to heaven.

    2. Proud to have known Julie says:

      Julie was always happy and cheerful and her tragic loss leaves a gaping hole in many lives. It’s distressing to read about the accident and I pray that your family stays strong and gets through this together. She just gushed about her boyfriend and how lucky she was. Truth is, we were lucky to have known her. Please know we who knew and worked with Julie will never, ever forget her or her smile. Our thoughts and prayers are with you all.

  20. Nidia L says:

    Worst ride ever. Very disorganized! . I will never participate on the Love Ride again. I saw the female passengers body, it was so traumatizing and sad. I saw when the paramedic was performing cpr trying to revive her, pumping at her chest.She had a light pink shirt on. So sad, my condolences to their families. I kept praying that they didnt leave any young kids behind. When I saw the crash and their lifeless bodies, I got a panic attack on the bike, told my hubby take me home NOWWWWW! Our whole group decided to not finish the ride and just go home. I cried myself to sleep last night. =( Anyone know who these riders were? their names? were they married?

    1. Joeski says:

      Romarino Zeri ,51 5 kids…Julie Cameron 38 no kids.

  21. lena says:

    what were the victims first names and where were they from? i will be going to bible study later tonite and would like to have everyone say a prayer for them and their families….

    1. Joeski says:

      Romarino Zeri ,51 5 kids…Julie Cameron 38 no kids. My friend Ro… i miss you We went to Sturgis 5 times…..we always rode together… i took his kids waterskiing.. I shook his hand and Julie’s before the ride started.. I told him…”.Nice jacket” that he had bought at the Love Ride Before. Thank you for your Prayers.

  22. Ofelia says:

    It was very tragic and even after passing the accident I tried to remind a woman to stop texting while driving her big, fancy white car next to my husband and I. She just gave me a confused look.

  23. Ugly Verne says:

    Please all commenters…the riders in the accident were in front of the Love Ride procession and were not part of the ride…which is very well organized with a 28 year history…riders are released in batches at the start and if everyone pays attention it is no different than riding on any other day. I have attended the LoveRide many times. As a midwesterner I must say driving a car in LA is a dangerous proposition Our prayers and sympathy to the families and especially the children.

    1. Joeski says:

      Hi Verne, Romarino and his girlfriend were absolutely part of the Love Ride, many of them. I bought my tickets right after them in Glendale. The Jacket he passed in was one he had bought at one of the Love Rides. They were just ahead of us in Line.. Romarino was a very safe and gifted rider. I always took his criticism to heart when he corrected my riding. Glendale Harley Davidson should have at least given us an escort to get out of traffic and to at least Castaic Lake. Thank you for your prayers. He had 5 kids, that he loved and was a GREAT DAD!

  24. j.sunshine says:

    This is soooooo sad. i havent been on a Love Ride in 15 years. my prayers go out to all the friends and familys.

  25. Mrs To Be says:

    My fiance and I were caught in the traffic of the first accident at 10 am and then got stuck right after the tragic accident. Reading this apparently they were with the group with the trike .. Even more shocking is remembering seeing that group pass us in the traffic. We passed the bodies under the sheets. I couldn’t sleep last night thinking about that sight. It was so sad and unnecessary. I wish their families some sort of comfort in this very difficult time.

  26. Grieving says:

    You & the other dude take your personal gripes somewhere else A-HOLE!!! Show some respect to those who passed!!! You insensitive puS$y dumbf**k!!! How do you like being called that idiot!!!

  27. wgaf says:

    Stop impersonating me.

  28. anonymous says:

    I think you all missed the point. The Love Ride is a fundraiser to find a cure for Autism in children. Riding a motorcycle or not, weaving in and out of lanes or not, following the law or not – these two people paid the ultimate price – THEIR LIFE – to help benefit autistic children.

    It’s amazing how people turn a tragic accident into a debate about the law. What selfless thing were you doing on this day?

  29. I am a proud mexican says:

    OH poor concrete central divider. Please have someone to fix the divider quick and forget about the bike and the driver. Hey, america owes mexicans. Ok?

    1. Julio says:

      Well, I’m sure Mexico is so very, very proud of you. Please, return to the land that needs great citizens like you. We will be sorry to see such a compassionate person leave our wonderful country but you epitomize everything so terrific about Mexico. Drive safe. God speed.

    2. Joeski says:

      We owe you nothing. Go back to your country where they need hero’s like you to better your country. You are an incompetent, uncompassionate person. and a disgrace as a humane being in the light of such a tragedy. The driver had 5 kids and was a great father and provider. You sir, need to go back to your country and help better your country. Your towns are full of slaughtered bodies from an uncontrolled drug trade. How about being a courageous man and join the Mexican police force or run for office. Mexico owes us individuals like you to go back home and help your Country. Why don’t you be a hero and help go rebuild your country which is a Great and Beautiful Country that many Americans go on vactiontoo.
      I pray this tragedy never happens to you and any member of you family.