SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP)— Gov. Jerry Brown is responding to a controversial decision by former Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger by signing a bill that slows down the governor’s ability to grant clemency to convicted criminals.

Just hours before leaving office in January, Schwarzenegger commuted the voluntary manslaughter sentence of Esteban Nunez from 16 years to seven. Nunez is the son of former Assembly speaker Fabian Nunez, a Schwarzenegger ally.

On Monday, Brown signed AB648 by Democratic Assemblyman Marty Block of San Diego. It requires the governor to give at least 10 days’ notice to the district attorney in the jurisdiction where the crime occurred before acting on an application for clemency.

Such a move would give the district attorney time to notify crime victims and allow them to petition against a sentence reduction.

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  1. Ron says:

    Finally I can compliment something that Democrats did. This is long OVERDUE, but really necessary. Arnold S. will NEVER overcome his HORRIBLE decision. NO government should have that right.

    1. Ace Chapman says:

      Oh please, lighten up a little bit. I have read the commutation order and the sentence was too long to begin with. Of course the average citizen wouldnt have gotten a sentence reduction. I think Schwarzenegger got it right, the fact is criminals are serving longer sentences than ever before and it is a awste of money. Prisons are overcrowded, they should release inmates early that have earned good time credits. Determinate sentencing is a waste of time.

      1. Ron says:

        Ace Chapman, I am confident that you would NOT be so LIGHT with those decisions, if it were one of your FAMILY members that was MURDERED !!!!

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