BURBANK (CBS) — A coalition of Southland community leaders called on advertisers Thursday to pull their ads from a popular talk radio show over comments on illegal immigration.

Around 100 protesters were expected to join the demonstration in Burbank demanding KFI 640 AM remove hosts John Kobylt and Ken Chiampou for what organizers called “hate speech”.

Some 30 organizations are expected to participate in the protest led by The National Hispanic Media Coalition (NHMC), including the Mexican American Political Association (MAPA), Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD), Jewish Labor Committee Western Region, League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC), and the National Council of La Raza(NCLR).

“We will hold the peaceful demonstration in exercise of our freedom of speech protesting John and Ken’s demonization of Latinos and others with which they disagree,” said Alex Nogales, President and CEO of the National Hispanic Media Coalition.

The so-called “Take John and Ken off the Air” Campaign started after the show’s hosts gave out a phone number for the voice mail of activist Jorge-Mario Cabrera, the Orange County Register reported.

Cabrera had recently spoke out in support of the passage of the California Dream Act, a bill that would extend state-funded college financial to illegal immigrants who graduated from California high schools.

Cabrera was reportedly inundated with up to 450 vulgar messages, the Register reported.

Despite the calls to fire John and Ken, KFI 640 AM voiced their support for the controversial hosts.

“Expressing your opinion is not a firing offense. KFI stands behind John and Ken and their right to speak their minds- opinions shared, incidentally, by over a million California listeners each week and protected by the First Amendment,” the station said in a written statement.

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  1. Christina39 says:

    Why not send people to college who will benefit from it by their grades, intelligence and plans for the future and why does the word “DREAM” always show up in some of the dumbest things that California or the US for that matter have done?

    1. Diane says:

      Why should we American taxpayers support the world?
      Who do these jerks think they are? Dictating to the American people who they should support.
      Why isn’t Mexico doing this?
      Christina 39 you are a JERK!

      1. Bobby says:

        I couldn’t agree more Diane. As one great demographer once said however, demographics is destiny. I remember not that long ago, when illegal aliens walked around or worked in California, they kept their heads low and were respectfull, because they knew they had no right whatever to be here.
        Now, Because their are millions of them, they have IN YOUR FACE MARCHES, by the thousands while dissing Americans and calling them every name under the sun. Interesting isn’t it. More than interesting though, is a warning and a lesson that some Americans don’t get everyttime they vote for the wrong politician or President.

        These “activists’, oh, excus me, ‘human rights” groups are nothing more than a fifth column against American citizens.

      2. Ron says:

        @Diane, Christina39 is also a UNION worker, so that explains her LOVE for ILLEGALS and her IGNORANCE of why we LEGALS don’t want our tax money paying for ILLEGAL’S anything !!!!

      3. Diane says:

        Bobby and Ron…It is being said that the reason the Mexicans are winning this state is due to the Mexican drug cartels paying off our Reps?

        What do you think? They have the money and power!

      4. Bobby says:

        I wouldn’t even doubt it. How else can anyone explain some of the decisions that come from Sacramento? In any case, I do know that there are thousands of Mexican drug dealers in California, now, because of those WORTHLESS leaders in Sacramento, mainly Democrats, but some Repubs also.

      5. ALG says:

        The DREAM ACT and everything else related to it was proposed in Sacramento by elected Mexican Nationals who became lawyers and then citizens.
        In this way they can create legislation for the illegals.
        Thats the way to do it.
        Not only should these legislators be RECALLED, but also our GOVERNOR who signed it into law.

      6. Ron says:

        @Diane & Bobby, it is VERY possible. Remember, the Mexican Mafia operates it’s criminal enterprise from our U.S. Prisons.

        First, we were told that ILLEGALS are NOT a drain on our economy, which we know is a LIE. Then the Democrats led by the President and the Governor of California, REFUSE to allow questioning, identifying or deporting of ILLEGALS. Now those same LYING politicians, STEAL our taxpayer money to give children of ILLEGALS FREE education, while many LEGAL children are prevented from getting the same aid.

      7. Christina39 says:


      8. Christina39 says:

        TO: DIANE AND BOBBY Why do you think I left California. It’s only going to get worse there. I say fix your own country. If you can’t fix your own country, then you will not be able to maintain America either. OH and by the way, Ron, I am for the UNIONS. That one you all got right.

      9. Ron says:

        Christina39, why would you move from the most UNION loving state, run by Unions and the Democrats? Could you possibly take another 1,000,000 of your best friends with you? Spread the word to them, how great it is, NOT in California.

      10. Jose Montoya says:

        Yesterday, I saw 2 rats running in my garage. If I don’t do something about it, the rat’s number will rise and I might end up running for my life because this pest had outnumbered us. So, while it’s not too late, I will run after those 2 rats and exterminate them before they exterminate us.

    2. Christina39 says:

      The Mexicans didn’t win the state of California because of any drug cartel. Reread the above article for your answer.

      1. Tom says:

        Christina 39, WTH are you doing even looking at the news in Los Angeles if you moved out of California? You have WAY too much time on your hands. You want to make a difference in your community? Volunteer at YOUR local homeless shelter, women’s club, etc.

    3. ALG says:

      CHRISTINA39 – WHY educate illegal aliens when it is AGAINST THE LAW FOR EMPLOYERS to employ them
      Why should we pay for college tuition for ILLEGALS when no one will hire them?
      It just doesn’t make sense.
      Now I call on everyone to RECALL GOVERNOR BROWN.
      He has not kept his word on any of his promises while running for the job.
      How long are we going to allow political cronies like BROWN to lie to us???

    4. Christina39 says:


    5. Mkat2 says:

      Simple answer, Christina……. Obama, Jerry Brown, Barbara Boxer. Diane Feinstein, UNIONS, a voting populace that keeps Liberals securely in place in Sacramento each election!

    6. ALG says:

      CHRISTINA39 – Are you going to send PEOPLE to college? What people?
      Why not make yourself clear. You want all the ILLEGALS from everywhere in the world that are here in the US to go to college.
      Who do you think will pay for all that? You? Hell no. You don’t have any money, do you? Well maybe you have your welfare check, and food stamps, and anything else you can get your fat little hands on, legally or illegally, right?
      You know who is really DUMB? YOU, you, and more you.. Why don’t you act on your actions, you LA RAZA slave.

  2. Loretta says:

    WHAT HAPPENED TO THE “AMERICAN DREAM” FOR ITS CITIZENS??? Those who want to fire or suggest something like that should be treated like an illegal immigrant…so SHUT YOUR MOUTH!! Those here illegally should NOT be rewarded for BREAKING THE LAW!! Where is this pitty party money coming from? Did i hear from the “CONSTITUTION”? Thats what i heard him say…

  3. Carlos says:

    Illegals alway looking for handouts and a free ride

    1. Diane says:

      That is why they are here! For freebies and anything else they can steal from
      the American taxpayer.

      If only Sweden were south of us instead of low life rot gut Mexicans.

  4. EverydayGuy says:

    I will support any company advertising on John and Ken. I also pass gas on the moms of every illegal alien.

    1. jerky says:

      What is this thing you call AM radio?

    2. Diane says:

      If any of these advertisers bow out from KFI let all American citizens
      boycott their products!

      Payback is a mother!


      1. Bobby says:

        And boycott we will. These companies will see a drop in sales as they never imagined. They’ll lose all the money many of them gained from employing illegal aliens in the first place.

  5. Richard Ponce says:

    John and Ken have learned well from the Nazi’s

    1. EverydayGuy says:

      Comparing anyone to the mass murdering Nazis shows your vast stupidity. Now pick up your towels and finish washing those cars.

      1. take it easy tiger says:

        Richard’s point is how easy it is for everyday people to be filled with hate and racism. Your response shows that you are filled with both.

      2. Jose says:

        How do you get that from what he said? His statement was short and vague. How can you know what he meant? You are part of the problem.

      3. gringoworkingtogetyoualldeported says:

        well said….but better would be; grab your anchor kids and get out of my country!

      4. The Illegal says:

        My country…. Well how much did you pay for it?
        come on, serote, the money you get on food stamps every month, is no enough to keep your drug addiction gringo penDjo…

      5. JO says:

        Well are four fathers paid about 17$ million for this land, we pay taxes and that makes this ARE COUNTY! you know what paying taxes are? no you ignorante

      6. Bobby says:

        In Mexico did you own a burro? How much did you pay for it?

      7. major issue says:

        Go chase your rainbow tigger!

        Easy to point fingers at others you flammer!

      8. Bonnie says:

        These bums like Richard Ponce are the new and most hated “immigrant” to enter
        the U.S.
        And hated they are!!

    2. gringoworkingtodeportallofyou says:

      you are very generous with other people’s $ dude! let’s see how fast you fold if funding programs for ILLEGALS becomes a individual and optional contribution on YOUR PAYCHECK!!!!

    3. Sophia says:

      Richard, you are an ignorant fool.

    4. Bobby says:

      Who did you learn from, Castro, Lenin, Stalin?

  6. gringoworkingtodeportallfthem says:

    relevance of word “dream?” well….hows this: Anyone who is a “ILLEGAL ALIEN” …yes! AN ILLEGAL ALIEN, would be “deaming” if they believed ANY U.S citizen wants to contribute uno dinero to ANY “program” tp assist “ILLEGAL ALIENS!” a few exceptions of insane liberals will claim that they will…but when you ask them personally for the money…they’ll fold like a mexican hand fan!

    1. MAC says:

      Get back in your trailer you ignorant toothless bible pusher!

      1. Bobby says:

        I thought the comment was as funny and clownish as you are.

      2. Bonnie says:

        MAC go back to your tent and drugs. Be happy again

      3. Roger Jones says:

        MAC, are you really as ignorant and immature as you sound?

  7. Ray Geiger says:

    Wow..talk about the rights of free speech being stepped on…keep it up John and Ken your listeners are behind you …these others are jerks

  8. Mex-Vet says:


    1. El Mojado de Colima says:

      Hey Ruco…Lo que tienes de viejo. lo tienes de Pen.D..Jo!!!
      La Ranchera 930 is a better fit for you..
      Who cares if you are a Vet? You guys all return from the service with brain damage…

      1. Bobby says:

        Speaka da Ingles senor Amigo traitor.

      2. Bonnie says:

        Mojado es muy pendejo!
        Chinga tu you know who! Pendejo!

      3. paul says:

        i’am a sureno from california and i want the illegals deported esclavos putos de mexicaca i SUPPORT JOHN & KEN 100% toooo

  9. Go back to mexico! says:

    Flipping illegal beans, go home! No American in there right mind wants you here!

    Other than the screaming libs, take them with you! 🙂

    1. Christina39 says:

      Can you think of a better way to ruin white middle class Americans.

  10. Fernando Bolaños says:

    I don’t listen to KFI anyways. I’d rather listen to Kevin & Bean of KROQ

  11. Jason Moblia says:

    We support you John and Ken. Let’s not these ILLEGGAL supporters deter you from the truth.

  12. You_Dig. says:

    John and Ken rule!!!
    They tell the truth and the truth hurts.
    The National Hispanic Media Coalition do not represent me nor tax payers.
    These organizations should protest the corrupt governments / countries that cause all of these people to immigrate illegally.

  13. Phiilip says:

    Whether you agree or disagree, intelligent discussion is our right as Americans.

  14. bobbyg says:

    We support you john and ken.

    In every poll, a majority of californians DO NOT support the “Dream Act.”

    why give someone who’s in the country illegally taxpayer money to go to school, AHEAD of American college students — the citizens who were born here and the immigrants who waited in line and became citizens legally?

    Why educate someone who can’t legally work here anyway?

  15. Carlys Krueger says:

    One Of The Backers Of The Of the Protest Is La Raza Which Means The Race or Our Race, Meaning Only Our Race!!!! I Don’t Know How More Racist Anyone Could Be!!! I Support John And Ken

  16. JJ says:

    I support, “John and Ken”, and support KFI for standing behind there show. As for the organization that will be there today in protest of John & Ken. They do not speak for me and many other who are working and can not be there to show support for John and Ken. Many Native Americans, Latino, Jewish & other men and woman have given up there live for us to have a voice under the first amendment. Sometimes I support – sometime I do not support, john & Ken. But what I DO SUPPORT is the right to say anything they wish on there show, under the first amendment. As to the people outside protesting. GOD BLESS AMERICA to all protesters, John & Ken, that we may have the right to speak out.

    1. T says:

      Thats a good point – How is it we are all at work and our tax money from our work (not sure if it will be from federal or state) is being used to fund (the dream act) this in some way shape form or manor …..
      Why do they have time to protest ? Why arent they at work?
      We have to work !!!
      Our Family support s John N Ken 🙂

  17. rjsmitty says:

    I am sick of these race based hate groups …

    1. El Mojado de Colima says:

      Actually, the all make me laugh….. the reason is because most of them are frustrated people. Their parents are drug addicts, welfare, section 8, and Food Stamp recipients..
      The hate us when they see us driving “Fancy” cars as they mentioned…
      Let them Talk……..at the end .. nothing will change… We are not going back to our Country no matter what. Listen We are 50 millions of Hispanics Here….
      Si se puede!!! Si se puede!!!!

      1. T says:

        MR you think everyone is jealous – please refer to the mexican Americans comments like Mr Orozco Below

      2. Sophia says:

        — “We will hold the peaceful demonstration in exercise of our freedom of speech protesting John and Ken’s demonization of Latinos and others with which they disagree,” said Alex Nogales, President and CEO of the National Hispanic Media Coalition. —

        Guess what, Alex? John and Ken were also exercising their free speech.

      3. JO says:


      4. ALG says:

        As I indicated in another comment Alex Nogales?, head of the mexican illegal media assoc., limited, etc.etc.
        These people not only don’t understand FREE SPEECH, but they think they are the ONLY RACE that are entitled to it.
        Anyone who criticizes them from their bad actions, or inactions are racists, gringos, criminals, etc etc etc.
        How can you fight such IGNORANCE?,,,
        I read one comment that really hit me. WHY EDUCATE AN ILLEGAL, IF IT IS ILLEGAL TO WORK HERE?
        I suggest that everyone here that reads these comments submit this questions to GOVERNOR BROWN. Why he did this stupid dream act, etc. is way beyond me.
        He knows he will only serve ONE TERM.

      5. Bobby says:

        I love it. Everything you say is going on with the illegals or their kids. Your’e thinking is a bit inverted, bro. The only reason your’e driving fancy cars is because your’e stealing every kind of state aid food stamps, utility discounts, free college, now. all courtesy of the citizens your’e trying to diss. 50 million, so what. There’s another 300 million Americans left fool.

      6. Bonnie says:

        Mojado si se puede go back to Mexico and die there!
        50 million and 150 American citizens!
        Go back to mexico chingatha!

  18. Jonathan Orozco says:

    They are breaking the LAW! bottom line if we where in China, Iraq, Iran, we (American people) wont get that aid there, might get spit on and killed! IM CHICANO 4TH GENERATION, where is are handout? help the families making 20,000$ a year feeding 4 kids and paying a house bill out! give those children to get an education. Why should the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA change its Amendment laws to help other countries? Blacks and Jews where murdered, put thought helll, yet these people come here illegally and want respect? BS MAN!!!! LOVE YOU JOHN AND KEN


    1. Jose Tuleño says:

      Jonathan, You sound like GAY… Who in the hell is asking you what generation you are???? The older the Generation, the more stupid you guys get….
      I know you hate Mexicans… Then you should be the very first one to report all the Illegal Aliens in your family to the ICE.
      Do you know now why I am saying that the older the generation, the more stupid you guys get??? Pinche gringo falso “recoge botes”…Get a Life, gringito falso.

      1. Bobby says:

        Hey! Speaka da Ingles, Senor meathead.

    2. El Mojado de Colima says:

      All these comments make me laugh….
      Again, comments from Frustrated people, section 8 recipients drug addicts….,
      What can we say? Brain-less humans..Honestly, I feel sorry for them..because this guy could be the one who was asking for money outside the Wal-Mart parking lot last night.. poor guy…

      1. Sophia says:

        El Mojado, why is lawbreaking such an integral part of the Hispanic culture?

      2. JO says:


      3. Bobby says:

        What guy Mr. La Raza? The illegal aliens are the section 8 recipents clown. As I said, your “thiinking” is inverted.

      4. Bonnie says:


        sin chanclas llegaron

        Now that Mojada has a nice car her donkey doesn’t stink.

  19. LaRaza says:

    Gustamos John y Ken!!!!

  20. Chris S. says:

    I’m an American of Mexican decent and I support John and Ken. I DO NOT support the dream act! I do not support ILLEGAL immigration!

    1. Jose Tuleño says:

      Otro Gringito Falso escribiendo tarugagas…
      Chris… What a name to be a Mexican descendent Please help us translate your name to Spanish pniche burro…Is your name Cristal, or Cristoforo?? LOL… Pinches gringos falsos… BURROOOOOOO!!!!!!

      1. Bobby says:

        Speaka de Ingles Senor BURROOOOOO….

  21. JO says:


  22. Miguel says:


  23. Joe says:

    Why is it that everytime a U.S. citizen or a LEGAL resident calls for the implementation of the immigration law, they are called racist? I think this is a scare tactic of those who wants to continue breaking the immigration law and make it a mockery to the world.

    U.S. citizens and LEGAL immigrants should start demanding that the rule of law be followed. Don’t reward those who breaks the law. Education is important but with the budget cuts happening all over the government, why would much needed funds be used to pay for education of those who broke the law? The money being used here was paid by the people who are here LEGALLY.

    The government is going broke because of senseless laws being passed that do not need to be passed.

  24. Sydney Portis says:

    I support John and Ken!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Sage Advice says:

    AM still exists? Only illegals must be listening to it, and that’s merely because it’s free and you can pick it up on the radio of a rusted-out 1978 Toyota Corolla.


    1. The Illegal says:

      Man,, you are allright hommie…
      I am a driving a classic hommie… 1978 Chevy Camaro….
      I am sure my stereo sounds better than yours on my 1978 Chevy Camaro.. What’s wrong with that? Pinche Gringo Pendejo….
      Tell me what you drive, and I’ll tell you what kind of person you are….LOL!!!

  26. Jose says:

    Viva la revolucion! We need to take back our country from the leaching illegals! $7 billion a year of our hard earned money goes to support them through medical, school, housing and food. If you know of an illegal in your neighborhood, they should be handcuffed and driven back to the border!

  27. Go AWAY! says:

    Have the latinos lost site of what the word “ILLEGAL” means?

    I know English isn’t their first language put perhaps that’s a term they need to look up.

    We are a country and to be so we have borders…Respect our borders and we respect you, simple as that.

    Disrespect our borders and disrespect our laws AND disrespect those whom wish to uphold our laws? Well then, I’d say you are WAY out of line.

    For those here legally, you better speak up in support of AMERICA, if not? Don’t cry when you get lumped in with those that are causing so many fiscal problems in this country.

    1. T says:

      I feel for the ones that (our mexican/ hispanic/ Americans) that are here legally – they worked hard to get what they wanted, became citizens or have green cards – and if you look at it this way, we arent doing anything to protect their rights from the country they left behind and those same people they were trying to get away from now come illegally – and we as a country dont do anything to protect their rights they worked so hard to get ….

  28. Cheryl Cornell says:

    I will buy anything KFI advertises.

    1. T says:

      @ cheryl -well not everything – but i will read them over and pick from their first 🙂

  29. Jose says:

    Ever ride the bus in Los Angeles? 75% of the programs on Transit TV are in Spanish. No other country or state caters to these illegals more than liberal California. If we don’t get rid of these wackos in charge, California will be part of Mexico in no time. Ever watch the L.A. school board meetings with Monica Garcia? No wonder LAUSD is the worst school system in the US. Watch the parents step up to talk. They all need interpreters as they only speak Spanish. DEPORT ALL ILLEGALS before its too late!

    1. Karen says:

      I was in the gym yesterday and English was not the language being spoken by many women in the locker room.

      I said very loudly – This is the United States of America and we speak English here.

      English is the official language of the State of California per our constitution.

      We definitely need to recall Jerry Brown. I never voted for him. Where were all of you? He did get elected thanks to an illegal alien badmouthing Meg Whitman.

      What is Meg doing these days? She just got a new job and the stock market rallied when it was announced.

      Californians can be so stupid. I am not a native.

      1. Tom says:

        The problem is that you’re moving in to land that was stolen from Mexico, A SPANISH speaking country. If you wouldn’t have dropped out of high school, you would have read about “THE MANIFEST DESTINY”. You can’t just slaughter Natives of a country and expect not to see any remnants.

        If you don’t like it, you can move back to Whatever country your ancestors came from because go knows the only Natives to he are Mexicans (NATIVE AMERICANS).

      2. Carlys says:

        Hey Tom, In response to comments about flag flying what you said was a Crock and you know it since when have you seen in California a German flag flying??? Or English or Irish?? Come on Dude get your stuff straight. Bottom line is this they are Illegal Activists and they can take their Flag and Shove It!!! The Official Language Of this State and this Nation is English!!! Press Two And Take Your Illegal Ass Back To Mexico!!!

      3. ALG says:

        TOM – you stupid piece of SHT. Your name isn’t TOM, it’s TOMAS’.
        You’re just another disguised illegal, or illegal’s partner that makes you say really stupid things.
        You have no idea who was here FIRST. It doesn’t matter. For all time, the most dominant peoples took what they wanted. You use this piece of history as your defense.
        You’ve got to do a lot better than that.
        Are you really an American citizen? I doubt it. Member of LA RAZA. PROBABLY.

      4. Christina39 says:

        TO: TOM There are a lot of unfair things in history. Mexicans say California is their land and United States says it theirs. But if and when Mexico takes it over, are you going to maintain the buildings, freeways, reservoirs, etc, etc, If so, why not do that in Mexico. If Mexico completely took over California and it was no longer managed in any way by the US, how long do you think it would look like it does now? It’s a lot more than LAND now.

    2. Christina39 says:

      Some one made the comment why do I post when I left California. This is a discussion on illegal immigration also. Have you been to Las Vegas lately. It is another California. it has become a bi-lingual state catering to illegals. I went to the bank today and I was the only person who conducted business in English, the rest was Spanish. Arizona is holding out, but Obama will stop that if he can.

  30. Bracero says:

    John & Ken and the listeners of such programs and those Chicanos that have an opinion are driven by a human emotion – F E A R – fear to my future generation that will have a better education than ours, fear that they will get a college degree and that is not good because the Latinos and the Africanamericans are needed as seasonal agricultural workers and trashpickers.

    1. Urive says:

      You hit the nail on the head. No one really see’s what is going on. It is getting harder and harder to get a decent education and the reason why because if you educate the poor you lose your work force. Wake up!!!!! it is all a tactic to keep people from uniting and fighting the true culprit.

    2. John Bowman says:

      A degree in Chicano Studies is worthless outside California, it is not “a better education”.

      1. Bobby says:

        A degree in Chicano Studies is worthless inside California.

      2. Christina39 says:

        What in the h*** is a degree in Chicano Studies anyway? What do you do with it?

    3. Bobby says:

      Huh? I know what you mean about future education, because know one can possibly understand you NOW.

  31. ALG says:

    The Title of this article should not be “LATINO ACTIVISTS”, but ILLEGAL LATINO ACTIVISTS”…!!!!!!
    Now we all know what organizations are in FAVOR OF ILLEGAL ALIENS coming into this country.
    Everyone KNOWS that ILLEGAL ALIENS have almost destroyed the american economy. Coming to this country to have their little brats who immediately become citizens. Then going on welfare for food stamps, etc.
    Flooding our schools, so that LEGAL AMERICAN CITIZENS ore squeezed into more and more students in classrooms.
    I’m not saying that they are the reason that our economy is down. God knows that there is one group of people who are very rich and consider themselves God’s chosen ones. They are the true reason our economy is down. They will never share their wealth with anyone else but themselves.
    Until we solve these problems and make ILLEGAL MEXICAN, SPANISH ALIENS
    more responsible including STOPPING FLYING THE GD MEXICAN FLAGS, and other spanish country flags in OUR OWN COUNTRY that is now supporting them.
    Our american citizens who have fought in all the wars and continue to fight and die, DID NOT DIE or BECOME INJURED FOR LIFE to support any NON CITIZEN., OR ANY ORGANIZATION THAT SUPPORTS THAT GOAL. PERIOD. OVER AND OUT.

    1. Bobby says:

      Yeah, Tom, I feel sorry for ALG, not being born in a country of such “high” racial culture as Mexico is. Get off Mexico’s nuts? That’s a good one. Millions of Americans wouldn’t care if the place was fenced off permanently. It’s nothing but a pain in the ass to this country. Your thinking is a bit inverted.

    2. Bobby says:

      Get off Mexico’s nuts? Tom, be real. Mexico is one of the most worthless, dangerous and criminal nations in the world. It’s nothing but a royal pain in the ass to this country. But that never bothers clowns like you. You get off attacking the place you or your family ran to. How hypocritical is that?

    3. Bobby says:

      Last thought Tom. What are you exactly? Some kind of fifth columnist for Mexico?

  32. Doug says:

    John and Ken are for America not Mexihole. Watch out for those sneaky so called white groups. You all know who they are.

  33. enrique says:

    In any Lation country these latino organizations are called “CHANTAGISTAS DE MIERD@.

    1. Jose Tuleño says:

      Ya callete “serote”…
      La M1ERDA are you and all your family…

      1. Karen says:

        Since I am multi-lingual, I understand your posts and in this country, saying that word in a broadcast setting is illegal.

        Jose – vaya con Dios a Mexico. Adios and don’t let the door hit your butt on the way out.

  34. Alan C Rhine says:

    I support the view and statement of John and Ken. So any advertiser that want to drop them go ahead but be warned I will drop your products. Maybe the ILLEGALS with their freebies will buy them. You decided

  35. swhitS says:

    Anchor babies – How do you feel now you are going to have to pay full tuition while an illegal gets to take your funding and spot in college?

  36. Hardmoney says:

    Imagine if America had picked its own cotton and it’s own fruit. How different it would be.

    1. Bobby says:

      It’s not about cotton or fruit. This is a red herring. It’s about the North American Union, and linking up with one of the most corrupt nations in the world, Mexico. That is why neither the Republican or Democrat TRAITORS, will do their sworn duty to serve Americans. They are serving another agenda. What a thought, some bought off Mexican official in Mexico city having something to say over an American. Think about it fellow Americans.

  37. Jose says:

    John & Ken should be fired.
    The owners should be sued.
    The FCC should step in and force KFI to go to an all Spanish format for allowing
    these racist to disrespect my culture. I Have a right to be in this country illegally.

    1. John Baresh says:

      I disagree,
      How can it be disrespect when everything in America is press 2 for Spanish? Or when trash is spelled basura? Makes me wonder if your culture even value respect?

    2. JO says:

      how is that a right? go protest in mexico and see if you last 10 mins! they will shoot or arrest you! funny how you disrespect this GREAT COUNTY but always say viva mexico? why not live there?

    3. Hardmoney says:

      You are an Embarrasment to your own people. You have No Rights. You think that you have a ‘Human Right ‘ to be here in AMERICA,

    4. Sophia says:

      Jose, you are obviously delusional.

    5. Bobby says:

      Yeah, man. I think the station should be taken over by NPR, or KPFK, where all I ever hear is how some La Raza buffoon is grieving over the white man and how he stole some of Mexico, or how blacks suffered slavery, or some other thing two hundred years ago. That’s the station for you Jose, it will get all that anger out. Let’s be honest, before you landed in the U.S., you didn’t even own a donkey.(burro) Sound about right?

  38. AM says:

    If you are illegal you are not wanted. If you come to this country the right way and pay taxes into these programs that are here to assist the children of tax paying citiszens then you will be welcome. Not Legal, not welcome.

  39. Barbie says:

    Yaaaaaaaaaa John and Ken. If only they could be President and VP!!

  40. Bounder1 says:

    John and Ken are my heros. The illegals want to pull their ads from the radio station but they don’t want to pull themselves from America. GO HOME ILLEGALS.

  41. JO says:

    why do illegals say viva mexico, and live in USA? please explain? lmao last time mexico cared about its so called people, was NEVER!!! HELP CHANGE MEXICO, DONT DAMAGE THE USA

  42. Jeff says:

    How many Spanish illegals listen to John & Ken anyway?
    I will make it a point to support anybody that advertises on KFI.
    The dream act is a slap in the face of ALL Americans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. ronbarrett says:

    So now a four week old story makes headlines……..no quotes at all in this story from John & Ken………..I hope these groups keep this up………People are starting to see the reason behind this all……….Mas………Mas…………

  44. LatinosEasyTarget says:

    Wow! so much hate for latinos yet coward “john & ken” dont have the “huevos” to go after the ppl that are fleecing this country like all the “ARMENIANS” that get all kind of public assitance & drive around nothing but late model “LEXUS” “BMW” ALL AT TAX PAYERS EXPENSE! buy every house on the market “WITH OUR TAX DOLLARS” all they gotta do sit kick back at home wait for the mail man to deliver their $$$$$$$$ check!!! yup! keep your RACIST eyes on Latinos! while these other ppl take over & destroy our country!

    1. Bobby says:

      Armenians? Most Aremenians I know, and have known for years, are hard working intelliigent folks. I’m not saying some Mexicans aren’t also hardworking, but I don’t get the crack about Armenians. And then, you call people racist?

    2. Typical distraction attempt by the loony open-borders Marxist trash. Yawn!

      This isn’t about so-called “Latinos” (that would be people who speak Spanish). It’s about law enforcement. Call the Tan Klan and see if they will adjust your talking points, eh? Stooge.

    3. Bobby says:

      You got it backward. When mllions of Latino’s march across Ameriica’s cities, demanding things from the citizens that they haven’t any riight to, is what racism is. Racism goes both ways.

    4. Mehilangelino says:

      You’re jealous and envious. Many an Armenian are also hard working and successful. How dare you demean them because they have symbols of success.

      No wonder you homies get E46 (the most you can afford) BMWs and over customize them and ghetto-ize them to feel on par.

      What an insecure people I think. Ever been to an Armenian neighborhood? They have elders even who keep kids in line. Neighborhoods clean, I can go on and on. Glendale ROCKS. East Hollywood is great.

      I welcome my Armenian and even Korean brothers and sisters!

      1. Christina39 says:

        Really I moved away from Glendale because the government was giving all the Armenians free houses. I lived on Wilson and my entire street was given away to Armenians. You can’t drive in Glendale because the Armenians sue everybody because you stop short so you will be rear-ended. I wouldn’t talk if I were you. You were on welfare and angry at the same time.

  45. Darrell Nelson says:

    dont worry mexicans…alabama is on your side.

  46. chachi says:

    I am AMERCIAN-Mexican, I was born here and raised here, I do listen to John and Ken and I don’t agree with everything they say, Mexicans are not the ONLY Illegal Aliens there are CHINESE, IRANIANS etc and the list goes on Who come to the USA by going to school and never go to school they just stop start blending in,and NO ONE starts looking for them its not the mexicans who want to blow up the US, All I hear is the mexicans are taking our jobs… the last trip we took to Bakersfield driving along the farm lands I saw MEXICANS picking the fields and loading the trucks, I did not see ONE white person in the field joining them. and when I fill out applications for jobs I HATE when the last question is : are you Mexican or Latino , what they should have is are you an AMERICAN and my answer would be YES AND I’M PROUD OF IT. and another thing is have you ever drove along your city and they hang the banners with names of the Kids who are serving our beautiful nation check and see and count how many MEXICANS that are serving their country. people will disagree with my comment and thats ok, it’s called the FREEDOM OF SPEECH.

    1. John Bowman says:

      Mexicans “serve their country” in the Mexican military. Very few “Mexicans” serve in the US military, the only ones allowed are legal immigrants from Mexico and most of them become American citizens before they leave the military. Most of those people you are thinking about are like you, Americans of Latino heritage, be it Mexican, Spanish, Cuban, Panamanian, etc.

      My “white” nephews work in the fields, maybe you need to look closer next time.

      1. alg says:

        You are totally wrong. Many many many illegals who are convicted of non violent crime are given the opportunity of serving in the army honorably, and when their term is up, they are automatically made citizens.
        You need to wake up and learn more about our country and how it works.

    2. ALG says:

      CHACHI – Your comments have been noted, and are true.
      Sometimes in our search for justice, we are blinded by all the good the mexican people who want a good life do for America.
      I apologize for all those that just hate without purpose, or without knowledge of all the good people.
      A true Mexican leader is needed who sees the truth, without trying to destroy the American Spirit., much less our economy.

    3. Mehilangelino says:

      Chachi – but the MAJORITY… THE MAJORITY of illegal aliens are Mexican.

      Its a hoardist culture. Look at the US Census numbers for EACH and every Latin American group living in the USA – 35 million Mexicans versus an average of 1 million from El Salvador then the numbers decrease dramatically to an average of 200,000 individually from other Latin American country.

      I’ve asked Mexicans if they are Latino, they reply “I’m Mexican!” So, don’t front please.

    4. Karen says:


      You need to go back to school to learn how to spell American.

      Further, there is no such thing as an American-Mexican. There are Americans and there are Mexicans. They are separate countries in case you did not learn that at school.

      And by the way, you did not look hard enough. This white girl – me – used to work in the farms. I had a tan but my blonde hair really shines in the sun so, like I said, you weren’t looking hard enough.

      Finally, I too wish that Sweden was south of us so my relatives would be closer.

  47. Rashon says:

    Way to go John & Ken!!! Californians, UNITE!! DO NOT SUPPORT THE DREAM ACT!! It will completely dessimate our citizen’s access to state grant money for college. Why are we giving illegals money for college anyhow, doesn’t make any sense.

  48. Roger Thornhill says:

    The lamebrain Alex Nogales, the self-appointed guardian of the downtrodden, is often exhumed for publicity stunts such as these. Ironic because if a group was trying to ban the speech of someone he likes, he’d be screaming about the injustice, etc. I haven’t heard him ever answer speech which he doesn’t like with facts or refutation, just allegations of “hate speech” and leaning on the messenger. This will fade in a week or two. Nogales, if you don’t like KFI, don’t listen. That’s what you’d be telling everyone if they wanted someone you listened to off the air.

  49. Bobby says:

    Let’s think about how insane, how far down the road to predition, this country has gone, by reading the first sentence of the above article.

    It says, A coalition of Southland community “leaders” called on advertisers Thursday to pull their ads from a popular talk radio show over comments on ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION..


    Can’t Americans see the insanity here?? Those leaders must be arrested and/or fined for criminal behavior against existing UNITED STATES IMMIGRATION LAW, which says anyone aiding or abetting the stay of a foreign national illegaly in the U.S. is breaking U.S. immigration law and is subject ot a fine/or imprisonment or both. TITILE 8 SECTION 1325 OF THE UNITED STATES IMMIGRATION LAW CODE.

    1. The law calls for almost all illegal to be deported. That would be happening if we had a legitimate government. Alas, we haven’t had one of those for decades. Look at the tin pot dictator in the White House.

  50. Larry Wilson says:

    Most Hispanics have somebody in their family who is or was a illegal alien so they support illegal aliens. That is the “REAL” reason the “Latino activists” are throwing a temper tantrum.

    1. Bobby says:

      Too bad Larry, they’ll have to make a choice, a tough one, but nevertheless, they need to get with it. It’s no different from the Italians, Germans, French, or Japanese AMERICANS, in WW11 that knew they would possibly have to fight against their own race/culture.

      1. Christina39 says:

        Gee Bobby. You know everything and insult everyone. I didn’t know we fought the French in WWII. You’re right about my not knowing anything because I DIDN’T KNOW THAT!!! Maybe you are getting messed up with Freedom Fries and George Bush. France was an ally in WWII. Be careful when you live in a glass house.

  51. Shoe says:

    My “DREAM” is that some day……..it won’t matter what your race, religion, sexual preference, immigration status, or any other silly adjective you may want to apply to yourself….. that ALL students may be able to receive a college education without causing hatred among our races. We are all humans.
    “You may say I’M a dreamer…………but I’m not the only one”…. John Lennon

    1. John Bowman says:

      If you want to educate the world, go ahead knock yourself out, give them all your money, realize your dream. Just don’t force us to do it, that is called tyranny. And if anyone is causing racial hatred, it’s La Raza Cosmica, the self proclaimed superior “Cosmic Race”.

      1. Bobby says:

        It’s also the democrat and Republican Party John, that will not do the will of the American citizens, except in places like Arizona, Alambama, and possibly a few other states. Also having the Obama adminiatration sue states for carrying out official US.immigration law, doesn’t help either.

    2. Bobby says:

      Remember he said he was a dreamer. You can’t have a city, Los Angeles, with 32 different language ballots for voting, or a policy of affimative action for certain select people, or ethnic interests leaders that create the division you are talking about, and have everyone happy. Can you?

    3. jupiterjoe says:

      Shoe, you sound like a bleeding heart open borders Liberal. People like you are guided by feelings and not by common sense.

    4. Christina39 says:

      But in reality it really doesn’t work that way, does it now? I am sure that a Mexican can’t wait to give his place up for a white American like they didn’t seem too worried about white Americans when they took their jobs in Los Angeles County starting in the 80s. Your sentence would sound better in a folk song.. .

      1. Bobby says:

        Who exactly am I insulting Christina 39? You didn’t know we fought the French in WW11? Apparently you’ve never heard of the Vichy Government. But again, who is it I’m insulting?

      2. Bobby says:

        Christina39, I don’t remember insulting you anywhere on this blog. Could you tell me where? You must have meant someone else. The only people i’m insulting are all the arrogant people that have taken up residence in this country illegally, and those that support them and then are so damned arrogant about it.

  52. Bonnie says:


  53. Bobby says:

    Consider, UNIVISION, the fifth columnist media outlet in the U.S. has been infllaming latinos in Alabama, because that state has decided, unlike the traitors in Sacramento California, to finally follow U.S. immigration law. It is talking sh-t agaiinst American citiizens and the U.S., and that is why UNIVISION can right be called a fifth Columinst outlet operating with our represtatives consent. All these problems stem from the lefts open border policy.

    1. Mehilangelino says:

      Its not only Univision which is NBC owned now. Its also all the Mexican RADIOS TATIONS that build a following based on just how much they make them angry and agitate them into demanding things and screaming racism.

  54. FLF says:

    KFI is one of the better radio stations in So CA! When the criminal illegal alien lovers are upset, sniveling, crying, and whining because they are hearing the TRUTH (that they DO NOT WANT anyone else to hear) then they MIUST be doing something right!

  55. Mehilangelino says:

    Not all Latino’s are Mexican, and there’s a huge number of them that see HATE directed towards them from Mexicans for some reason or another.

    So, this isn’t about Latino’s in general, but Mexicans feeling they are insulted or discriminated against. Then they think that ALL Latino’s are behind them when again, they are also victims of inter-Latino racism.

    The hypocrisy is almost well hidden or not as apparent, but there are problems in the “Latino Community”.

    So before anyone starts up protesting and complaining about RACISM they need to look at themselves as a people and ask WHO they discriminate and spew hateful names at themselves.

    1. ALG says:

      There is a class of people that feel INSULTED no matter what you say or do.
      Take a look at all the shootings and killings done by MEXICANS(SPANISH HERITAGE)
      ROAD RAGE, LOOKING AT ME THE WRONG WAY, or saying something that’s not related to anything to someone who takes it the wrong way, or deliberately takes it the wrong way to create a violent situation. You all know this is true.
      Of course we all humans have this trait. it’s a bad one, and one that needs to be taken out of our brain. If only we could somehow at birth remove the violent genes that some of us are born with.
      The environment we live in creates other stresses and problems.
      One more thing. Along with rage and hate comes a feeling of SUPERIORITY.
      Take a look at these MEXICAN ORGANIZATIONS that spout hate about American citizens and demand that we accept them illegal or not, because they are the MASTER RACE.
      Everyone in history that has gone down this path has ended up DEAD. I’m talking about leaders of groups.
      Not a great place to be.
      What governor BROWN did by signing the DREAM ACT pushed through by a MEXICAN NATIONAL in Sacramento is really the LAST STRAW.
      We need to start a revolution to recall gov. Brown. Unfortunately I voted for him.
      I know I shouldn’t have believed his rhetoric when he ran for gov., now I regret it.

  56. Alma says:

    Oh, puh-leeze! I’m Hispanic and I’m not offended! I am also among the many who are unhappy over the passage of this Dream Act.

  57. Richard says:

    This isn’t necessarily about Illegals and the dream act. Before you flame me, I am against it.

    This was a very low move on Burt and Ernie, err I mean John and Ken though.. Releasing somebody’s personal phone number to be blown up with hate calls is completely inappropriate. They knew what they were doing and like anyone else, deserve to be reprimanded for their actions.

    1. ALG says:

      I agree with you about releasing the phone number. Totally inappropriate.
      However, look at all the SHT that it stirred up.
      The hate, the screaming, plus all the information, some of which I didn’t know before, is very revealing. Perhaps out of all that, some good will come.
      It’s too bad that some media personalities have to resort to going past that line, but sometimes it is warranted.
      I still don’t know anything about the GUY who’s phone # was revealed.
      I guess he really tells a lot of lies and tries to stir up SHT in our community.
      Someone should teach him a lesson.

      1. Karen says:

        What is wrong with releasing the phone number? Is that person too chicken to stand up for his beliefs? Why is it that he can not listen to other viewpoints?

        No one said the messages should be vulgar and if I had the number, I certainly would call and tell him what I think without using vulgar language.

        In fact, every time some group tries to promote the welfare of illegal aliens, I give them a piece of mind. I just don’t swear.

  58. Fairman says:

    Wow, if people posting here are John and Ken’s listeners they have learned well. I have never heard such mean spirited remarks towards any group of people. They don’t differentiate between legal or illegal anymore. I cannot believe this is being written out in the open in America. Wow! just Wow!

    1. Bobby says:

      Mean Spirited? At least your’e hearing this in the open. All of the La Raza groups,( like the clown now complaining that his phone number was given out) do things behind Americans backs. They have their little secret meetings, on oollege campuses, they lobby to get Americans taxes to use the money against them, they have their little fifth columnist radio stations eveywhere. How come you aren’t worried about all of this mean spiritededness against American ciitizens? What gives?

      1. ALG says:

        hate, anger, illegal aliens. It’s a two way street.
        They hate us, and we hate them We fear their ability to do serious bodily harm without thinking about it. It just comes natural. Being brought up in a kind of environment they know nothing else. School doesn’t interest them, because they refuse to learn english, and the unrealized goal of an education is too far out into the future. They want easy, right now gratification.
        As I heard a detective say once to a fugitive killer in custody, do you think you can change? Oh yes, said the fugitive. I don’t think so, said the detective.
        Now tell me fugitive, should I shoot your dum ass now, or should I just let you go.? OH please, just let me go, I won’t do it again.
        You know what the detective did, right?

  59. TRUTH says:

    i love john & ken. they’re they only people out there who call a spade a spade. bottom line, illegals have DESTROYED california, that’s a fact only the corrupt argue against. while everyone else is afraid to speak the truth, john & ken do. they also keep l.a. mayor tony villar in check, exposing him for the corrupt, illegal-alien loving criminal he is. i’ll support any sponsor that advertises on their show, and boycott those who back out of existing ads.

  60. LatinaLaRaza says:

    You know like we built this country and you took our land from Mexico so really you are the illegals gringos. how do you feel being the minority? We’re taking over so get used to it. Aztlan is almost here and things will change. Gringos will be cleaning my house, mowing my lawn and cooking my food. Get use to becoming a second class citizen gringos.

    1. John Bowman says:

      Oh look, a Tan Klan brown supremacist. The face of the new Democratic Party.
      “Took our land from Mexico”? No, paid $28 billion in gold for it, which is $28 billion more than the Mexicans paid the Spanish, and the Spanish paid the American Indians. Your land is Mexico City.

      1. LatinaLaRaza says:

        @ John Bowman, The next generation will be speaking spanish and the schools will no longer teach Eurocentric curriculum. Instead students will be taught standard Aztlan curriculum focusing on Latino contributions to the world. No other culture has influenced the world lik the Latino race.

      2. ALG says:

        (latina-female) LA RAZA – political organization that supports ILLEGAL ALIEN MIGRATION, and OVERTHROW OF THE GOVERNMENT OF THE UNITED STATES.
        Why hasn’t anything been done about this????
        AZTLAN – originally AZTEC. a great race of people that got too involved with their leaders and gods who turned on them and destroyed through sacrifice.
        Hundreds of opinions abide about where AZTLAN really is.
        latina – you azz, go take a hike.
        get a job.
        oh, Im sorry you work for LA RAZA…right?

      3. Karen says:

        Thank goodness my nieces and nephews are educated in private schools. They do learn that La Raza is their gardener.

      4. jose garza says:

        I think the Spanish Nazis ( Decendants of modern mexicans) came in the 1500’s and killed millions of indians in Mexico.

        They ( mexicans) are the racist) hate group now

    2. Carlys says:

      Hey Racist, Keep Dreamin, Come 2012 You And Your Buddies in Sacramento are done!!! They will be voted out and you will have your ass deported!!!

      1. LatinaLaRaza says:

        @ALG. The latino people were in Aztlan before the Europeans ever came so how can we be illegal? You stole our land then try and call us illegal? You’re the illegals. You stole the land from the native Americans and Latinos and we’re taking it back and will do it without one shot being fired. You are the minority so get used to it. Look at you cities. Look at your elected officials. LATINOS! Nuff said. Start learning Spanish and try to assimilate.

      2. Carlys says:

        To Latina, It’s Simple It was bought and paid for and your ancestors lost it all in a war of which they were on the loosing side. In fact since I am 2 parts Native American you are still Illegal. President Teddy Roosevelt said it best in 1907 ‎’In the first place, we should insist that if the immigrant who comes here in good faith becomes an American and assimilates himself to us, he shall be treated on an exact equality with everyone else, for it is an outrage to discriminate against any such man because of creed, or birthplace, or origin. But this is predicated upon the person’s becoming in every facet an American, and nothing but an American…There can be no divided allegiance here. Any man who says he is an American, but something else also, isn’t an American at all. We have room for but one flag, the American flag… We have room for but one language here, and that is the English language.. And we have room for but one sole loyalty and that is a loyalty to the American people.’ If You are Illegal Get Out and wait your turn to come here legally period!!!!

      3. ALG says:

        Keep Talkin…you dig a really deep hole for yourself and your organizations.
        What you are talking is anarchy, violent overthrow of the US GOVERNMENT.
        You couldn’t do anything in Mexico so you came here. What would you do if all the whities disappeared. Where did they go?
        Why since there were no more Mexicans in Mexico we went there.
        We laid mines at the border, just in case you decide to come back. Anyone crossing the border would be killed. Good scenario for a movie right?

      4. LatinaLaRaza says:

        @Carlys. Of course you revert to the typical xenophobic response we’re used to hearing from racist, xenophobic american flag wavers. The rules have changed so get used to it. We’re here to stay and we are the majority. Without the latinos in this country nothing would get done.

      5. John Bowman says:

        My Latina you are so confused. How could the “latino people were in Aztlan before the Europeans” when the latino American people were not even created until after Columbus? Obviously you don’t even know that latino is Spanish for “Latin”, a European language! Spanish and Portuguese are derived from Latin, there were no latinos in the Americas until Columbus arrived. You are actually one of those Europeans you hate so much.

      6. John Bowman says:

        Illegal latinos are no longer staying in Alabama, Arizona, Georgia, Oklahoma, and a dozen other states. Soon it will be most states and eventually California. Plus no state is majority latino, nor are elected officials. You are such a flaming La Raza Cosmica racist blinded by hate you cannot even see the non-latinos, or that the situation has reversed back to rule of law and no illegal alien amnesty. Try going somewhere besides East LA for a change.

      7. Karen says:

        Bravo Carlys. I love Teddy Roosevelt too and I completely agree with his quote. My parents emigrated to this country. We are Americans. I do not call myself anything other than American.

      8. Christina39 says:

        TO: LatinaLaRaza “Without the latinos in this country nothing would get done”. Come on now, no jokes, this is a serious discussion

        Do you have any idea how great California was before you arrived? The gang problem has been a great contribution. Thanks.

    3. Bobby says:

      LatinaLaRaza: you’re not taking over anything. If you are basing your power play, on people getting their grass mowed, or houses cleaned, that’s pretty sad. It will take a little more than that for Americans to give their country away to Mexico. What is more likely to happen is that “gringos”, tired of all the grafitti, the gunfire, the killings the knife fights, the theft of their tax dollars,etc. will instead of serving you, simply split, take off, move to livable non-La Raza areas.Afterall, you must really be deluded if you think normal people would stick around. Your dream of Aztlan, you will simply turn into plain old corrupt and poor Mexico.

    4. Mehilangelino says:

      You know like?

      You weren’t JUST the only ones who helped built this country…

      We took your land? First, it wasn’t taken, it was sold or traded and that bothers you, Mexicans, to no end.

      But the bigger question is – WHO did the land belong to before SUPPOSEDLY BELONGING TO YOU?

      You’re only taking over in population, its still is, and always WILL be The United States of America.

      You aren’t taking over nothing. Thats what your delusional MeCHA/MaldEfF inspired beliefs are based on.

      Okay, lets do this – lets just say WE… THE USA gives “this land” back to you, Mexico/Mexicans…okay, now if we agree to give back land that was taken from you, then we’ll cut a deal. We’ll take down EVERYTHING, buildings, infrastructure, freeways, hospitals, schools, museums, universities, Hollywood, the ports, the homes, the roads and paved streets, everything, we’ll demolish it all, it may take a while but you are a patient people… and we’ll give it to back in its original state – NICE AND FRESH so you CAN START NATION BUILDING from scratch, from nothing.

      Sound like a good deal? I think so. Because if you want this land back, thats what you’ll get.

      Oh but of course, what really gets you is that you’re, at the core, jealous and envious that the USA made something of this “land” and you want it back by over populating it and to an extent destroying it at the same time.

      Thats why in your culture, and again, this is NOT something found in OTHER NON-Mexican Latinos because they dont have your hangups, in your culture, its encouraged to abuse US governmental assistance like WIC checks, Welfare, even your gang-banger American BORN youth uses EBT!

      I think more and more society, Americans in the USA along with even other Non-MExican Latino’s (who come here legally or do it right and contribute to the betterment and love of the USA) are starting to get a little fed up.

      – A non-Mex-Latino… not a “gringo”.

    5. Christina39 says:

      Anybody can multiply and you’re good at it, but what brains are you going to use to run any country. You can;t run your own. Your gangmembers kill each other over zip codes. Get real

  61. John Bowman says:

    Sure Latina, tell that to the Chinese who will soon own the world. They are a 5000 year old culture. Chinese are now buying homes formerly owned by Latinos in SoCal that were foreclosed on. You better start learning Mandarin.

    1. Mehilangelino says:

      Well said John. Ever been to Korea town? Oh man, its such a forward, modern, part of LA right in the center surrounded by very bad neighborhoods…

      Koreatown is incredible, even their residential areas, clean, crimeless for the most part, did I say clean? Clean and well kept, no loitering, no meanderers giving people that drive through them dirty looks, no car repairing in the street, no graffiti, shall I go on? Banks! Modern buildings, just fantastic. Take a close look.

      I welcome you my Korean brothers and sisters!

      Interesting that an old store in the neighborhood was being closed this past week after being in Koreatown for about 60 or so years. The Mexican lady working the place gave me a flippant comment about how Koreans are desperate to own everything around here. I was like GREAT… in the inside.

      They’ll make this some great business rather than yet another market or taco stand.

  62. lonnie f says:


  63. geeM says:

    It’s called free speech. Some people even listen to Rush Limbaugh.
    Most peple don’t support illegal aliens, or giving them entitlements. So I guess the real protest is about wanting to shut up anybody who speaks out over illegals.
    How about we give our jobs and college grants to people who are here legally?

    1. Bobby says:

      Most people don’t support it, the Obama administration certainly does. They have once again, just like with Arizona, challanged Alambama’s attempt to keep from being overrun and bankrupted like California. They managed to weaken Alabama’s new law. They can do this because wherever Mexicans go, and it is mainly Mexicans, there is immediately established “human rights” organizations, many with Mexicans working in them, to make sure that foreigners, illegally in the state aren’t “abused” by AMERICAN CITIZENS. Some people are always saying Americans better wake up, but just waking up is an understatement, we had better get with it big time. We have so many people against American citizens in our own country, and I’m not just saying SOME Mexicans, i’M saying right in our cities, counties, states, and D.C. The Democrat party is totally against American citizens, IN MY OPINION.

      1. Mehilangelino says:

        I’ve been fooled. I voted for Obama and then Brown and they thought of helping ILLEGAL immigrants over Americans FIRST.

        I will NEVER vote Democrat AGAIN.

  64. David Huffman says:

    Here’s the deal,instead of all these so called Latino support groups getting together and ganging up on an American radio station,why are’nt they down in Mexico city protesting the things that are wrong in their own country??!! Especially the one that calls itself La Raza??!! Get your sorry butts back to Mexico and and protest the things you need in your own country and take all your illegal alien followers with you !!!! These so called latino support groups don’t even belong here in the first place.I’m a U.S.Army Veteran and as i see it all these illegal aliens are is,an invasion force looking to take over part or all of my country by occupation,seeking to use rights and resources that they are not entitled to!!! I’m also 1/2 blood Native American and have no respect whatsoever for those who would illegally enter my country with such an agenda,and all those who would support themor harbour them!!! John & Ken you ROCK !!! Keep telling Californians the truth guys !!

    1. Mehilangelino says:

      It needs to be pointed out, NOT ALL Latino’s are Mexican nor do those non-Mexican Latino’s support them.

      We know what they are upto and of what foot they limp from.

  65. Jules says:

    To all American Citizens Taxpayers: You are being played by the same corrupted, power lusting, deceitful government officials and their scam lawyer loophole experts you voted in office. Why? Because they need and will continue to cater to the latino vote. Why do you think immigration laws are such a loose mess of confusing contradictions? I’m with you in terms of the taxes we shouldn’t be paying for the services we should not allow… but on the other hand you won’t accomplish anything by popping a vein blaming the “on your face” illegals. Make no mistake that it’s your government that allows them… Our financial and political systems are a tragic joke to the American People and it has already proven to be the ruin of our country. Unless the People stop it.. it never will.

    1. Christina39 says:


      1. Bobby says:

        Most people aren’t blaming it on the illegal aliiens, Christina39. They’re blaming it on the Mexican Power Groups and the Democrat Party that use these liitle people to threaten American citizens so they can have their agenda. Why don’t you be honest for a change?

      2. jose garza says:

        The Dem party is the party of the KKK just like La Raza ( The Nazi like Mexican hate group)

    2. Ron says:

      Jules is absolutely CORRECT.

      SO, if YOU want a CHANGE, start a RECALL or at the very least, get out and VOTE every DEMOCRAT out of office at the next ELECTION. And DON’T fall for the Democrats last minute CARROT, that they may offer you, just before the election and DON’T fall for the CONFUSING LIES that the UNIONS will put out in their ads, just before election time.

      BE STRONG and don’t lose your ANGER before you have THE CHANCE to make a POSITIVE change !!!!

      1. Bobby says:

        Ron, the Republicans also want the cheap labor. It is true, that the Democrat party is in essence INTERNATIONALIST. Everything they do proves it, and their power is immense. The problem with the Republican Party is it has so many RINO’S, they can never put up a serious challlenge to the democrat treason on illegal immigration and using illegal aliens, against Americans. Look out for your enemies,(democrats) but look out even more for your friends.(Republicans) Jules is right for the wrong reason.

    3. Bobby says:

      Wrong!! It isn’t about the Latiino Vote Jules. Now you are being played? What it IS about Jules, is the forced attempt, and it’s true they are winning, by those corrupted power lusting deceitful government officials to carry out the NORTH AMERICAN UNION. In other words, this nations political merging with one of the most corrupt nations on this planet, Mexico. Ross Perot, back in 1993 warned people about it. That sucking sound, of jobs and manufacturing going south, only now they don’t want there to be a south but a Pan American Union with Canada and Narco-State.(mexico) It is silly to belive that the so-called Latino vote has that much significance AT THIS TIME, BECAUSE IF YOU EXCLUDE THE TWENTY MILLION OR SO ILLEGAL ALIENS, OR ILLEGAL DEMOCRATS AS SOME WOULD SAY, THE LATINO VOTE ISN’T THAT BIG. That’s just another SNOW JOB and Red Herring so Americans get distracted from the NAU.

      What do you think all the signs in Spanish are about? What do you think all the illegal government housing loans to illegal aliens was and is all about? Werie being snowed alright Jules, but it’s not about what you think it’s about. It’s about globalism, defined as the free movement of people and goods to make the filthy Wall Street criminals even richer, because the more people the more competition the more wages go down, and the richer Wall Street and the Corporations get. Understand now Jules and Christina39? Of course, you won’t hear the people called the Wall Street Occupiers, now protesting in hundrreds of citiies, mention anything with regards to illegal immigration and globalism being the cuase of their discontent. You know why, because the people encouraging them, are actually the very Corporations that are impoverishing them, and who simiply love illegal immigration and the free movment of people across borders that create bottom line wages. STUPID IS AS STUPID DOES.

      1. Chrisina39 says:

        because the more people the more competition the more wages go down, and the richer Wall Street and the Corporations get. Understand now Jules and Christina39? Of course, you won’t hear the people called the Wall Street Occupiers, now protesting in hundrreds of citiies, mention anything with regards to illega l immigration and globalism being the cuase of their discontent. You know why, because the people encouraging them, are actually the very Corporations that are impoverishing them, and who simiply love illegal immigration and the free movment of people across borders that create bottom line wages.

        Never said that illegal immigration is NOT one of their tools. It has been since the 80s. But where are we supposed to start, with the brains behind the scam (Wall Street) or one of their tools (Illegals). Seems to me, you catch a theft, not his crowbar.

  66. Christina39 says:

    I feel the bottom line is about weakening and destroying the the white middle class in US and Europe with immigration from third world countries so that the corrupt rich can control and get richer with no one looking over their shoulder. Someone is trying very hard and is succeeding at dong just that. Our enemies are the ones orchestrating this whole thing, not just the illegal immigrant picking lettuce.

    1. Bobby says:

      Yes. I couldn’t agree more.

      1. Christina39 says:

        Thank you, you have to attack the source of the problem

  67. w fael says:


    1. Bobby says:

      One of the leaders of a typical La Raza power group based in Lost Angeles, was secretly taped at one of their “meetings” as having told the crowd, ” we don’t accuse our enemies of Racism becaue we believe they are Racist. We accuse them of racism because it WORKS..

      When will so many naive Americans ever realize they are being PLAYED, BIG TIME?

  68. IrritatedVoter says:

    Since the government doesn’t enforce the law and Immigrant groups are attempting to take over the USA and reward law breakers with tax payer funds I see no reason to take John & Ken off the air! They speak the truth!

  69. Jose garza says:

    LA RAZA ( The mexican KKK) sure hates whitey.

    I f I was white skinned I would get myfamily out of kali as soon as possible.

    1. Christina39 says:


  70. Rob says:

    ALG, just remember what happened the last time you guys recalled a governor, will ya?

    1. ALG says:

      ROB – I’m not old enough to remember what happened the last time ‘YOU GUYS’
      (WHAT DOES THAT MEAN?) recalled a governor.. will ya? hmmm.
      Are you pro California and American citizens, or are you a LA RAZA fan?

  71. dan says:

    I’ll ditch ALL latino’s for their remarks.

  72. A FEHR says:

    California harbors the most illegal aliens in the nation and a new report out from the Los County Board of Supervisors shows the incredibly high cost of welfare for parents of anchor babies.

    The $600 million tab was tallied using county statistics released by Los Angeles County Supervisor Michael Antonovich who says social spending for those families rose $53 million in November and when added to the $570 already spent would edge the yearly welfare bill past $600 million for 2010.

    Antonovich estimated the figure using the cost of food stamps and other welfare benefits used by California’s CalWORKS program. The supervisor also pooled those numbers with public safety and health care costs.

    However, county officials say the “total cost for illegal immigrants to county taxpayers is $1.6 billion,” according to a Fox News report.

  73. mike says:

    and they wonder why there is so much resentment jerry brown ,along with every other freaking money grubbing spit in the tax payers face corrupt liars that california politicians are i am so mad THANK YOU JOHN AND KEN AND KFI i will always be there listening

    1. Ron says:

      WAKE UP people, unless you are a UNION member, ILLEGAL or a family member of one, why the HELL do you continue to vote in LYING @HOLES like Jerry Brown, Mayor V. and other California Democrats?

      If you want our once GREAT state to turn around and start producing JOBS, then vote these LYING, SELF-SERVING @HOLES out of office !!!!

    2. ALG says:

      MIKE – waituntil you find out about the new sewer charges are being promoted by the DWP, and the CITY COUNCIL, and THE MAYOR.
      God bless them, they squirmed around trying to find new fees that amount to almost 70% in the next 10 year period.
      WE MUST ALL CONTACT OUR CITY COUNCIL MEMBERS and tell them , for God’s sake, what the hell is the matter with you. Don’t you know we’re in a recession.
      14 million people out of work, August till the present NOTICES OF FORECLOSURE is at it’s highest.
      The next revolution will be TRAFFIC TICKETS. $141 for a parking ticket?
      I think it’s time to support those who will remove all these fees and charges, and taxes. I don’t trust any politician any more.

  74. Donald says:

    I think instead of calling advertisers to not support the show or boycotting the station they should go directly to the FCC and request to have the station license revoked and claim “hate speech” as a reason. K&J hve a right to free speech however, expressing their “speech” using the public airwaves is a priviledge not a right.

    1. Christina39 says:

      Why don’t people like you find another country to destroy, because you already destroyed this one. Still some money out there for you leach off of?

    2. ALG says:

      DONALD – what I think we should do, is find you, take away your license, and free speech, and whatever else we can do that you would have done to that really nice radio station that says it like it is.
      What’s your mexican illegal name DONALD?

  75. Chris Sorensen says:

    I’m trying to remove myself from the emotional aspects of this and simply follow the logical conclusion. Doing so leaves me lost as to what we’re trying to accomplish here in California and the US.
    If an illegal act is to be rewarded, why have laws about coming across the border? SImply open it up.
    If this is not what our goal is, then why offer so much, at every level, to those who break the law? Regardless of how heartwarming someones story is, most laws are enforced. Immigration seems to be unique…why?
    My theory: Pandering for votes and fear of being called a racist because you stand on principle that all men should follow the law, or change it.

    I use my real name because I choose to be respectful and remain credible. Attacking, name, calling and offering insults has the exact oppisite affect of what any of you are seeking.

    1. Ron says:

      “Regardless of how heartwarming someones story is, most laws are enforced. Immigration seems to be unique…why?
      My theory: Pandering for votes and fear of being called a racist because you stand on principle that all men should follow the law, or change it.”

      Chris, you are correct; however, here in California, a number of Hispanics have been voted into political office and they with the help of our current governor, backed by the Democrats and the Union, DO PANDER to the Hispanic population and illegals for votes. They ignore or try to deny the public those laws that were put into place, regarding illegal immigration. i.e. the Dream Act, that Cedillo has tried for many years to get benefits and rights for ANCHOR babies and Jerry Brown finally got it signed. Now children of illegals will use OUR taxpayer money to go to college, while many of our LEGAL children CAN’T get the money or SPACES in classrooms, that will be taken by the ANCHOR babies at some colleges and universities.

      What do you think of that?

      1. Christina39 says:

        This country is going down the tubes. They are educating people with social promotions who can’t really benefit society with the education anyway while intelligent legal Americans have to sit it out. WHAT IS THIS COUNTRY TRYING TO PROVE ANYWAY? WHO REALLY IS BEHIND THIS NONSENSE? AND WHY?

      2. Ron says:


        Christina39, I guess you didn’t read what I said?

        “…here in California, a number of Hispanics have been voted into political office and they with the help of our current governor, backed by the Democrats and the Union, DO PANDER to the Hispanic population and illegals for votes. They ignore or try to deny the public those laws that were put into place, regarding illegal immigration. i.e. the Dream Act, that Cedillo has tried for many years to get benefits and rights for ANCHOR babies and Jerry Brown finally got it signed. “

    2. Carlys says:

      I Could Not Have Said It Better Myself!!! AWESOME!!!

  76. Joe says:

    There are a lot of U.S. citizens and legal immigrants that are gifted with a good mind too. Why can’t the government use tax payer’s money on these legal residents instead of illegal aliens? Something is wrong here.

  77. Greg says:

    The activists just need to just shut up, and do something productive for a change, rather than incessantly complaining anytime someone suggests we uphold our laws.

    What have you DONE for your *new* country??!!! Do you even consider this your country at all (well, other than invading and reproducing in it)?

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