LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Two Los Angeles Police Department officers have been shot, according to officials.

The injuries are said to be serious but non life-threatening.

While two suspects have been taken into custody, Officer J. Ashpaugh at the Los Angeles Police Department Olympic Station says the city is on Tactical Alert while police look for more suspects.

The shooting took place in area of Leeward Avenue and Magnolia Avenue, said authorities.

The officers have been transported to a hospital.


Comments (44)
  1. Blue Thunder says:

    @tony. What kind of comment is that? FU Dirt bag.

    1. AIRWOLF says:

      @Blue Thunder…That’s telling him! You surely are a good “JAFO!”

    2. Donald Bellisario says:

      Airwolf would destroy Blue Thunder!

  2. Christina39 says:

    I care. When the police act irresponsibly like the Kelly Thomas incident, then the crazies come out of the woodwork. The police have to prosecute the misfits of their force. Anyone shooting a police officer is no better than the officers that killed Kelly Thomas. I hope they find these shooters and send them away for life too. THE BOTTOM LINE IS THAT WE NEED POLICE. WE DON’T NEED SADISTIC POLICE. WE NEED GOOD POLICE. WE ALWAYS WILL!

    1. Say WHAT?? says:

      Brilliant!!!!! Someone finally gets it. And then, when one of your children is mowed down in a crosswalk by some stupid kid in a little rice car, you can thank your “Citizen Patrol” for not enforcing traffic laws. And when some group of bangers takes your money and beats you down, don’t worry, your fellow citizen will be HAPPY to put his life on the line. You deserve an A for todays assignment.

      1. SkrewYew says:

        When you say ‘rice’ car… do you mean Mexican Rice, Asian Rice, Basmati Rice or Uncle Ben’s?

  3. roger says:

    Look at the fingernail in the stock photo… Gross!

    1. Pull my finger please... says:

      I’d smell it!

  4. Christina39 says:

    TO: wgaf. Sounds like you”re angry at both sides of this one. Maybe you’re just angry.

    1. Chris69 says:

      @wgaf Your name “wgaf” must mean White Gay Androgynous Female because you truly go for “both sides!”

  5. Christina39 says:

    Maybe I am dumb but if you are on the side that thinks it’s OK to shoot a police officer than you’re crazy and I would rather be dumb than crazy like you. I hope that isn’t what you are implying that shooting a police officer is a good thing. They were doing a dangerous job, something you obviously are not doing. I never defended them in the Kelly Thomas incident, we have moved on here or haven’t you noticed.

    1. Christina39 says:

      Really I and all the non law enforcement people I have known all my life are rarely called out to assist in a shooting incident. I can’t remember the last time I stopped a car for a traffic violation. And I never get called to go out and assist in domestic disputes. You wgaf, live a very strange life. Like I said before, I want the cops involved in the Kelly Thomas incident prosecuted, but I don’t know where you are coming from. I am not sure many on this site do. OH AND I DON’T REALLY WANT A PAIR.

  6. Chris69 says:

    @wgaf Take a chill pill wgaf! Oh & what’s your obsession w/ people growing a set of testicles? Envy? Curiousity?

    1. GLAAD Crusader says:

      You hit it right on the head (Or wgaf’s lack thereof)

    2. GLAAD Crusader says:

      You hit it right on the head! (or wgaf’s lack thereof)

    3. Check ur prostate! says:

      You seem so angry & tense? Does your prostrate need miking?

      1. 8 Maids a Milking says:

        I think you mean “milking.”

  7. Bob says:

    This wgaf dude is getting trolled & he has no idea!!! haha!!!

    1. 30 more for Christina = 69 (Yum!) says:

      @Bob Hook..line …& sinker!!! I’m enjoying seeing wgaf getting a riled up! He truly is a keyboard warrior!!!

      1. Pull my finger please... says:

        I’d smell wgaf’s finger!!!

  8. tony says:

    i guess some ppl do care

    1. Bob says:

      @tony wgaf cares!!!!! (Oxymoron!) And he’s just a plain ol’ MORON!

  9. Bob says:

    @roger @Pull my finger please
    I’m sure wgaf would surely enjoy letting you smell his finger b/c he’s had it up his arse this whole night! haha!

  10. Christina39 says:

    What is everybody talking about, seriously? This is a site about two police officers who got shot. You all went off on some tangent that nobody understands. Like you all know each other or something! For Gosh sakes learn Engish.

  11. Christina39 says:

    You people should be using IM instead of a site on a police shooing. You don’t make any sense and it just ruins the discussion. Maybe that is why you are trying to be ridiculous. . Good Night!

  12. Bob says:

    Good job running off Christina39 with your enlightening commentary WGAF! You are truly some enjoyable troll fodder tonight!

    1. 30 more for Christina = 69 (Yum!) says:

      I’d still like ti give her 30 more!

  13. Jonny says:

    Can anyone hear or see the choppers? they are keeping me up

    1. 30 more for Christina = 69 (Yum!) says:

      It’s probably wgaf getting his prostrate motorboated!!!

  14. Daniel says:

    well they opened up hoover about 10 minutes ago which means either they caught the third and possible the 4th person involved or they got away since I still hear helo’s might mean they are still looking but they gave up on the blockage. people with groceries were stuck for over 41/2 hours not being able to go home and well I couldn’t sleep because of the helo’s. response time from all three sides was under 5 minutes (rampart olympic and wilshire divisions. btw from what I heard on the way to the donut shop, the officers were shot with a shotgun in the face (well at least one of them) the officer didn’t know all the details herself.
    hope the officers recover quickly and man hope they caught all of em we dun need maniacs with shotguns around here.
    best wishes to the officers and their families

  15. Ript says:

    Who cares, It’s just another day in the toilet.

  16. BOUT TIME says:

    TWO COPS GOT SHOT ???? best news of the week. HOORAY!!!

  17. STILL DUN CARE says:


    How come these PD can shoot anyone they want for scratching their nuts, but they get oh so mad when you fight back? I will never respect any PD for the abuse they have given to my extended family and many others.

    1. pack up and leave says:

      Really? Are you just trying to be sensational, or are you in fact a first rate idiot? I would love to know the stupid sht your “extended family” was up to. Oh wait, they were on their way to volunteer at the shelter when they got pulled over and harassed for no reason, right? asshat. I hope when someone shoves a .44 in your face to take your welfare check, you don’t bother screaming for a cop.

  18. The Rat's Ass says:

    @wgaf After reading all your ignorant comments on this topic it seems that you are truly an idiot! Just go away!

    1. Cold Justice says:

      Wish you’d get shot!

  19. Specter Sixonenine says:


  20. wgaf says:

    I wish the cops would rape my puS$y and aS$ with their big, long, hard nightsticks!

    1. Cristina39 says:

      CBS LOS ANGELES: Los Angeles is my home town. I grew up in the degenerate 70s of Los Angeles where LA allowed and condoned every weird idea that came along, drugs, free love, anti-marriage sentiments and on and on. In fact you Los Angeles pushed it down our throats or called us crazy if we didn’t think like our peers. Why is the news source of such a free thinking city like you not printing comments from GREEN TOOTHED HILLBILLY? You Los Angeles created me and people like me. Are you ashamed of what you did to your citizens in the 70s and 80s who are no longer living in their home town?

    2. Christina39 says:

      Thank you CBS Los Angeles for posting this from wgaf and keeping us informed. Soon the opium is going to wear off though. Soooo LA

  21. tulio says:

    Why should we care when they shoot a pig, if when they shoot a innocent person, they don’t do anything. Like in the case of Fullerton. When a pig stop you, all they want is money like in mexico but since they can’t get it, they give you a ticket so you can go deposit the money in court. Also why do cars have a plate if the pigs always stopping you for no reason. I been stop many times for my brown sking, and what they do? they get mad when I ask them the reason why I been stop. And all they do is have they hands on the weapon ready to shoot, come on, I am hispanic, but I am also a person like everybody else, I work, Go to school and pay their taxes so they can be wasting gas doing nothing in the streets. So keep shooting the pigs

  22. Shorty says:


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