LOS ANGELES (CBS) — President Obama will make another trip to Southern California on Monday, Oct. 24.

The president will attend a private dinner at the home of Antonio Banderas and Melanie Griffith, which will be hosted by actress Eva Longoria.

The gathering of 100 invited guests will include Latino community leaders, as well as other stars, as Obama tries to shore up a Latino voting base.

Officials have not yet released any information about potential traffic closures or detours.

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  1. Maria says:

    Well all I have to say is that if the President wants the Latino vote then he needs to hang with us the common people…Not celebrities….Real Latinos…!!!

    1. John Estrada says:

      Maybe he wants to hob-nob with the wait staff?

  2. Really says:

    Good old, Obama. Wish he would tackle jobs like he does fundraising.

  3. Jeff Nalin says:

    great! no one in LA can go anywhere for a day because 100 celebs want to have dinner

  4. wow says:

    California is broke Obama. Go somewhere else.

    1. Xen says:

      Especially Los Angeles

  5. taxpayer says:

    Well Maria all the real Latino’s are in CDC.

    1. Luis says:

      Or getting their Ph.D.s in chemical physics at a prestigious Los Angeles university. What have your kids done lately?

      1. Engineer says:

        More Latino engineers so it can be BP spill all over again. Yes. That’s what a Mexican engineer does.

  6. whazup says:

    Why does he feel at home with the elite and not the regular folk. Niff said, Obama the Elitist

  7. PAULA says:

    will the protesters be there protesting the celebs who are all millionaires? will they protest obama who gets all his money from millionsires in la and wallstreet and big banks? they are obamas largest donets, protest the millionaires, protest all celebs and obama, maybe he could get his millionaires to give some money to us poor folks, you know, the little people, the commoners.

  8. cbs says:

    jews got killed because the chirstians killed people in the name of jesus/jews !!!!

  9. Will says:

    I guess this means everyone on the Westside will start Whining again….Good and SICK of all ya’ll…. SUCK IT UP!!!!… He’s coming back and you can do a thing about it..HAHAHAHA!!!! Welcome to L.A. Mr President….

    1. AM says:

      Obama is a lieing manipulator. i hope he chokes on his tube steak.

  10. AM says:

    Obama you are a donkey and you are not welcome in CA you liar. I hope they stuff your mouth with raw tube steak you pathetic alcoholic.

  11. John Estrada says:

    Yay. (Said with monotone non-excited tone)

  12. J says:

    I’d be offended if I was a Latino. He’s here to “shore up the Latino base”? Do you not get it? He’s here because he HAS to be here only because he wants the VOTES. He would rather single out a group of people, instead of uniting and treating everyone’s vote as important. He couldn’t care less about Latinos. How come he shows up only when he needs people? And he’s here to dine with celebrity Latinos? He knows that the majority of “real world Latinos” are not going to pad his re-election wallet.

  13. Doug says:

    Hooray for our heroes Ken and John of KFI.

  14. Sydney Portis says:

    He care so much for the Latino vote that he ignores the people who had voted for him and wants illegals to stay here..

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