LOS ANGELES (CBS) — A controversial plan to transfer tens of thousands of inmates from state prisons to county jails starts this weekend.

Officials say many of the inmates are headed to Southland jails.

Non-violent offenders– those convicted of thefts, burglaries, and drug sales– will now serve time in county jails instead of prison.

The transfer of 26,000 non-violent offenders is part of Gov. Jerry Brown’s plan to save the state money by reducing the prison population.

LA County Sheriff Lee Baca says local jails are not equipped to handle the additional inmates.

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  1. uhoh says:

    That sucks for them. I’m sure they would rather stay in prison, than a county jail.

  2. John Estrada says:

    So they are getting pulled out of an overdurdened prison system and moved into an overburdened jail system? This is better how?

  3. Missing her husband says:

    This is only going to cause more violence. It’s ridiculous in prison it might be crowed but they have there respect levels and the officials are not as bad as county deputies. This is like throwing inmates back in there hood where its rep your hood. County jails is were you need to throw your gang up and make sure you make a name for yourself. Prison everyone has there ways to pass times whether its finding religion, family visits, sports or reading. The prisons are overcrowded because of all the parole violations. Just send them home ..

  4. Whisky…Tango… Foxtrot says:

    Thank you Gov. Jerry Brown for destroying what is remaining of California.

  5. wgaf says:

    One way to stop it is for the puS$y citizens to grow a pair and stop voting for more tough on crime laws that are already on the books, but the whiny overpaid aS$holes of law enforcement are to incompetent to enforce properly. The prison guards supported the three strikes law because it pumped up their pay and they are not in any danger. Laughing all the way to the bank because of the puS$y voters.

  6. Nestea says:

    When Jerry Brown was running for Gov I truly thought he was going to help California, he is a well educated man has a lot of experience and most of all he has a law degree. He said all the right things and mislead the voters to vote for him. I believe the “Relignment Plan” will be a disaster. The Relignment plan is only kicking the can down the street and will make the county jails overcrowded too. It is funny how California has NO money but was able to dip into funds to teach our children. Gov Brown rather layoff teachers, take from K-12 and raise taxes. Gov Brown does not want to be perceived as “Soft on Crime”. Why don’t Gov Brown exercise his law degree and do what’s morally correct, “Sentencing Reform”. This Three Strike law needs to be reformed. When it was introduced to the voters it was for a seroius and violent case (Polly Klaas). Of course people voted for the three strike law. It was well introduced and with the understanding if a person continuously commits a VIOLENT crime such as rape, murder, any brutal crime would be effected by the three strike law. It was never presented that your past history of which you have already saved time for will come back to haunt. Offenders are sentenced to 25 years to LIFE for a NON-VIOLENT crime such as petty theft, jaywalking, driving without the owners consent, recieving stolen property, throwing a beer can out of a moving vehicle etc. Prisons are overcrowded because of this dreadful law. Sentence reform will reduce prison overcrowding and save the state money. Offenders have already served over 14 years for petty crimes under the three strike thus far. The time should fit the crime

  7. gwendollynn says:

    @ Nestea, I am in total agreement with you. Sentencing Reform would vastly reduce the prison population and save the “so-called ‘broke’ state of California” a lot of money. The punishment should fit the crime. The children who should be our future are being denied quality education and will likely end up a statistic in the penal system. What a future they have to look forward to!!!!! Gov Brown truly mislead me with his pitch and now that he’s in office he has flipped the script;.

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