DIAMOND BAR (CBS) — A middle school teacher is facing 17 felony charges for allegedly having a sexual relationship with a 14-year-old student.

Steven Andrews, 41, is accused of having a relationship with a female student at Lorbeer Elementary School in Diamond Bar.

The victim told detectives with the Special Victims Bureau at the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department that her friendship with Andrews became sexual last April and continued for five months.

An assistant principal at a nearby school recently reported the relationship to authorities and investigators say Andrews surrendered to them on Sept. 30.

“Pomona Unified School District became aware of the allegations against Steven Andrews on September 28, when authorities came to our Lorbeer campus. The District immediately acted to assure student safety and placed Mr. Andrews on Administrative Leave. Further the District provided communication to parents and families regarding the allegations,” Superindendent of Schools Richard Martinez said in a statement.

“Pomona Unified School District and Lorbeer Middle School entrusted students to a credentialed teacher who has been arrested on allegations of sexual misconduct. Our District, staff and school community are disheartened by this situation. We are fully committed to provide continued support for students who may wish or need counselors. Our focus now is to continue to maintain an educationally sound and supportive school environment for all students as we move beyond this unfortunate situation. The District administration will cooperate with the ongoing investigation.”

The victim was a student at Lorbeer, but has since graduated.

Andrews, who also served as ASB adviser to students, is being held on $450,000 bail at the Twin Towers Correctional Facility.

Comments (42)
  1. Concerned says:

    BaBa is waiting for you

    1. "KBI" says:

      Cora Mason Atkinson..The ususual WEAK-MINDED reply with ideas stolen from someone else..OK dimwit, going by your ‘logic’..IT TAKES ONE to KNOW one right, idiot? Plus, how do you know SO MUCH about RAIN-COATS, huh? Join the party you PERV

  2. Concerned says:

    I meant Big Bubba is waiting for you

    1. kxn39 says:

      Typical “Bubba” comment. Get a brain and some originality loser! Plus, these creeps get PC’d up with others of there own kind..so NO, there wont be any Bubba’s you mindless LOSER!!!

      1. Cora Mason Atkinson says:

        you act like you already know Bubba you perv…..or how rain coats do you have hahahahahhlol

      2. Cora Mason Atkinson says:

        How many raincoats you own kxn39 oh I mean bubba

    2. "KBI" says:

      Cora Mason Atkinson..The ususual WEAK-MINDED reply with ideas stolen from someone else..OK dimwit, going by your ‘logic’..IT TAKES ONE to KNOW one right, idiot? Plus, how do you know SO MUCH about RAIN-COATS, huh? Join the party you PERV

      1. Wes says:

        Hey, you guys: There is nothing perverted about sex and itiis a good idea t practice wearing a new raincoat each time you go swimming.. Don’t know about the rest of you–you have traveled recently. Is it OK?

  3. John Ashton says:

    Lock this bum up and throw away the key. It’s rejects like this that are crippling out schools and our society. Castrate this bum, he took advantage of this young girl lock him up.

    1. Bree says:

      It is actually a middle school.

      1. Tony A says:

        It happened when she was in Elemantary school, then she graduated to the middle school. It was a 5 month affair with the kid.

    2. Wes says:

      What do you do? Is it really fair to a man who is set upon by a well developed 14 year old girl. It happens–maybe it is or isn[t wrong. Everyone has a different standard. I’m not interested in girls other than my wife but as a former public safety officer, I have seen too many case where the instigator in such situations have been girls in this age range..

  4. Tony A says:

    No Way.. 14 is 14 i don’t care how try to cover it up. It’s wrong. The kid was in Elemantary School. This guy was a teacher and knew how old she was. Send his butt straight to Jail…

    1. greg says:

      She was NOT in elementary school, read the story, it was last April when she was 14!!!!!

      1. Peter Perv says:

        She might have been in elemenatry school if she was stupid and the school held her back.

      2. aje says:

        Like they did you?

  5. disgusted says:

    your a sick person and you must be a sexual predator your self for even saying that. No mater how she looked she is 14 and a child he is the adult and should have known better he manipulated her !!!

    1. Brian Andrews says:

      Because our laws dictate your morality, right? 14 is old enough in well over half the populated world. Probably more like 70%, including some of the US. But it’s wrong HERE because some law says 18 is when it’s “ok”? But you guys still want to try kids as adults when they do something wrong though. You’re the sick one, if anything. (And please learn the difference between your or you’re, ok?)

  6. Tony A says:

    Your a Perv.. Loser !!

  7. gil says:

    double standards here my 14 year old nephew had a sexual relationship with his 23 year old student math teacher his freshman year and because he said in his statement that HE CAME ON TO HER the DA refused to take the case and the student teacher is now a full time teacher in the same school AND YES the school admin knows all about it

    1. Tony A says:

      Wow.. Yes there is a double standard..

    2. Jake says:

      I wish a 23 year old Female teacher would have come on to me when I was 14. 🙂

  8. Cora Mason Atkinson says:

    gil you say that to say what. That it is okay and where do you live so I will not move there

    1. gil says:

      i do not condone it at all Cora i just find it funny that when its a 14 yr old girl he is facing 17 counts when it was a 14 year old boy there were no charges i admit my nephew was more then willing but he was still only 14 and the student teacher was 23. and where we live is not important because it is a pattern when a woman assults a boy she often faces little or no charges. take that one case several years ago where the techer got pregnant by her student YES she went to jail for A LITTLE WHILE but when she got out she saw him again and again and i belive they are now an official couple raiseing the child they made in the first place. i just was pointing out how when its a girl everyone yells for the hangman when its a boy everyone shrugs and lets it ride

  9. Justice for none says:

    Didn’t a Palmdale FEMALE teacher just get busted not too long ago? Same crime…same time?…Doubt it.

  10. greg says:

    Please read the story carefully, said it started LAST APRIL and continued for ~5 months, she WAS 14 thus now she is 15 and in hi school, where do you brain surgeons get that she was in elementary school?? There should be no double standard, but there is, when a boy has sex with an older woman he’s a stud, when it’s a girl the teacher should be shot. Maybe we think of boys as being more able to take better care and fight off a woman but a lil-o-girl can’t from the big strong man? Adult sex with a minor is wrong and should have the same punishments, but they don’t. I think any adult that does this should have their teaching credential cancelled in all 50 states and never be able to work with minors again, anywhere. Won’t happen, too many liberal judges who think any punishment is too drastic.

  11. KeithS says:

    Agree with Gil in regards to the “double standard.” When a female teacher, especially if she is good looking, has a relationship with a male student, the stories are all about how misguided she is and how she was just unstable and made a mistake. Then she gets a slap on the wrist. So a man does it and he is a pervert who should be locked up forever. I mean both are definitely the same crime and both are pedophiles, true. But it seems the same crime is handled differently when the gender of the guilty party is female.
    Gee, if this guy was smart, he’d have waited 6 short years-A 47 year old with a 20 year old? We’d be hailing him as a lucky guy!!

  12. Chester says:

    Lindsay Lohan is sooooooooo hot !!!!!

  13. shalom says:

    the girl didnt tell her parent first ? They are too busy planing for weekend parties hahaha

  14. nobody says:

    u guys need to shut the hell up u dont know anything i actually went to that school and know the accused and the “victim” so please close your mouths

    1. Brian Andrews says:

      Shut up idiot…

    2. freshmen at DRHS says:

      looks like antonia dosent shut hers

  15. gil says:

    the word ELEMENTARY SCHOOL is a clear typo error. she was 14 when this happen and in MIDDLE school she has since graduated and in HIGH SCHOOL


    WOW I THOUGHT MR.Andrews wouldn’t do something like this .He looked like a teacher who would be the last one to do something this disturbing.Know he is just another child molester. HE MADE A BAD DECISION!

  17. danielle says:

    i went to this middle school its down the street from me, and i knew this teacher.. he was kinda a creep.

    1. Karen says:

      Danielle – You need to return to that school for a proper education. Your post is atrocious. You have zero punctuation and your grammar is way off. Go back to school and study.

  18. Jessy blonde says:

    Poor dude. He should have listened to his buddy that not to hang out with mexicans folks. He was told not to be influenced by the mexican “like little girls” culture, but he didn’t believe that. See now what he has gotten himself into? It is not worth it. One wrong decision of picking out a friend, your whole life is ruined.

  19. Brian Andrews says:

    But if she killed somebody they’d want her tried as an adult. Make up your mind…

  20. Jake Smith says:

    It would be nice if society would make a decision what an adult is. Like it has been said you can be accused of adult crimes in your early teens. I figure this is just as serious an issue to be classified as an adult crime. Definitely double standards out there. IT is important for us to figure this one out soon for many people. I also find it funny that they can drive at 16 and be out late in all the wrong places where you would only expect adults to be. In any case 14 is definitely way to young but remember that is a number. Girls/women don’t walk around with an age attached to their foreheads. Men have been told for years don’t ask a woman her age. Many double standards and double speak out there. I feel sorry for the idiots who start to see the young as age appropriate. I wonder if the lack of ability to see them as minors is lost by having everyday contact with these students becomes so familiar that they become peers in the minds of those who deal with them all day. Based on statistics for both sexes it makes you wonder. I also wonder what happens in a mentor situation where a student is bullied or picked on and feels worthless and near suicide. Would society still condemn those who save a life by making a student feel wanted and prevent them from killing themselves. Does that ever happen and does that go to far? Nothing in life is ALWAYS black and white and 20/20 hind site is always easy to convict and prosecute. When we hear these stories we always assume it is the smallest of the smallest and the weakest of the weakest being preyed upon by the bad old pervert. Remember girls mature faster than boys so if the girl is 14 physically what is her mental age? Now what is the mental age of boys then? Doesn’t that mean that a boy of 14 is not even a teen yet? I know as a lad of 12 I would have been tickled to have been involved with a FEMALE teacher and I could have told her flat out no if I was not interested. You want to believe kids in middle school are still soft and naive but the ones naive are the rest of us. By 14 they know exactly what makes the world go round. They pretty much have decided by then who they are. Just putting this out there for discussion purposes since I am not on the jury for this and don’t have all the answers.

  21. actuall lorbeer student says:

    all of shut up! you dont understand what us students that are actully there is going though! you hav no right to say the kind of things you are saying right !

  22. Carl Curmudgeon says:

    “Steven Andrews, 41, is accused of having a relationship with a female student at Lorbeer Elementary School in Diamond Bar.”

    You say “relationship”, I say RAPE…

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