LOS ANGELES (CBS) — The adult children of a murdered woman spoke only to CBS2’s Joy Benedict about a board’s decision to grant their mother’s killer parole.

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Kelly and Shawn Moreau were just 15 and 13 years old when their mother, Debbie Ann Moreau, was murdered in 1995.

“She was laying in bed and he grabbed a pipe wrench,” Kelly said. “Not only did he hit her repeatedly in the head with that but that’s not what killed her. Then he strangled her with a neck tie.”

The killer was their mother’s live-in boyfriend, Michael Steven Garrett, now 50.

“I remember hanging out with him. I remember going on vacation with him,” Kelly recalled.

But what haunts the Moreaus still today is what happened next. Garrett said their mother ran off but he hid her body in a pile of clothes on the bedroom floor. It was seven days before her decomposing body was found.

“I want him to stay behind bars and serve out the life sentence that he took away from my mother,” Kelly said.

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Garrett was sentenced to 15 years to life but this week, after just 16 years in prison and despite the D.A.’s objection, he was granted parole.

“I think the state is under a lot of pressure due to the state being broke so they are letting all of these murderers out,” Shawn Moreau said.

The state says that’s not the case and that he served his time.

But with the Moreaus now raising families of their own, they can’t imagine him going free.

“What if he does this to another family? What if it’s your mom or your sister,” she asked.

The Moreaus are planning a letter campaign and petition to Governor Jerry Brown to reverse the parole board’s decision and are looking for public support.

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Brown is the only person who can reverse the decision and has 30 days to do so otherwise Garrett will be released from prison at the end of January.