LOS ANGELES (CBS) — The annual price of a Costco membership is going up 10 percent.

Starting in November, the cost of an annual membership at the big-box retailer will jump from $50 to $55.

Executive memberships will also go up by $10.

The company blames the rising cost of groceries and clothing for the increase.

Costco operates nearly 600 warehouse stores, about two-thirds of which are in the United States.

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  1. mo says:

    Milk goes up you pay more. Bread goes up you pay more. How does that affect the price of membership? Costco must be taking lessons from the oil companies on how to lie to its customers. Blaming higher costs for clothes and groceries, which are going to be passed on to the consumer, for an increase in membership is just plan dumb.

  2. G R says:

    Costco is a big rip off that contributes to consumerism. I only have the membership because I naively thought getting my car’s tires there was a good idea since maintenance is included. I was so wrong!!! They have a policy of only selling four tires for all wheel drive vehicles, I bought the set there and now one tire is non-repairable and they won’t sell me just one. They want me to buy a whole new set and they’re barely 1 1l2 years old! Corporate policies that only benefit their pockets. I drove to the gas station down the street and they fixed my tire for $15 bucks.

    1. Take care of your own life... says:

      In the time it took to finish writing that comment you should have come to the conclusion that you were at fault for not doing a little research. Your only concession is that your comment was submitted anonymously and you will not have to endure the shame you would have brought upon your family.

      1. :/ says:

        That’s a little much, don’t you think, Take care? I wonder how many things you’ve bought or how many papers you’ve signed or how many times you’ve clicked “I Agree” without reading what you’re agreeing to and found yourself sorry you didn’t read the fine print. Stop acting like Mr./Ms. Perfect. I’d be pi$$ed too if I were G R.

  3. buyinbulk says:

    I don’t think Costco really saves me any money yet I have a membership

    I like to shop at other establishments as well. I like to give them business and know they are earning my money. You’re supporting them and in essence rewarding them because you value what they provide. Their service and the convenience can sometimes be better.

  4. r says:

    WARNING TO COSTCO: Netflix tried a similar move. How’d that work out for them?

  5. dan says:

    Doesn’t matter….I wouldn’t pay the 50 dollars…let alone $55.

  6. Costcoaintthatbad says:

    I think everyone here is a bit bitter. Costco is great for family’s and good for good prices on electronics. I’m going to buy a 42 inch lcd for under $600 bucks. Not bad and its a good place to bulk up on emergency items. You never know when the world will end and your “LEFT BEHIND” Consumers are a little to over protective in todays economy. Sometimes, just turn the TV off and live your life.

    1. Vickey says:

      October 19, 2011 sdnuos like lots of good recipes coming our way Lindsay @ The Lean Green Bean recently posted..

  7. :/ says:

    Costco does have a lot to offer. They have good quality merchandise for less. Their food selection is tasy too. But I think $55 a year to shop there is ridiculous. You can go to Smart ‘N’ Final and shop there for free, oftentimes getting the exact same items that you could get at Costco, minus the items like couches, swingsets, laptops, etc. If you’re shopping at Costco strictly for the food, you’re better off shopping somewhere else. I may have to rethink my membership for next year.

    1. Christina says:

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    2. Jeronimo says:

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  8. Wain says:

    May i recommend Vons, Ralphs or any other traditional store. however to those of you who took the time to learn to operate a simple calculator or do basic math, pay the $5.00 increase, compared to the BofA $5.00 monthly fee for using an atm to get to your own money. the Costco $5.00 yearly increase is a bargain.

    1. Stephany says:

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  9. Done with Cost to much! says:

    My family has had a menbership for 23 years. We will not renew our membership this November, we are done with Cost to much!
    We can find most everything Cost to much sells at Super Walmart and other local stores for the same price.

    Good luck , Cost to much!

  10. Heru says:

    October 30, 2010 of all who cenommted on this post, i actually love you the most too!!! *blushes*ahihi. pero seriously, salamaaat.

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