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From Dancing with the Stars to the octagon to fight Rampage Jackson.

Wait, what?

Really, you shouldn’t be surprised. Because we’re talking about Metta World Peace here. We’re talking about a guy that changed his name to “Metta World Peace.”

It started with Jackson tweeting Artest/World Peace, “Hey @MettaWorldPeace you a beast on the court… we can box a few rounds for charity.” And wouldn’t you know it, Artest/World Peace seems to have accepted.

mettafight Metta World Peace To Fight Rampage Jackson?

Artest if you recall, actually said he would like to take up boxing once his NBA career wraps. (He also said he’d like to play in the NFL.) Can he fight? I have no idea. I know what everyone’s thinking right now though — The Malice at the Palace. But here’s the thing: The dude that threw a beer at Artest wasn’t exactly Rampage Jackson.

But kudos to Artest again for doing what he’s got to do for charity. Auctioning his championship ring was the biggest thing he’s done, but the guy clearly has a heart to give back. So much so that he’s willing to probably get punched in the face repeatedly by a very scary man.

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  1. uhoh says:

    This would be one PPV I would buy. I never support the UFC, not because of the fighters, because of the trashy owner Dana White. How can you call a sport a sport when it’s controlled by 1 man? If he don’t like you, you’re gone. Not acceptable. Besides that, he is greedy and never pays his fighters what the are worth. I’d take a boxing check over a MMa check any day of the week.

  2. The real T says:

    Go Ron (Metta) Go 🙂 your all about giving back – a quality that should be instilled in every person on the planet ….. i will buy the PPV – absolutely 🙂

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