LOS ANGELES (CBS) — A new proposal would raise sanitation fees by more than 70 percent for Los Angeles residents.

A Los Angeles City Council committee has voted to raise sewer charges by about 77 percent over 10 years to provide funding for repairs.

The average family would pay about $23 more after 10 years.

The proposal is expected to go before the full city council for review Wednesday.

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  1. ALG says:

    Sewer service was and is covered as part of PROPERTY TAXES.
    This is a total outrageous way of increasing the PROPERTY TAXES as a FEE.
    Some clever AH has devised another way of nickel and dime ing us in LA.
    LA PROPERTY OWNERS need to start a revolt against the CITY COUNCIL if they even think of passing this new fee. period.

    1. Jim says:

      You may be mistaken on the funding sources and uses of property taxes. Property taxes fund storm drain systems operated by LA County (CBS used the wrong photo in their article). Sanitation systems (sewers) are operated by the City and are funded by a Sanitation Fee on your DWP bill. I agree these City Hall pin-heads are just looking to increase fees on your DWP bill so they can take more General Fund money (from sales taxes, use taxes and hotel taxes – the City gets NO Property Taxes) from sanitation and spend it on their pet projects.

  2. Mike says:

    Stop Occupy Wallstreet. Start Occupy L.A. City Council.

    How about pay cuts for these stiffs? And they would still be overpaid.

  3. Jim says:

    So many times in the past, the Mayor and Council have played a shell game with the budget. They increase fees to increase spending on General Fund Line Item X. Then when the fee increase money starts rolling in, they reduce General Fund Line Item X and offset that reductions with the fee increase money. Net result – no improvements can be completed because the fee increase money is simply supporting what the General Fund money had supported. Of course, the Council now has more General Fund money to play with. Do not allow this budget shell game with the proposed sanitation fee increase. Do not allow this to happen. Write your council member and demand they lock-in current General Fund spending on sanitation needs and only allow any money realized by the fee increase to be spent on sanitation system improvement needs. Further, insist on a sunset clause, so that when the system-wide improvements have been completed, the fee increase is revoked.

  4. Chris says:

    My DWP bill shows an average of $50 for power usage (My landlord pays the water) My sanitation average amount is $92 ! My wife and I live in a small Guesthouse behind the main house…..Our garbage per week equals the size of a grocery bag. I am paying an average of $92 for a bag of garbage!!! and now they want to raise the damn fees??? Funny how the do this for the sewer systems but not for the worn out breaking water mains! Wth!

    1. ALG says:

      CHRIS – you live in the guest house.. WHO LIVES IN THE MAIN FRONT HOUSE?
      How much do they pay? How much trash do they generate? Are you the owners of the house, and do you receive rent from the main house?
      When you do tell us all that, perhaps then I can call you an AH.
      Stick to the subject of outrageous fees by the city council. period.

    2. ALG says:

      CHRIS – I answered my own question. You do have a landlord. But do you have separate meters? How could your electric rate be lower than your sewer rate.
      It doesn’t make any sense.
      I think perhaps if you don’t have separate meters, your landlord is gouging you at the deep end.
      Still, protest higher rates period. This mayor and city council needs to learn a lesson in these hard times.

      1. Chris says:

        @ALG nope, we have separate meters….The Bill is something I have been trying to ask sanitation dept without success….apparently, they dont have enough staff to answer my emails… LOL

      2. ALG says:

        CHRIS – contact your councilman. either way you can ask for help and at the same time, complain that this is not the time to be raising taxes or fees.
        I have a 4 bedroom home in the san fernando valley, and my sewer charges were $30 bucks, less -$9.00= $21 bucks for 2 months.
        If you look at your bill, you may find they include trash fee also. my trash fee is $25 bucks a month. good luck chris.

  5. Brandon Woodward says:

    Occupying them would be the least we can do when ‘The Man’ & it’s minions decide to shaft all of us yet further!

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