RANCHO CUCAMONGA (CBS) — An Inland Empire softball coach is facing charges after allegedly engaging in sex-related activities with at least two minors.

Abiathor Stephen Mejico, 48, was arrested Monday on charges of Penetration with a Foreign Object.

On Sept. 30, police responded to a home in the 6200 block of Taylor Canyon in Rancho Cucamonga on a disturbance call. While investigating, they discovered a teenage victim was allegedly assaulted by Mejico, police said.

The victim, who lived at the home, told police she had be digitally penetrated and “forced to have sexual intercourse with the suspect,” Rancho Cucamonga police said in a statement.

Mejico was a travel softball coach for several years and an Instructional Aid at Pomona High School.

As the police investigation continued, a second victim surfaced who had lived with Mejico and had played on his softball team, officials said.

According to police, the victim said Mejico drugged and assaulted her when she was a minor.

Anyone with additional information on Mejico is asked to contact the Rancho Cucamonga Sheriff’s Station at (909) 477-2800.

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  1. duh says:

    Gotta appreciate a happy mugshot… I was convinced, by the forum populace that are smarter than I, that only white people molest kids…?

    1. SMART.Truth says:

      that isn’t a mug shot idiot.

  2. """ says:

    what a sick perv…

  3. shocked says:

    do you know him?
    whos to say these girls arent making this up.
    the truth will come out and they will pay for what they have conjured up.

    1. SMART.Truth says:

      YUP i do know him!
      but you are correct the TRUTH will come out! and those who lied will pay the price for all the trouble they caused. this man did nothing but HELP!

    2. Betterdays says:

      Really, you think these young girls would want this out in public. They are victims of a sick minded person. Obviously he has done this before, most have. These people like to gain the trust and respect of people and when they think the time is right they abuse that trust. He needs to be left behind bars and not allowed any contact with other children. He will re-offend it’s just a matter of time. Good luck to these young girls who will now have a life filled with doubt and guilt, even though they are the victims. As for you, I guess you live in a make believe world, he is guilty, this will be proven. These girls are not the winners here. Hope they can get counseling.

  4. honest.truth says:

    I know this man and he’s a family man who will bend over backwards for his friends and family…he would never harm anyone he is loving, caring, supporitive and doesn’t deserve this!! God will be on his side the truth will come out

  5. TheTruthWillCome says:

    I can not believe someone would make up a story about this man. I know him and his family. He is a great man, dad, husband and friend. He would never cause no harm to anyone!!! The truth will come and those who lied will pay the price. God is on his side.

  6. .......... says:

    and if in fact he did commit the crime?..Then what?…Im sorry to be the one to state the obvious…but this happens all of the time in today’s society. You THINK you know someone, doesn’t mean you know their most ugly traits. People are hurt, killed, raped, daily by their own MOTHER OR FATHER. Whose to say this man who is merely their coach wouldnt commit such an act. He is innocent until proven guilty. But people don’t let your emotions take over your better judgement, If this is in fact not true, than I hope he and his family finds means of living a life without persecution or complete damage to his credibility. However, if this is in fact true, I hope the YOUNG girls who endured this injustice from this mans hanus acts, find some way to get through the pain that they will have to have endured from not only him but the entire investigation. Having people scrutinize you because they merely THINK they know someone can not be any easy walk. Merely saying to think before you speak. If this did happen, it will forever change the lives of the victims, their families as well as HIS own family. This is not something that someone just makes up, this is a life altering trauma and I hope the girls are strong and have the support to get through it.

  7. ..... says:

    so shocking !!! .. i grew up looking up to this man i am now 19 years old Steve was my coach for years. One of the most kind hearted people i know a great father to his 5 kids and a wonderful husband to his wife. Hes an intelligent man and to this day is helping me be successful. still in disbelief !! the truth will come out justice will be served .. the god is good…my prayers go out to the Mejico family!!

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