FULLERTON (CBS) — The father of a mentally-ill homeless man who died in a confrontation with Fullerton police officers hopes this weekend will be quieter than it has been over the last few months.

KNX 1070’s Mike Landa reports Ron Thomas wants “Kelly’s Army” to take a break from their weekly protests now that the case is headed for court.

Since June, residents outraged by the death of Kelly Thomas have been shouting, honking and marching in front of police headquarters every Saturday morning.

And now that two officers are awaiting trial on charges of murder and involuntary manslaughter, Ron Thomas says it’s time for the protesters to “take a break”.

“It doesn’t make any sense to be out there,” he said. “Who are we yelling at and what are we yelling at them for?”

Thomas said until completion of an independent investigation, the department can make no decision about four other officers who are not facing criminal charges.

But despite his calls to stand down, Thomas did acknowledge the unwavering support demonstrators have shown since his son’s death.

“The protesters have just given us their summer completely, they’ve done so much,” he said. “They need to enjoy weekends with their families and then, when it comes time, we’ll regroup.”

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  1. EverydayGuy says:

    If this mob really is serious about doing something in Kelly’s memory then they will each adopt a homeless person and take them in. If not, it’s just a mob.

    1. wobbles says:

      Oh no, that’d be to much effort. Heck, it was too much for the dad and that wa his son he let be homeless. Easier to yell and protest then go back to your comfy home and forget about the homeless again for the night. I honestly think alot of people who protest do it for some kind of thrill or hoping to be on TV and not for whatever cause they claim to care about. An attention getting thing similar to Munchausen’s by proxy.

  2. Go home already! says:

    It’s to late Thomas,
    You have created this monster. They will not stop!
    Thanks for all of the nuts here in town!

  3. harold says:

    All you dumb protesters, will you call the the police department if you get robed?
    Why don’t you all go and help a homeless or a mental person!!!
    Dad did’nt care before…..Did He??????????

  4. Taking a stand says:

    Thank you citizens of Fullerton for taking a stand. You may not be “popular” by all, but you have courage, dignity, integrity, and compassion. For all you naysayers, IF YOU DON’T STAND FOR SOMETHING, YOU’LL FALL FOR ANYTHING.

  5. Cha Ching Cha Ching says:

    Kelly death was the best thing to happen to Ron. As predicted he was holding out long enough for the DA to file charges which automatically meant that he would get a bigger payout than the paltry $900,000 he was originally offered. I saw it all along but the dopes calling themselves Kelly’s Army apparently didnt.

    That smug prick never shed a tear for his son because he never really cared. It was and always has been about the almighty dollar.

    Once that check clears, he’s gonna take himself and his little Kelly’s Army groupies off to mexico. Probably dump that wife of his along the way.

    1. Cha Ching Cha Ching says:

      You better believe those women he shows up with at the news conferences are giving him lots and lots of mOral support. Hes been living like a rock star for the past few months.

      Having 1 or 2 officers charged is all he needed for that gravy train of his to overflow, now he can’t wait to cash that check and skip town. I hear he’s pushing hard for a multimillion dollar settlement NOW because he knows when the facts come out in the trial and those officers are found not guilty that will completely derail his gravy train.

  6. Rodney Hansen says:

    You all seem to miss the point here. His son was murdered by cops. If that was your kid would you feel the same?

    You guys are pathetic.

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