BURBANK (CBS) — A Southland lawmaker and ranking member of a House intelligence committee is calling for stronger sanctions and a possible coalition effort against another Mideast leader.

KNX 1070’s John Brooks reports Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Burbank) hopes the fall of Moammar Gadhafi invigorates Syrians opposed to President Bashar Assad.

“I hope it will get the international community to work more strongly with the United States in tightening the sanctions on the Assad regime,” said Schiff.

“They have butchered thousands of people in Syria,” he added. “We can’t just stand by while that’s happening,”

Schiff, who serves on the Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, acknowledged the NATO mission was “a risky thing” but “the right thing to do”.

He said that while he does not expect NATO military action in Syria at this point, increased international pressure on the regime could ultimately lead to Assad’s departure.

“We don’t have the same kind of consensus or support for the kind of military action, so that’s not going to happen in Syria, but we can strengthen the tightrope of sanctions on the Assad regime and lend our support to opposition forces,” said Schiff.

Comments (3)
  1. ritchie kotzen says:

    shut the hell up.. worry about the people in burbank moron..

  2. P.J Timpe says:

    Schiff is an idiot…should keep his business and comments involved in
    his district. Nobody cares about how he feels regarding the latest events thousands of miles away.

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