LOS ANGELES (AP) —  Records show a rookie Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputy quit after only three weeks on the job after a supervisor forced him to beat up a mentally ill jail inmate.

The Los Angeles Times reported Thursday that 23-year-old Joshua Sathers, who graduated at the top of his class, was so disturbed after the March incident and subsequent cover-up at the Twin Towers jail that he resigned and moved to Colorado.

The incident was investigated by the sheriff’s department, which determined that no misconduct had occurred although an uncooperative inmate had been subdued.

The district attorney also investigated a complaint that Sathers’ uncle, sheriff’s Detective Steve Sathers, threatened to kill his nephew’s supervisor. The district attorney declined to file charges.

The FBI is investigating inmate abuse allegations at the jails.

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Comments (14)
  1. wobbles says:

    Dysfunctional department. I don’t think the FBI has the cure to what ails them, but they seriously need some change in leadership and how they do day to day business.I doubt either version of this is entirely true, but I also bet neither version is entirely false. In any case, there’s some bad leadership going on.

    1. Styker 21 says:

      This rookie was clearly not cut out for the job so he blame the department of a beating. Just take your sorry self to Burger King and retire as a drive employee. Lesson learned, stay out of jail.

  2. Pysco Active says:

    It’s expected to happen, that’ll teach you to stay out of jail

  3. Robert S. says:

    Wait til you see a 7 foot man chained, and handcuffed to a jail cell about 5 feet off the ground, and you will know brutality for sure!

  4. ald says:

    the sherrifs’s dept. investigated their own supervisor.
    LOL- good one !

  5. Edgar Alvarado says:

    Time for Baca to retire.

    1. Chris Blair says:

      “Time for Baca to retire”

      Really, is that all Baca should get? What about accountability?

  6. Alan Hart says:

    Police lie and we have a DA who is a coward. He only goes after the “Low hanging fruit”. He never prosecutes cops even when there is over whelming evidence that they have committed felonies. Baca is just incompetent!

  7. fox mulder says:

    The cops in the LA area are a scary bunch…I wouldn’t trust any of them any more than I could throw them….something is broken in and around the city

    1. Chris Blair says:

      Law Enforcement is “broken” everywhere – not just in L.A.

      If you don’t already know about, check out the website “Injustice Everywhere”
      that website will truly sicken you.

  8. Chris Blair says:

    Where there is smoke, there is fire.

    Baca and his thugs are getting it from all sides right now and deservedly so – the FBI, the ACLU, and now one of their own – a former sheriff’s deputy. But what a shocker – internal affairs “found” nothing wrong. Yeah, like they EVER intended to.

    And don’t forget people, almost a year ago, at a holiday party for LASD, 2 deputies got beat up by 5 to 7 other deputies, all of whom worked in the same jail together! This incident alone, speaks volumes to me about the rampant brutality and inhumanity in the jails managed by LASD.

  9. T.S. says:

    I would not call this cry baby a Deputy of any kind. He couldn’t make it as a Deputy so he quite his job and moved. Now he needs money and is going after the deep pockets of the Department just like a crook. For the rest of you cry babies that think you can do a better job, then come sign up….the Department is hiring. Until then shut up, sure there are bad apples, but as a hole they are not. You don’t like the jail system, then stay out of it, its not meant to be better homes and gardens….

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