RIVERSIDE (CBS) — A backward swastika that was found spray painted on the home of a Messianic Jewish pastor will be investigated as a hate crime, Riverside County sheriff’s deputies said Friday.

The vandalism was reported Thursday morning at the Michael Rose’s residence in Hemet, where deputies found the swastika they believe was painted on his garage door between Wednesday evening and early Thursday morning, the Associated Press reported.

The incident reportedly occurred on the eve of Yom Kippur, the holiest day of the year for Jews across the Southland and the world.

Messianic Jews believe Jesus is the messiah prophesied in the Old Testament, Rose told the Riverside Press-Enterprise. The movement — which gained in popularity in the 1960s — is considered to be a form of Christianity.

Rose, who is pastor at the Light of Love Chapel in San Jacinto, has received hate mail and threatening phone calls recently as well, according to the Riverside Press-Enterprise.

The Light Of Love Chapel assists in outreach efforts for needy families in the San Jacinto Valley.

Rose lives in the rented home with his wife and their blended family of nine children.

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Comments (42)
  1. richie kotzen says:

    So what?? Someone spray painted their stupid name on my wall the other day.. It was not on the news… to these people…. stop playing victim… you are not a victim now… that was half a century ago… get over it… the rest of us are sick of it.

    1. Bob the Destroyer says:

      Gee hitler, did you get up on the wrong side of the reich this morning?

      1. richie kotzen says:

        see how stupid this is.. if you get tired of listening to their cries, they label you “hitler”… haha..ironic for someone whos name is “bob the destroyer”.. change your name to Abuelazam… lol

    2. P.G.C. says:

      So Richie, was this then an expression of free speech. As far you statement that this happened fifty years ago so they need to get over it. You do comprehend the fact that not only was Hitler attempting to rid the world of Jews, he was 6 million deaths into this accomplishment. Why stop here though. Why do Americans hate Muslims so much. I mea c’mon, 9/11 happened over 10 years ago right. And why are we still celebrating the signing of the Declaration of Independence every July 4th, that happened 236 years ago. Enough already right?

      1. richie kotzen says:

        Japanese killed thousands of Chinese half a century ago, vietnamese killed thousands of cambodians half a century ago, hitler killed thousands non jews.. but you know what?? these other people who were victims of war a looong time ago do not broadcast everyday their woes. They do not rally other people in their plight to hate their enemies. if you wanna have enemies, deal with it yourself. The rest we are tired. Did your people kill other too?? Dont bother answering. Enough already right?? YESSS.. The problems you mentioned above are AMERICAN problems. Thats what we AMERICANS should worry.

      2. lakeside says:

        P.G.C…….awesome response !!!

    3. tiredofstupidity says:

      I hope you are either joking or a child. THe Shoah was not a Loooong time ago- it was recent enough that people who experienced the horrors are still alive. You are either just stupid or a true Anti-Seminte.

      1. richie kotzen says:

        Thats your problem, not the problem of the asian americans, italian americans, african americans, mexican americans, native americans.. etc etc .. amen.

      2. P.G.C. says:

        You see, people like Richie are afraid to specifically voice racist comments not because they are somewaht intelligent, but because they know they will much sooner than later get the hell beat out them. I guarentee you Richie would say President Obama is the worst President ever and he will tell you it’s because of the job he is doing, Not the fact that he just hates black people. In my field of work, Richie is what we would refer to as the perfect case study.

  2. Dave says:

    In Nazi Germany, before the Jews were taken away, people said the same thing, Richie. Very sneaky how Fascism happens. Letting hate spread like wildfire leads to unimaginable results. But I suspect you are a hateful person too, so you won’t listen to what I am saying.

    1. richie kotzen says:

      you are the one who wants non jew to hate the people who victimized your people a lOOOOOng yime ago… dave

      1. Bob the Destroyer says:

        Ay, you obviously are a man well versed in knowledge and history. Much like Hank W Jr’s rant comparing Obama to hitler, although he didn’t call him that, I am comparing your views as those associated with hitler. Ever hear the phrase ” Those who forget history are doomed to repeat it”? I don’t agree with religion in general, but I am tolerant to allow someone their right to their belief, as long as they don’t harm me by it. Tolerance, compassion, and understanding is what the world is lacking. We are just trying to help you understand this.

      2. Dave says:

        I’m not Jewish. I just don’t think that people should have to be subjected to hate. I am not advocating hatred. I am saying that attacking someone else because of who they are is wrong. You actually don’t have a right to attack other people because of who they are. You are confused. Protecting victims isn’t an aggressive position.

  3. Clean O. Garage says:

    Did the teenager boy who spray painted this know it was on the home of a CHRISTIAN? Go back to high school.

    1. P.G.C. says:

      Their are two things in life that never, ever go together. That would be racism and intelligence.

      1. Stephen Burtner says:

        Good point!

  4. Raul H. says:

    “A form of Christianity?” Huh? Messianic Jews are Bible believing Christians. It’s not a form of Christianity…it is Christianity.

  5. doc says:

    “Rose lives in the rented home with his wife and their blended family of nine children.”

    what the heck is a “blended” family??

  6. Sue says:

    False Flag….. get ready for more…. Its well known that Jews do this to gain sympathy…. Just google it…. They most likely did it themselves..

    1. Bob the Destroyer says:

      Are you married to Ritchie? Do you have little goose steppers running around?

    2. P.G.C. says:

      Let me guess. You also The Turner Diaries is becoming a true story before our eyes.

  7. Historian says:

    Richie, I do not pretend that you will understand what I’m about to say because you’re blinded by anti-semitic values, but your post requires an answer. All people who want history to repeat itself mock history itself. The goal is that once everyone forgets the crime that was committed, the crime can be perpetrated again because no one is wary of it. The Jews have faced persecution since their creation as a people. They are used to hate. It is up to the non-Jews to police themselves regarding their criminals and potential criminals. Bottom line: those who hate Jews are not friends of humanity, but enemies of peace, love, and G-d, and all things good.

  8. Historian says:

    And to Sue, Jews are not out for your sympathy. Keep it for yourself. Jews are after Justice. Jews rarely see justice coming from the non-Jews. Google “Jewish History” and learn something.

    1. Bob the Destroyer says:

      For all who think this is about Jewish people only, hate covers everyone. Race, religion, lifestyle orientation. If all of those people would realize that in the grand scheme of things, we are all DNA related. The earth was created billions of years ago from the big bang and space particles helped create what is now life on earth. Just this week, ancient comets are believed to help “water” the earth. Science is stronger then religion, but then, no one knows beyond what we can see on if there is a big CEO in the sky. Peace to everyone.

      1. richie kotzen says:

        haha.. what is this?? science is stronger than religion?? water the earth?? CEO in the sky?? after you insulted everyone who doesnt share your ideas, you say “peace to everyone” .. you are too funny bob the builder..

  9. USA1917 says:

    What is wrong with you people? Some of you are saying get over it.

    Well obviously others haven’t gotten over it otherwise morons wouldn’t be painting swastikas on buildings. After all the reich fell 66 years ago and stupid people are still spray painting Nazi symbols on buildings. So just who isn’t getting over it?

    The problem is that most of you don’t understand the issues involved. This isn’t like the war between the Irish Protestants and Catholics this is a one sided war of racist bigots have waged against members of a religion.

  10. Duh! says:

    I don’t get why this is labeled a hate crime and the actions of the UC Irvine Muslim students who disrupted the Jewish Ambassador’s speech, is not?

    1. Bob the Destroyer says:

      Freedom of speech. If anti remarks were made, then it can be considered hate driven. California is so liberal anyways, it should be struck by a big earthquake and topple into the Pacific. Oddly enough, the report was a back wards swastika which makes it a Native American symbol.

      1. richie kotzen says:

        You want california to be struck by a big earthquake and topple into the pacific, and kill all the jews in it bob the builder??? I knew you were a joke…

  11. jazz says:

    Everyone please stop wasting your engery trying to reason with this ritchie person. He is either very young or a complete moron.

    There is a saying, “Never argue with an idiot because they will pull you down to their level and will always win because they will beat you with their extensive experience of being an idiot.”

    1. Bob the Destroyer says:

      Insanity is defined by doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result each time.

  12. Janet says:

    The Richie Kotzen posting on this site is a fake. Richie Kotzen would never write such dribble.

    The real Richie Kotzen is a musician and has recently performed at the Jewish Culture Festival on September 13, 2011 and mourned the death of Jews killed by Palestinians

  13. richie kotzen says:

    Historian guy is the most cordial and educated guy here. Mr. Historian, I don’t need philosophy, but if an issue is over exposed, people will get tired of it. Bob the destroyer, stop calling names, I can see you are immature and that’s enough for me to know you know less. Jazz, just because a person have a different opinion doesn’t mean he is a “moron”. PGC, I am not afraid of anything but death and taxes. I can see you are a student, keep studying. And in my line of work, you will get fired because you just complain and say things without basis. Janet, I am not a musician and nobody owns that name. I am not fake.

    1. Bob the Destroyer says:

      Well now, someone broke emotionally. I am immature in my quest to be the most obnoxious person on the planet without even meeting me. I can crush you more if you want it. Your labeling shows your inability to accept truth and fact. I toy with the common flea such as yourself.

      1. richie kotzen says:

        don’t read too much super hero comics man…. hahaha

      2. Bob the D says:

        Typical arrogant control-freak

      3. richie kotzen says:

        Ey little bobby, stay away from adult conversations. Drop the comic book and start homework already so your weekend would be free… 🙂

      4. Bob the D says:

        Richie-I was actually refering to Destroyer Sr, not you buddy

  14. swhitS says:

    The Swastica used to mean “Good Luck” sad that Hitler made it into a sign of hate. The more we use the “hate crime” reason to put people in jail for being stupid the more we loose. Educate!

  15. Bob the Destroyer says:

    Bob the dork, come get me . I WILL DESTROY YOU!!! sorry, gotta go. Fry’s are done.
    Ding fries are done ding fries are done ding fries are done ding fries are done
    I gotta run I gotta run I gotta run I gotta run
    I work at Burger King making flame-broiled whoppers I wear paper hats
    Would you like an apple pie with that? Would you like an apple pie with that?
    Ding fries are done ding fries are done ding fries are done ding fries are done
    I gotta run I gotta run I gotta run I gotta run
    Don’t touch the fries in hot fat it really hurts bad and so do skin graphs
    Would you like an apple pie with that? Would you like an apple pie with that?
    Wait for the bell Can’t hear the bell Where is the bell Wait for the bell
    Ding fries are done Diiing friiies are dooone

  16. Kieran Karp says:

    A big thank you for your weblog.Really thank you! Keep composing.

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