SEAL BEACH (CBS) — Officials in Seal Beach have confirmed the names of the eight people shot and killed by Scott Dekraai Wednesday when he allegedly went on a murderous rampage shooting up the beauty salon where his ex-wife Michelle Fournier worked.

The deceased included Dekraai’s ex-wife, patrons of the salon, stylists and the salon’s owner. One man, sitting outside the salon in his vehicle, was shot and killed when Dekraai fled the scene.

• FANNIN, Randy Lee (12/11/1948)

• BUZZO, Victoria Ann (7/21/1957)

• KONDAS, Lucia Bernice (2/19/1946)

• ELODY, Laura Lee (10/01/1965)

• WILSON, Christy Lynn (6/05/1964)

• FOURNIER, Michelle Marie (3/03/1963)

• FAST, Michelle Daschbach (5/21/1964)

• CAOUETTE, David (7/14/1947)

Comments (4)
  1. John Shannnon says:

    How hard is it to tell a man from a woman, folks!

  2. W. Lau says:

    Guns do not kill! We need more guns to protect yourself!

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