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Josh Katzowitz

Earlier today we told you about LeBron James directing a Twitter message to ESPN’s John Clayton in which the unemployed James jokingly (we think) asked about the NFL deadline for signing free agents.

While Will Brinson wrote James could be a tight end because “he’s like a lovechild of Antonio Gates and Jimmy Graham, but with better jumping ability and experience playing football. Or something,” James almost certainly will never play in the NFL.’s Mike Freeman wrote in his Daily Shoutout that some NFL personnel people have told him James could be a Pro Bowl tight end in just a few years, but Freeman believes it wouldn’t happen.

Writes Freeman, “It would be a disaster because of the contact. It’s been a while since James was hit and the last time that happened was in high school for him. And don’t give me the NBA is physical. The only thing that rivals the NFL in terms of physicality are the fighting sports.

There’s also the problem of blocking. If James played tight end he’d have to do the dirty work of trying to knock guys into the dirt. I don’t see James possessing the grit to do that.”

Maybe so, but at least one person is willing to recruit him. And like all the best recruiters, Seahawks coach Pete Carroll made a little present for the one who’s being recruited. Which you can see below. And which is pretty awesome.

EA’s Madden 2012 simulated LeBron James with the Cleveland Browns.


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