LOS ANGELES (CBS) —Warning to the fair-skinned among you Sunday.

Tomorrow’s ultraviolet index level in the Los Angeles area will be a deep-tanning 6 around noon, according to the National Weather Service.

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Noon will be when the UV rays will be at their strongest.

Normally, a reading of 0-2 indicates a minimum exposure level and very fair people can be sunburned in about 30 minutes, if not properly covered up or protected.

A reading of 3-4 is considered a low level of exposure. It would take a fair person about 15-20 minutes to burn.

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From 5-6, say authorities, a fair person without proper protection could sun burn in 10 minutes.

When the level reaches 10, a fair person could sun burn in four minutes.

Officials remind that UV radiation is blamed for a host of health problems including skin cancers and cataracts.

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