SANTA ANA (CBS) — Scott Dekraai, the suspect in the Seal Beach salon massacre, made his first appearance in Orange County Superior Court on Friday, but his arraignment on eight counts of murder and one count of attempted murder was continued to November 29.

Orange County District Attorney Tony Rackauckas had announced earlier during news conference that he would be seeking the death penalty for Dekraai.

An emotional Rackauckas told reporters that before the massacre, Dekraai argued with his wife over the phone regarding the custody of their 8-year-old son.

“While Dekraai rampaged through a salon shooting at innocent victims, his son, who he professed to love, was sitting in the principal’s office… Waiting for his mom or dad to pick him up,” Rackauckas said with tears in his eyes.

“That little boy is a victim. Now his mother has been murdered and he has to grow up knowing that his dad is a mass murderer,” he added.

Dekraai, 41, was armed with a handgun, as well as other weapons, when he was arrested less than a mile from Salon Meritage on Wednesday afternoon.

He was also wearing a bullet proof vest when he allegedly shot and killed his ex-wife, Michelle Fournier, and seven others.

Dekraai, who was in court with his ex-wife the day before the shooting, had been seeking sole custody of his 8-year-old son, a request the court denied.

Records indicate he had grown increasingly troubled in recent years. One month after his divorce in 2007, a tugboat accident killed one of his co-workers and left him permanently disabled and in chronic pain.

A psychiatrist testified that Dekraai suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder as a result of the accident, according to court documents.

That same year, he was ordered to enroll in a year-long battery intervention program after he attacked his stepfather in front of his young son.

Fournier had said her custody battle with Dekraai intensified in 2008. One of her friends says Dekraai threatened to kill Fournier on two separate occasions, once telling her he would shoot her at work.

Officials Thursday confirmed the identities of the eight victims:

• FANNIN, Randy Lee (12/11/1948)

• BUZZO, Victoria Ann (7/21/1957)

• KONDAS, Lucia Bernice (2/19/1946)

• ELODY, Laura Lee (10/01/1965)

• WILSON, Christy Lynn (6/05/1964)

• FOURNIER, Michelle Marie (3/03/1963)

• FAST, Michelle Daschbach (5/21/1964)

• CAOUETTE, David (7/14/1947)

The sole survivor, 73-year-old Hattie Stretz, is listed in critical condition at Long Beach Memorial Medical Center, but is said to be improving. Stretz’s daughter, Laura Elody, is among the deceased.

A memorial fund has been established to help both Stretz’s and the victims’ families. Visit Salon Meritage Fund for more.


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  1. ransomlb says:

    Well, we know he will have one good use in prison – someone get him a bro-zerre!!!

  2. Dr.Phil says:

    Your comment has nothing to do with this article.

  3. Sage Advice says:

    From the article: “He was also wearing a bullet proof vest….”


    If this guy’s actions don’t make you vomit, that photo sure will!


  4. FB says:

    Bad big balls

  5. californiakevin says:

    This is disturbing. this man has boobs. This is a sign of a large intake of bovine steroids and antibiotics. If he has boils or lesions on parts of his body, he may have them on his brain. This is from DAILY Beef consumption (of beef not organic). We had a few friends and relatives with anger issues and uncontrollable acne and boils. When we had them stop beef, it all went away!

    1. DBN says:

      WOW, thank you for that Dr. Kevin! So the world can rid itself of violence if we all just stopped eating beef?

  6. lala63 says:

    I just don’t understand why there would ever be a question as to the fate of someone who walks into a place and kills a bunch of people. He has to be put down. It’s ridiculous for him NOT to be. It does not matter if he is nuts, or just evil … society does not need to deal with people who do this. Sorry, but you get one life. If you take someone elses life, then you should automatically forfeit your own. Period.

    1. Dee says:

      I fully agree, especially since there is NO QUESTIONABLE DOUBT he did this!

  7. D bonE says:


    1. Sage Advice says:

      To Mrs. D bonE,

      Actually, this very incident goes against what your stereotypical bleet of “gun loving Republicans” shrilly barks. You see, as a “gun loving Democrat” they and myself, as well as many Democrat gun owners disagree with how you see this. THIS INCIDENT IS THE RESULT OF BANNING CITIZENS FROM BEING ALLOWED TO PROTECT THEMSELVES AND BLOCKING THEIR RIGHT TO SELF-PRESERVATION.

      The easiest and most effective way to do that, and deter criminals like this, is through allowing Concealed Carry permits by shall-issue order state-wide.

      This guy had a restraining order against him, and therefore used guns in a criminal manner; he was not allowed to own guns or have access to guns. Thus a law-abiding citizen ALLOWED to carry concealed, trained in the use of that firearm, one who practices on a regular basis – could have stopped this criminal.

      But CRIMINALIZE law-abiding citizens’ access to guns, and ONLY CRIMINALS WILL HAVE GUNS – LIKE THIS GUY who shot with no fear of opposition.

      We see this as a perfect example of what we have been asking for all along and the result of not getting it; if we had Shall-Issue Concealed Carry in this state, there is good chance that the salon owner, a patron, or the driver of the pick-up truck could easily have stopped this madness early and saved lives.

      So your jibe is actually backward, and clear that you are another sheep ignorant to firearm ownership, CA guns laws, and the topic as a whole.

      That’s too bad for you. You have my sympathy.

      1. Pwned says:

        Good points Mr. Advice.

      2. Pwned says:

        @wgaf aka “D bonE”

        First, you didn’t answer my questions; second…Do you have any concept of what happens when you get shot while wearing a bullet proof vest? The trauma of the impact will dump 99% of people onto their butts. This isn’t the movies, the bullets don’t bounce off. Often times ribs are shattered and the danger of dying from hydrostatic shock or of an embolism is real and why those shot while wearing vests are rushed to the hospital.

        Thirdly, to answer your naive question, a criminal in a CCW city that is simply aware of the fact that anyone could be carrying a gun is MUCH less likely to commit a gun crime. Can you guess why? Is that too complex of a concept to wrap your little brain around?

        Please excuse yourself from this forum as you have been intellectually obliterated.

        Your subject matter and use of hostile profanity really lends to your level of intelligence…or lack thereof.

    2. Pwned says:

      Please take a moment to enlighten those of us that are not as smart and articulate as you are…

      What is the stance of gun control in Seal Beach and how does that endanger it, also, how do the positions of surrounding municipalities affect any potential for gun crimes being lessened in Seal Beach, or do they? Also, what protections do other cities have in place that would have stopped something like this from ever happening…EVER….as you infer Seal Beach could have with a different perspective on gun control.

      For extra credit, please explain to everyone how the “gun hating” Democratic city of Los Angeles has a murder rate exponentially higher than the entire “gun loving” Republican County of Orange. Please be as detailed as possible. Coherency and rationality weigh stronger than punctuation and grammar, your time starts now….

      1. Big H says:

        Lets try Texas where EVERYONE has the right to carry a firearm concealed if they want without a special permit. If that was the case here, he woul have been shot on sight and not as many people would have been killed. When firearms are outlawed only outlaws will have firearms

      2. DBN says:

        I think you typed to quickly for him to follow..

        Isn’t it sad that we always have to offer extra credit to the intellectually inept?

    3. DBN says:

      It’s a shame you didn’t say that in front of me. The fact that you started your Insanely insensitive response with the words HA HA pretty much sums up your lack of character. You are truly a piece of work! Clearly you can find another place to spew your poorly aimed and timed comments. Please do not procreate and while you’re at it, go consume the contents of your medicine cabinet.

      1. Pwned says:

        Well spoken DBN, sickening isn’t it?

        @Big H, so true…

  8. ernest shaffer says:

    Amazing People are constantly saying see this is what happens when people have guns—quite the reverse—if these victims were allowed to carry as they are in Arizona some of them may have survived by being able to fire back rather then hide under a chair and wait for the bullet. Criminals carry guns–in New York city only criminals and police carry and you have more people killed by gun fire each year then in the whole state of Arizona over a couple years—wake up America and quit buying the gun control bullspit

    1. ernest shaffer says:

      or—you can think about guncontrol and wish you had a gun while waiting under the chair for that bullet.

    2. Art says:

      Totally with you

    3. Kim says:

      Based on your logic, please tell me how exactly did carrying a weapon stop 6 people from dying and 12 from being shot in Tucson AZ (re: Gifford)?

      1. ernest shaffer says:

        Well the fact that guards of the congresswoman kept the people they found –carrying– away from the speaker could have been a factor—you think—
        The fact that people who were carrying nearby but didn’t pull their weapons and start indiscriminate firing—shows what happens when law abiding responsible citizens carry for their protection.

      2. DBN says:

        Kim, you and Ernest both have a point. No one can stop an act of lunacy. At best they can possibly limit the quantity of those who get hurt. I can’t imagine how one could get a shot off to an armed maniac in a crowd. In tight quarters, it won’t likely work unless someone is willing to potentially shoot an innocent bystander. I think what Ernest is trying to say is that in this situation, someone MIGHT have been able to stop it sooner. Additionally, he might have thought twice before pursuing his sick thoughts. I seriously doubt the average gun owner truly has the capacity to put down another human being. It takes a huge amount of anticipated mental control to not hesitate in a situation like that. I am a strong proponent of the right to bear arms, but it would scare the you know what out of me if I knew that the general population of gun owners were allowed to carry. I personally would likely hit the floor first to ensure I didn’t get shot by some shaking hand holding the gun that they never train with. If our state or any other for that matter were to consider issuing concealed carry permits for the “general public”, I would hope and pray that they would force a high stress performance test to qualify followed by extensive psychological testing as well. Again though, it comes down to the fact that you can’t prevent these kinds of things from occuring. In theory, carry permits could potentially reduce the less insane kinds of violence we see and for that matter, so could a quick ride to the gas chamber. I think criminals know that they will simply coast for the rest of their lives on the taxpayers dime if they are convicted of violent crimes. It might just have a stop and think effect on them. No one knows for sure. I just wish this kind of thing didn’t happen. So many people have and will continue to be affected by this.

  9. 1stman says:

    violent White people nothing new

  10. Art says:

    Although, there are so many people that were wrongfully accused and were put to death due to lack of DNA back in the days, still death penalty in cases like this should be utilized to give some closure to families and friends of the victims. I am sure we’ll see death penalty activists right before the frying process of this “windbag”. Unfortunately, he is entitled to due process which = 3-4 years of wasted tax payer’s money… This is just sad… i hope somebody in jail will finish him up before the system does… Poor people lost their lives for nothing, what a sad way to go…

  11. james says:

    id snap to if i had man boobs

  12. william says:

    first off i think this guy should get the HARSHEST sentance possible including the death sentance. HOWEVER i do not see him actually getting it. this story states that he was diagnosed with PTSD due to an accident he was in some time back, THAT simple fact will be enough for his lawyer(s) to go for an INSANITY plea. and they will most likely get it. my view is the only time an insanity plea should even be possible is if you snap at the spur of of moment and commit a crime. like you walk in your house and catch your mate with someone else and you snap and beat them badly ot kill them MAYBE then temporary insanity would work but this guy took the time to wear a bullet proof vest HE PLANED THIS ONE OUT insanity does not work for me in this case

  13. Amy Chi says:

    These killings shouldn’t surprise anyone. As long as there are humans living on this planet every few years there will be massacres. It’s a part of human life. When a person (especially a man) feels the rage and passion to kill a person or persons (unless his guns jam) NOBODY will be able to stop him. This man was on a mission and he accomplished it. Just like a terrorist on a mission of blowing themselves up and killing a bunch of innocent people. Can’t stop these people. Point being, enjoy life like its your last day here because its just a matter of time until someone, somewhere is at the wrong place at the wrong time and is innocently or purposely killed. We will cope because we have no other choice but to cope. If you didn’t know it already by this incident, 9/11, school shooting etc…LIFE IS NOT FARE PEOPLE!

    1. USC Trojan says:

      Totally agree with you Amy. There will always be heartless and evil humans regardless of whether or not we sentence these people to death. The risk of death will not deter most killers from killing. People shouldn’t place too much money into their retirement accounts because many people wont reach 65 either because we bumped into a crazy nut like this one or our health failed.

  14. Reason says:

    women – will you PLEASE stop having babies with men that show you they have anger issues?!?!?? Men that show aggression towards others in ANY way that you find a bit much. Stop thinking that it makes you safe and you like how “manly” he is and how it makes you feel all warm cause hell protect you.

    I have personally had to remove 2 different women from violent domestic situations – both women thought this way – “oh well hed never lay a hand on me” type of thing – but eventually he did.


  15. Alpha Kenny Juan says:

    I Dekraai what this man has done.

  16. jay says:

    In prayer, every night, hoping this self-centered psycho squeals like a seal in prison. Jeff Warren is another self-indulgent waste of space that cracked in prison like concrete does in a 6.0 earthquake. They just cause misery on others to help improve their own lives… kinda similar to parasites.

  17. TAMI says:

    This is very complicated for me! If you actually knew him, you would be dazed and confused as well. He was a really nice person. If I just read the story, I too would agree that he is a waste of oxygen. I pray for everyone in this case. So Sad. My sympathies to all.

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