LOS ANGELES (CBS) — The son of Los Angeles’ former fire chief, Millage Peaks, has been arrested for allegedly bribing a TSA agent to help him smuggle marijuana on board a flight.

Authorities arrested Millage Peaks Jr., 23, Sunday morning on charges of smuggling 10-15 pounds of pot on a flight from Los Angeles International Airport to Boston.

“It’s a fair amount. I think it was purchased for about $38,000 and was gonna be resold for some amount greater than that,” said Robert Little, Peaks’ attorney.

KNX 1070’s Claudia Peschiutta reports.

Peaks Jr. admitted he bribed a TSA agent, Dianna Perez, to let his suitcase go through security screening for an American Airlines flight. He and Perez also said that they had worked together before and that several thousands of dollars had exchanged hands.

Perez, 28, was also arrested. She was charged with accepting the alleged bribe.

Peaks Jr. has been charged with bribing a public official, according to the FBI.

The arrest came when the suitcase was searched after other baggage handlers smelled marijuana.

According to the FBI affidavit, “Peaks had arranged for Perez to help him move bags containing marijuana through airport security for a fee. He intended to pay Perez $500 for each bag that she helped bypass security.”

The FBI affidavit said Peaks claimed Perez had helped him “circumvent security nine previous times.”

Officials said Perez had denied everything at first, but later admitted to taking “big tips” for helping bags bypass security in the past.

Peaks’ father, as well as his sister, who is an LAX officer, said they did not know he was selling drugs.

“I can say he’s been very cooperative with law enforcement, with me, and with the process and it’s part of the reason he’s bonding out within the next few hours,” said Little.

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  1. tha truth says:

    even worse his sister is a detective at LAX!!

    1. Check yourself says:

      You need a lot more than 5000 now dude.

  2. c-man says:

    who cares?

    1. YR Freakshow says:

      TSA can be bribed to let pot on board – who is to say they wouldn’t be for a bomb as well? The pot could be a ruse with TSA and a bomb the actual cargo. But hey, you LIKE corrupt TSA agents eh skippy?

      1. dumduhduh says:

        Of course, this is a fallacy.

        A person might not think marijuana should be illegal or that it’s a big concern, so they let it through for a friend for $500.

        How many people do you think would take $500 or even $50,000 to knowingly let a bomb go through that could kill 100s of people?

  3. Ben Doverhereitcomes says:

    Ron Paul will defund these idiots. The TSA sucks.

    1. Klaus says:

      People need to understand the “war” in Afghanistan is all abut the opium poppy fields. The U.S. military is being used as tools to guard the opium poppy and ensure its safe passage to market. The $500 billion in annual revenue generated from the Afghan opium goes entirely to the private multinational banking cartel. None of the money goes to the U.S. taxpayer. Since the “war” was (un)declared by Congress, Afghan opium production grew from 10% of the world’s supply to 93% of the world’s supply, This is why the U.S. sent troops over there — to help the drug dealers in the banks. Study your history — the Opium Wars — in the 1800’s between Britain and China. Therein you will see that the drug trade is done by governments, not by Las Zetas and other “rogue” gangs.

      1. Teufel Wolf says:


  4. Fred Flintstone says:

    Legalize Marijuana and stop this insanity

    1. changomango says:

      Stop smoking the caca and stop this insanity.


    2. Blood Pot says:

      If you smoke Mexican weed now – you have the blood of many dead and mangled Mexicans on YOUR hands. You fund terrorism by Mexican drug cartels. You are soaked in blood.

  5. ontie1 says:

    What about that law they want to pass to stop you from exposing the TSA and all it’s faults as a security tool, a very expensive on at that with kickbacks to the Deemers from the illegal government union.

  6. Greywalk says:

    Oh yes why buy something to sell if you are not going to see it for an amount greater than your purchase price.

  7. Ron Paul 2012 says:

    TSA rapists, pedophiles and drug dealers just another criminal arm of the executive branch and let us not forget the gunrunning arms dealing and drug peddling ATF too. I can’t belive the american people ly down like an old dead mule and take this abuse and allow the robbery of the treasury and the robbing of our rights and freedoms and liberty.

    1. paul ford says:

      you’re lying down and taking it. why don’t you lead the revolution.

  8. mobildata says:

    1. The US Army provides security for poppy fields in Afganistan (Geraldo)
    2. The US BATF supplies AK47s guns grenades to cartels in Mexico (CBS)
    3. Wells Fargo/Wachivia mdae a $3.7B profit laundering drug money (Bloomberg)

    And these two clowns will go to jail for a few punds of pot. Who are the real criminals?

  9. Bill Fisher says:

    This is the fourth screener charged with smuggling drugs through security the last six months. These drugs could just as well have been weapons or explosives carried aboard by a terrorist or intentionally planted in passenger’s baggage.

    TSA is nothing more than a jobs program for unemployable misfits trying to create an illusion of airline security. Last week one of these ‘”professionals” was arrested in Maryland last week for possession of child pornography. Does anyone really think that have a strange adult feel up their child in public is improves security?

    There have been 56 TSA screeners arrested so far this year, a rate of one very six days. Of these, nine are charged with sex crimes involving children and four with helping to smuggle drugs through security.

    Of course, these screeners didn’t know for sure whether the contraband was drugs or explosives. This is not only a national disgrace but also very dangerous, since these employees become vulnerable to extortion and bribery by terrorist groups, placing passengers at great risk.

    So while TSA workers may take bribes that ultimately allow a bomb on a plane, you can be sure that there won’t be any four ounce containers getting past them.

    TSA Crimes & Abuses

    1. Dan Scheeringa says:

      and nobody where you work is of questionable background?

  10. William says:

    I was thinking that all the Human Resources People at TSA should be arrested for fraud and gross incompetence ……. then I realized ……. THEY are the only ‘terrorist finders” in the whole organization. We should just save time and ARREST everybody that TSA Human Resources HIRES. After all, that is ALL they hire, perverts, thieves, murderers, drug smugglers, and assorted other TERRORISTS. HOWEVER ….. if I owned a company and wanted Human Resources Personnel, TSA on the resume would end all discussion.

    1. Frank S. says:

      Applicants for ANY position at my company with TSA on their resume are NOT hired, period. I want people of good character working for me.

      1. Podunk says:

        Hmm. You sound rational.

  11. Allen says:

    “Integrity, Team Spirit, Innovation” is sewn around the border of the newest TSA patch.
    Have you EVER seen an organization that had to SEW A REMINDER not to STEAL, LIE, and CHEAT on their own shoulders!!!! They STEAL from the “confiscated” items, LIE to the PASSENGERS (and their CO-Workers) and “INNOVATIVELY” CHEAT on their own tests.
    Supervisors PADDING their hours to make house payments.
    Supervisors stealing from the confiscated items.
    Supervisors staggering in drunk.
    Supervisors yelling all NON-Christians should leave the country
    Supervisors expressing their desire to see certain U.S. Senators DEAD
    IF I knew a TSA person “socially” ….. I would search them coming INTO my house to relieve them of weapons and drugs, and I would search them LEAVING my house to relieve them of MY silverware, spare change, cameras, laptops, jewelry ……………………………………..

    1. Teufel Wolf says:

      Your post is full of Win.. I am stealing it for the Win.

  12. poorhardworker says:

    And they think they need a law to prevent us making fun of the TSA! Ha! They’re doing a great job of that all on their own!

  13. anon anon says:

    TSA is a job for high school drop outs.. they pay $8/hour to start…. no wonder a correlation in low pay goes hand in hand with crime

    1. Jeny says:

      LOL…correction they start at $16/per hour and whether they are part-time or full-time they all get full medical, dental, vision and pension benefits…not to mention if they take public transit…the agency pays their entire monthly pass for that too so please use some of that 2 digit I.Q. you have before posting. My Aunt’s with TSA LAX…very decent money and excellent benefits…people are just made at TSA because if they start whining about their policies at the checkpoint within TSA gets the airport police on their ass WITHIN SECONDS and then they have to follow policy or don’t fly…its as simple as that. WELCOME TO POST 9/11…

  14. GD says:

    Alot of these TSA-ers couldn’t get a job at McDonalds and yet they work for the gub-mint. Amazing.

  15. Dan Thomas says:

    It was only pot.

    1. Mark says:

      It’s the Achilles heal and yet another case in point that the TSA provides the illusion of security.
      Think of it like this, if a bomber strapped up with explosives intending to down a plan, gets in line at a security checkpoint realizes once in line he will get exposed by the TSA, what do you think he will do? He will head for middle of the biggest crowd and set off the bomb. TSA only changes WHERE the detonation takes place, they do not prevent it. When you factor in a Mumbia style attack at an airport, Yup, security facade is what it is. For me, I can’t wait to get past the checkpoint and on my plane, I feel totally exposed and vulnerable at an airport since the guards are under armed, the screeners aren’t armed, the law abiding passengers aren’t which makes an airport a free fire zone for a Mumbai attack. I feel safe on the plane and want to spend as little time at the airport as I can.

  16. John says:

    Remember, the Dems insisted, “To professionalize, we must federalize!”

  17. Eddie says:

    TSA is our governments way of imposing tyranny on the American Public. Since 9/11 and the Patriot Act, which flat out abolishes Freedom and Constitution, the Government has increasingly tried to numb us from losing of those freedoms, such as intrusive searches at the Air Port. And since the entire system is corrupt, it doesn’t surprise me that TSA is corrupted. In fact, I expect it. I have absolutely no respect for TSA at any level and refuse to fly because of it. I’d be willing to bet something would be done about it if everyone refused to fly.

    1. UppityProle says:

      If everybody refused to fly, the TSA would just shift their atrocities to trains and buses,

      1. Teufel Wolf says:

        And you think they haven’t already?

  18. evefromeden says:

    Nothing wrong with pot. At least he’s not groping little girls and staring at females crotches and smuggling in the ,muslims.

  19. Hank Warren says:

    Criminal TSA agents, yet another violation of our rights. Add it to the list of gov’t violations of our rights:
    They violate the 1st Amendment by placing protesters in cages, banning books like “America Deceived II” and censoring the internet.
    They violate the 2nd Amendment by confiscating guns.
    They violate the 4th and 5th Amendment by molesting airline passengers.
    They violate the entire Constitution by starting undeclared wars for foreign countries.
    Impeach Obama, vote for Ron Paul.
    (Last link of Banned Book):

    1. SickandTired says:

      Yeah…good ole TSA created in response to the September 11, 2001, attacks and signed into law by President George W. Bush on November 19, 2001.

  20. Don't taz me, bro says:

    TSA is one of the most out of control agencies in the entire government. They purport to want to vet American citizens before boarding a flight, and they cannot even vet their own people. Just plain pathetic.

  21. Dave Templeton says:

    Good report as it highlights the corruption of the TSA as well as political influence on high levels. All men are created equal but some feel they are “more equal” than others!

  22. Scott says:

    Make no mistake, current TSA behavior is COMPLETELY an Obama Administration creation. Congress has passed no laws specifically authorizing or permitting what they do, which is completely unconstitutional.

  23. Grant Smith says:

    Would this agent accept a bribe to let someone on the plane with a box cutter?

  24. JOe Dutra says:

    There are much worse things that could be smuggled aboard. Does it make you feel warm and comfy that TSA is watching out for you?

  25. Htos1 says:

    Why no pix of everyone involved-I thought so!

  26. Massimo Deportado says:

    LA Fire Chief?

    Uh huh, the fix is in….. all of them: Democrats in good standing.

    Liberals WILL get us all k i l l e d.

  27. ramrod says:

    who wins in WAR on DRUGS? crooked cops.CIA_FBI-gangs the mob crooked politicians and the Jail industry.Who loses on WAR on DRUGs the biggest suckers of the them all the TAXPAYER. the damage from war on DRUGs worst than the drugs prohibition never works

  28. Laird says:

    It’s not the TSA’s job to interdict marijuana or any other recreational drugs; its sole function is to stop terrorists. Any results of scanning/searching baggage other than terrorism implements (weapons, explosives, etc.), such as marijuana, should be inadmissable as evidence because the search was unconstitutional and illegal (no probable cause). So I have absolutely zero concern if a TSA agent was bribed to permit marijuana to pass through the detectors. It’s not her jurisdiction, period.

    1. Teufel Wolf says:

      Let me know how that works when you try it… Even if you where 100% right, they could just tip the DEA. That is what some cops in CA do when they want someone busted for legal medical pot, They find the pot, and call the DEA.

  29. tommyj says:

    Abolish the TSA.

    Make your voices heard!

    Ron Paul 2012

  30. nader paul kucinich gravel mckinney baldwin ventura sheehan says:

    Homeland Gestapo
    corrupt police state

  31. PolishRifle says:

    Nice, an entire entitlement family. Father making a jinormous pension, daughter to follow suit, while the young laddie flies on Mota Airways…

  32. Carl Curmudgeon says:

    Obama’s not the only one who’s all wee-weed up…

  33. Trommy Themulus says:

    It should be legal. But the prohibitionists are so brainwashed that’s why we have to see these stories. Isn’t it funny how some controlling humans think they can prohibit a plant that the creator made?
    But doing something that unnatural gives criminals, cops and lawyers more people to hurt and destroy.

    1. Laird says:

      No argument from me. But since it is illegal, and the TSA is such an an offensively aggressive (and, in my opinion, unconsititutional) agency, I want to keep the two as separate as possible. The TSA is a cancer; we need to keep if from spreading further.

  34. Carl Curmudgeon says:

    Eric Holder will drop the charges. After all, as his boss holds:

    “Pot ha[s] helped, and booze; maybe a little blow when you c[an] afford it.”

  35. Steven says:

    Applied to TSA a couple of years ago. You need to be 18 and have a HS diploma, thats it. Most applicants dont get past the computer testing. Its reading comprehension, some math, spelling and grammar. Then you tell the computer if the prohibited items are in the x-ray scan images. Starting pay is about $12.99/hr. When I had my oral interview I knew more about TSA then the supervisors who interviewed me. I can factually say that most applicants are african american as they dont require college. These applicants have little life experience and no law enforcement training.

  36. Alberto Pike says:

    Whats the name of this attorney ? He basically just ADMITTED his client is guilty of trafficking. Also this guy is a complete RAT. These people are real soft: they spilled the beans RIGHT AWAY! LOL the attorney admits his client is guilty. HAHA.

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