SACRAMENTO (AP)  — Gov. Jerry Brown has waded into the national debate over child vaccinations for sexually transmitted diseases, signing a bill allowing children as young as 12 to get vaccinated without their parents’ consent.

Brown announced Sunday that he had signed AB499, which lets minors get vaccinated against a virus known as human papilloma. Also known as HPV, the virus is a precursor to a leading cause of cervical cancer.

Under the bill signed by Brown, children will also be able to get other STD prevention treatments, including new medicines that help prevent HIV infection if given within 72 hours of exposure.

Supporters say the law will keep up with new prevention treatments and help slow the spread of disease among minors.

Opponents say it undermines parents’ right to be involved in their children’s medical decisions.

The choice has been hotly debated recently in the Republican presidential race.

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  1. Tamara Alley says:

    Good for our Governor! He needs to be out there looking out for the youth!

    1. Larry Wilson says:

      How many in your are illegal aliens?

    2. Lynwood Sibley says:

      big brother and you can b sueed for you kids bad action but you have no control

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  3. bugman says:

    Never heard of a Mrs. Brown,he is signing a lot of odd stuff,and ,i won’t ,go further.It will be taken off!!!!!

  4. treosgsears says:

    How sad… the government has more power over our youth than parents do. A sad day for our nation… they need parental permission for an aspirin at school, but not for a vaccine that can only cure 4 of the 100+ microbes that cause the papiloma virus…

    1. deb says:

      and they told my grandaughter that she was of legal age to birth control at 14 and she doesn.t have to tell me or her dad..also they told her that if she didn,t want me in the room with her..I had to go out…I went in and got her anyway and then told them…she can’t drive..neither can she even support herself..she’s 14 and ya’ll are offering all the kids birth control..they say it’s to keep them from getting pregnaut,,well you can get really bad things just from having sex…. when they tell the kids they can have someone else bring them up and they can get birth control and they don;t have tell me..that is saying and I quote:here is birth control..go ahead..try sex. But I told them if that happened…and she is 14..they better decide who;s gonna pay the dr.bills cause I sure ain’t and I think they should!!! I had to leave there with my grand-daughter….crazy people!! And then on the way out..tried to give her a bag of codomns..I said no..and if they tried to hand them to her that I would take them away right there and throw them in the garbage,,so they left me alone!!!.

  5. don says:

    Jerry Brown is an idiot. His signing of the Dream Act and other communist measures will finally complete the bankruptcy of California. Why doesn’t he just sign an act giving California to Mexico and get it over with.

    1. Nin Pujol says:

      I totally agree with you, what a waste of our dwindling resources to pay for the education of illegals!@

    2. John says:

      All you people whining about illegals are very narrow-minded. Part of living in California involves funding tons of programs for illegals with your tax dollars wether you like it or not. If you are so furious at illegals then get the hell out of California because California will always be pro-illegal immigrant. I’m white and love illegals – they wash my car for $5, mow my lawn for $20 per month, serve and wash my dishes at restaurants, clean my entire house for $40 per month and they have a lot of cute women who are awesome in bed – I should know…I sleep with my mexican maid. Just being totally honest.

      1. Rick says:

        She has also probably slept with anyone else who will BIGGIE SIZE her value meal. Hope you wear 4 condoms!

      2. Carpathian says:

        Hey there John, we will see what you say when we become a 3rd world country just around the corner. You are uneducated, you are lazy and that is why you have a bunch of illegals doing chores you should be doing. Before illegals came here the middle class could afford to pay more for the house cleaning and more for the landscaping, it use to be a man could get away with being the only one to work with no problems what so ever, now it takes Husband and wife and getting much worse at a rapid rate, the middle class is already vanishing and you will be working for a lot less then those that are cleaning your house and your yard clown…

      3. Tempus Nunc says:

        Who knows John, they may be giving you some sexually transmitted disease or spitting in your food!

      4. Rose says:

        a big part of your pay check already pay for the rest of that $5 car wash

      5. duh. says:

        she probably sleeps with all of her customers she provides maid service for…and your a “john” because you are actually paying for it…duh.

      6. sandramac says:

        My family were almond and walnut ranchers in California. Each year, LEGAL migrant workers were hired to harvest, because the local farm labor didn’t like the work. These people came year after year, caused no trouble.For those who bring their families to work, I would hope humane and sensible HEALTH care would be offered to migrant workers in California today. If the FEDERAL government would enforce immigration the way they should, the illegal issue would go away. Meanwhile, keeping the incidence of infection that can lead to cancer, for anyone, is ultimately a savings for the entire health care system.

    3. Rose says:

      Agree. Hope Jerry Brown will be recalled. He is our nightmare!

  6. Tempus Nunc says:

    I guess women are just birthing machines of the state, since we have have been deemed unable to dicipline or look after the welfare of our own children!

  7. Larry Wilson says:

    The tax payer and legal residents will be paying for ILLEGALS to attend the UC system and take coveted spots in this universities at the expense of you and your children who will be funding this slap in the face toward US citizens and legal immigrants.



    TEAM AMERICA……a Political Action Committee that works for the American people instead of big business!

  8. Pratt Robert says:

    Lets see, didnt Hitler , an most goverment take over how YOUR kid can act or what they can do,,,just saying ,,Its up to you all..

  9. Michael says:

    All you people whining about illegals are very narrow-minded. Part of living in California involves funding tons of programs for illegals with your tax dollars wether you like it or not. If you are so furious at illegals then get the hell out of California because California will always be pro-illegal immigrant. I’m white and love illegals – they wash my car for $5, mow my lawn for $20 per month, serve and wash my dishes at restaurants, clean my entire house for $40 per month and they have a lot of cute women who are awesome in bed – I should know…I sleep with my mexican maid. Just being totally honest.

  10. Jeannine Suibielski says:

    Despicable attitude about the vaccine from parents whining above.

    Would you rather see your precious widdle Britney or Dakota deal with cervical cancer when she is 25 years old? Why not just get her the damn shot when she’s 11 or 12 and have her live well into her 80’s or 90’s? And for parents who are too damned busy or neglectful having someone get it done for you might keep your perty precious boobykins Mackenzie from having to go through chemo, radiation and lose her fertililty in her 20’s. But that’s just me being all narrow again. Sheesh! Hosently, parents who think their perfect princiess will wait till her wedding night are stuck in the Donna Reed 50’s forever.

    1. disgusted says:

      you know, if your kid is having sex at 12, there’s something wrong with your parenting.

      1. Jeannine Suibielski says:

        Hey, I got a great idea, let’s get rid of ALL vaccinations, how about polio, measles, whooping cough, small pox? Let’s bring them all back into style, that’ll be fun. But hey, I guess you anti-science parents are totally okay with watching your princesses deal with chemo and radiation, right? Or better still they can just die of cervical cancer. Such close minded parentals units in this state – so vonvinced that their widdle angel will wait for her wedding night. And who the frak is spreading rumors that if you give your 12 year old this life saving shot that she’ll immediately start doing the whoe neighborhood, maybe you need to actually “talk” to your child about this.

    2. Susan says:

      And even if she DOES wait til her wedding night, chances are good her husband WON’T. 80% of the human population contracts HPV

    3. shelly says:

      The vaccine is very controversial, and has caused death. I do not want a twelve year old making that decision. All of my grandparents both sides have lived well into their 90’s not having any of the vaccinations. we give to kids today. This is not about promiscuity but about the poisoning that big pharm is doing to our society. Cancer rates are increasing inspite of what you may be lead to believe.

  11. cheetah says:

    And we fund people like you. Michael. EEEWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!

  12. big al 1092 says:

    I don’t get it ?
    People didn’t like floridated water. Now some are against vaccinations!!
    This is a public health problem. Just because some parents are anti science , why should their children be denied carer?
    are ant

  13. Inland Emprire John says:

    There is no legal instance of having sex with a 12-year-old girl. This law prevents doctors from informing parents that their daughters are being raped. This law protects pedophiles. Moonbeam and out idiot legislators have no shame. When will ALL Democrats realize that they are POISON to our families and are destroying what little decency we have left in our society?

    1. Tempus Nunc says:

      Totally agree!

  14. dfwm says:

    I think it’s funny that they named their PAC after a movie made by the “South Park” guys…

  15. Phoebe says:

    Boy the Gov. Brown has been busy this weekend… signing the Dream Act, Banning teenagers from tanning beds & now this. Illegals with access to tax $ for college, & more government in personal/family business. Californians you voted him in… But how is the unemployment numbers these days?

  16. Jeannine Suibielski says:

    Okay folks, lot of blatant misinformation going on above in the comments:


    Sorry to shout, but your ignorance is really starting to bore me to tears. Protect your child from getting a ravaging, painful, disfiguring disease that could leave her infertile or dead – I can’t believe you are against this.

    1. Amanda says:

      Don’t be fooled. This is all about $. The vaccine companies are not trying to help your kid. The government needs to stay out of this family issue.

    2. The real T says:

      I dont think the point is that they are against the vacination in and of itself- its the fact that the parents that DO take proper care of their children and DO vacinate their kids wants the right to say yes or no – i mean really, if something drastic happens – dont you want to know about it , and not have someone tell you at a young age its none of your business what you child does? and what if they had a surgical proceedure – and they DIDNT tell you ….that could be even more dangerous…. For parents that take CARE of their children – its an issue….And wouldnt you want the right to have someone arrested if they got your child pregnant – and they were underage….. i think this is the point… not the fact that the shot is necessary – the fact that we are responcible for our children – but they are telling us we dont have any choice in these decisions….
      doesnt make alot of sense to me…

  17. Jeannine Suibielski says:

    I am getting the distinct impression that the lack of real STD education during first the Reagan and then the Bush I and II years has left most of you parentals seriously lacking in STD knowledge. I am beginning to see that the very fact that this vaccination is soley linked to an STD is the main sticking point for you ‘rents. News flash – at some point between the ages of 13 and ? your kid will atttempt to have oral or regular sex – sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but you can’t watch them 24/7 and they are quite the little headstrong, snooty little trollups when they want to be.

    1. Inland Empire John says:

      Your language regarding children is ill-chosen and shows your contempt for minors and their parents – this is the issue. The issue isn’t whether education or the vaccine work. They do. How does giving the vaccine in secret without parental consent educate a 12-year-old? It doesn’t. At the precise time a parent needs to know that their child is becoming sexually active, parents will be prevented from knowing their child is being raped. Yes it is still defined as rape under CA state law, the age of consent hasn’t been lowered. Your personal fantasy of a world full of anonymously STD-vaccinated 12-year old trollops is apparently shared by Moondbeam and the idiots. The rest of us are sickened.

  18. rjsmitty says:

    Kids do not have the mental capacity to make this decision. Period !!

    1. The real T says:

      @ smitty…..agreed – thats why the have PARENTS – We are the ones that eventually have to deal with the reprocussions of whatever this bill brings – not the people that signed the bill into law……

  19. Susan says:

    This isn’t about STDs or HPV. HPV is what causes cervical cancer. Ask your doctor about it. Until the vaccine was created 80% (yes, 80%) of the human population contracted HPV. It’s mostly symptomless so very easy to spread. This is about CERVICAL CANCER. All the articles about this are very mis-leading because they don’t’ point that out. Parents are paranoid that they are giving the green light to sex. If they think HPV is the only thing that’s stopping their kids from having sex, they’re delusional. Most kids probably don’t even know what it is. AIDS, herpes, etc; all those STDs will still be out there to discourage sex. The main point of this vaccine is to prevent CANCER.

    1. Inland Empire John says:

      @ Susan the bill isn’t about cervical cancer at all – it never mentions it. Read section 6926 of CA Family Code. It is a blanket order allowing minors 12 and older to consent to any type of medical treatment of any reportable health condition, (including STD’s) without knowledge or approval from parents. The parental approval is cleverly side-stepped by not making the parents liable for treatment via minor’s consent.

      This bill is specifically written to to negate parental rights. Not to prevent disease. It is a shield for pedophiles, plain and simple. There is no legal instance of sex with a minor child. This law prevents doctors from reporting it. Period. End. The STD portion of the law is the brainchild of Merck Pharmaceutical which paid for its passing, in order to drive sales of Gardasil, which have been slumping due to concern over the side effects. Moonbeam and Democrats in general are always a little too preoccupied with the reproductive systems of underage / minors for my taste.

      1. Jeannine Suibielski says:

        @inlandempirejohn – please explain why this is a shield for pedophiles please?.

        Also, the MSM is doing it’s level best to word any articles or news stories carefully to avoid listing the merits of the vaccine – why? That’s what the MSM does and you folks are lapping it up, just like they want. The Right doesn’t want this and is trying to make damn sure you ‘rents are all riled up. From these comments it seems to be working.

        Another thing – Sure Merck is making a buck – whatever pharma company got the polio vaccine patent in the 50’s did too, and the small pox vaccine etc and on and on. Unfortunately for a capitalist society thems the breaks people.

        Now if they can develop a version for boys that’d be even better – why? Well they tend to spread HPV more than grils, and also tend to have less symptoms than girls, so can go 15 or 20 years before they even know they have it and by that time they’ve spread it to every GF they’ve ever had. And from pics I’ve seen Penile cancer doesn’t look pretty. HPV is also directly correlated with penile cancers, just an FYI.

        I get the distinct impression that 10 or 15 years down the road the ‘rents who protested and would not let their girls get the shots will be the first ones screaming about the injustice and unfairness of it all when they have to start their own “Memorial Foundation for Dakota” to educate and inform parents today before it’s too late. Blah, blah, blah.

  20. T says:

    Why do you keep calling PARENTS “rents” – I find it disrespectful – obvoiusly you arent one – or you would too…I think he said it all (Inland) when he said “This law prevents doctors from reporting it. Period. ” When my kids were younger – i dealt with issues as they came, i wasnt paranoid- if they needed a shot they got it – but there is no way on this green earth, they should be telling the parents they dont have any control over their 12 year old CHILD (when we,as PARENTS have to deal with the reprocussions of the problems they create by doing that) – unless they feel the need to raise them themselves – then let them deal with the results of the problems they will ultimately create – by not paying attention – which at 12 – THATS THE PARENTS JOB !!!!!

  21. Jeannine Suibielski says:

    @ T – And we have found the MO of the ‘rentals issues – it’s just about control. Cancer be damned “I ain’t goinna let no ‘merikan gubmint bureaucrat tell me what to do.”

    Note: see what i did there? I changed ‘rents to “rentals – you know for “parentals” pretty clever dontcha think?

    And just the fact that youo ‘rents don’t understand slang and/or sarcasm is also a problem – if you don’t know the term ‘rents then you are clealy not talking to your children and even know what’s going on in their culture. Did you park their butt in front of the Teevee at an early age and called it a day?

    i’m still lost on the pedophile issue though, still waiting for a cogent explanation.

  22. T says:

    not sure where the comment i wrote went – but the only thing i see here is someone that doesnt know the meaning of the word respect, and obviously doesnt have any children – when you get older – you’ll get it …. I dont know how you were raised – but i would never talk in that terminology about my parents….Its disrespectful and uncalled for(my kids dont talk that way either)…
    I find it unecessary to have intelligent discussions with someone that just has to be right – its a losing proposition.

  23. Inland Empire John says:

    @ Jeannine – If Moonbeam and the Sacramento idiots want to contain the spread of HPV to control the occurence of cervical cancer, then the bill should say so. Even in Texas the executive order left an opt-out for parents who did not consent. Let people decide the merits of an HPV prevention program. Shoddily written laws with backdoor agenda aren’t an acceptable subsitute for cohesive health policy.

    Without education, how many 12-16 year old girls will even know about HPV and the link to cervical cancer? How many will rush out to get a vaccination before they start experimenting with sex? And how effective – what percentage of girls are going to be vaccinated by this law. Zero point zero zero. Parents are the only ones who drive child health care. Not state senators.

    Sadly, this law has nothing to do with health care. It provides no additional funding for treatment or education. It only removes parental consent. By specifying STD treatment w/o parental consent, the state gives parental power to the pimps of the underage sex trade. Did you think it the cartels stop at providing drugs? The pimps and their lawyers will be able to hide behind state-sanctioned doctor-patient privilege. This is how the law shields pedophiles and the underage sex trade.

    Lastly, your atttempts at sarcasm only come off as angry and contemptuous – you might get more agreement if you toned it down to a civil discourse.

    1. T says:

      Well said IE John…

  24. Jeannine Suibielski says:

    Why don’t yiou fight to get the wording changed then? Instead of denying young girls the right to stay healthy and live long lives?

    I guess we’ll have to agree to disagree then on everything else, you just don’t seem to understand sarcasm, you’re one of those people that probably think sitcoms are silly and juvenile no matter how well written and acted.

    we should probably give up on trying to cure cancer too then, if this can practically eradicate cervical cancer cases linked to HPV then why bother trying to cure evertyhing else? Perhaps shift the cost of cancer cures to eliminating sex trafficking of minors? That seems to be where your knowledge lies. Ultimately, you come across as a Mr. Know it all, anti-gubmint type (teabagger if you will) who doesn’t want govt intruding on your life or taking away your tax dollars, that is of course until “you need it.”

    And FYI, no I don’t have kids, why? Becuase I had cancer and the treatment left me infertile – feel free to mock me about that too. I am done trying to get through to you with factual information. Be gone before someone drops a house on you!

  25. T says:

    Im very sorry about that – and no one would mock someone who has been sick, you just seems young – and upset – and now i can see with good reason, But I think the point is even if the kids need the care – they need their parents to do their job and step up and protect them like we are suppose to – not the state to tell them what they can and cant do without our permission – the ultimate result of the parents not being informed of whats going on with their kids could very well result in something much worse… pregnancy or abortion, and if your child had a medical proceedure, wouldnt you want to know about it? Wouldnt you want to be there for her for support? If your getting her up for school every day and one day she is so sick she cant go,and she is sick as a dog, but the day before she was fine – dont you want to know why ? Well this bill illiminates those rights >>>>and that is just straight out WRONG !!! …. Again – I am sorry for your situation…..

  26. mitzi says:

    i think the governor should spend time deporting illegal aliens and preventing illegal aliens from getting food stamps!!!!

  27. mitzi says:

    in California a minor has the right to get birth control and an abortion with out a parents permission so why the heck would a child need a parents permission for a vaccine?
    we give free abortions to illegal aliens!!!

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