SANTA ANA (CBS) — Police on Wednesday were searching for suspects in a grisly hit-and-run that left one man dead after he was hit by two separate vehicles in Orange County.

KNX 1070’s Mike Landa reports the victim is believed to have been severely intoxicated while he was in the middle of the street.

The man was reportedly found lying on Newhope Street near First, according to Santa Ana Police Corporal Anthony Bertagna.

After the man was hit by a car carrying four people and dragged him as far as 50 feet, said Bertagna.

Two of the occupants got out of the vehicle, surveyed what happened, and then left “without rendering any type of aid”, said Bertagna.

But according to police, what happened next may have delivered the fatal blow.

“A second vehicle southbound on Newhope, a silver Honda Civic, also strikes the victim,” said Bertagna. “She was on her way home from work and she did not realize that she had in fact struck a human being.”

The unidentified man was pronounced dead on the scene.

Police are searching for the hit-and-run suspects in the first car. Anyone with any information on the incident is urged  to call Santa Ana police at 714-245-8214.

Comments (10)
  1. Wynne says:

    I do not understand how anyone responsibly driving a car can hit something as big as a human being lying (not laying, CBS) in the road. Clearly the first car was criminally negligent and possibly the driver impaired. But the second? What was she doing while driving that she didn’t notice something in the road? Was it raining and dark outside? I mean, it’s not like the victim suddenly staggered into traffic.

    1. lala63 says:

      Wynne … I COMPLETELY agree. Both of these things are beyond disgusting. I hope once they find the four in the first car they all go to prison for a long time. The second person AT LEAST needs to have their license taken away forever. If you hit a human being in the middle of the road and don’t know that you have hit SOMETHING … you have NO business operating a vehicle. Seriously. Give me a damn break! I hit an armadillo once, and believe me … you know when you hit something THAT size much less a HUMAN.

    2. joey says:

      Hey Wynne, it laying – if your going to correct CBS, you should probably look it up first

      1. Iolanthe says:

        Joey and Bob, you’re 100% wrong. “Laying” in the present tense, always takes an object.

        Think of “lay” as meaning “to place (something)”.

        These are both correct, but notice that they’re different:

        I am laying the book on the table. <- I am placing a book on the table
        Now the book is lying on the table.

        I was a technical book editor for 20 years. The grammar you think is correct would be laughed at by smart 8-year-olds. Where did you guys go to school?

        BTW, notice they got someone with an IQ over 80 to fix it.

  2. jenni says:

    Easy enough after dark to hit something in the road. Bad place to sleep-it-off though. Usually it is drivers ‘going-too-fast to-drive’.

  3. USA1917 says:

    Wynne, the second driver was on her way from work so it is reasonable to assume that it was dark or near dark.

    The victim was dragged 50 feet by another vehicle. In the dark a body that has been dragged for 50 feet looks like a bundle of trash.

  4. bob says:

    Wayne, if you are going to correct someones spelling you should check your dictionary. LYING = telling an untruth, LAYING = put in a postiton of rest

  5. Mark says:

    ‘I know what you did last summer’…

  6. Jose Gutierrez says:

    Close the border, problem solved. Innocent drivers saved. Job is done. Tax money is saved.

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