GARDENA (CBS) — A 24-year-old man facing felony charges for allegedly resisting arrest is accusing Gardena police officers of assaulting him.

Perry Alexander, who was in court Wednesday, claims he was brutalized by police.

Police approached Alexander when he was double-parked and chatting on his cell phone in front of his girlfriend’s apartment at 3 a.m. on March 16. He didn’t have his driver’s license on him, so officers asked him to pull over and exit his vehicle.

Some of the incident was caught on tape by the apartment complex’s security cameras.

“He punched me two times in my face, very, very hard,” Perry told CBS2’s Serene Branson. “And then from there, he placed my hands behind my back and threw me on his police car.”

“To this day, I still don’t know why they did what they did,” he added. “I mean, I cooperated and did everything they asked me to do.”

Alexander says he and an officer fell to the ground after he was punched in the face. He and his girlfriend, Derenique Burt, claim that the assault didn’t stop there.

“After the handcuffs were placed on him, the officers continued to hit him after that,” Burt said.

perry alexander1 Man Accused Of Resisting Arrest Accuses Gardena Police Of Brutality

(Credit: CBS)

Photos taken when Alexander was hospitalized after the incident show bruising on his face, as well as an eye injury.

“I really believe that instead of charging Perry Alexander, they should be charging the officers,” defense attorney Alison Triessl told CBS2.

The police department says Alexander was both combative and non-compliant and doesn’t deny that force was used during his arrest.

“I warned Alexander verbally that was I going to ‘sock him in the face’ if he didn’t put his hands behind his back. Alexander made no attempt to comply. I delivered two short jab punches with my left first to the right side of Alexander’s face,” an officer wrote on the initial arrest report.

The department also points to the district attorney’s filing of two felony counts against Alexander for resisting arrest.

“We believe that our officers acted appropriately given the actions of Mr. Alexander and we expect that the criminal case will result in Mr. Alexander being held responsible for his actions,” Chief of Police Edward Medrano said.

If the city rejects the defense’s claim. Alexander is free on his own recognizance. A preliminary hearing has been set for Nov. 9. His attorneys say they are pursuing a civil lawsuit.

Comments (34)
  1. richie kotzen says:

    i hope he and his lawyers get not a single cent…

  2. EverydayGuy says:

    He looks like he needed a good beating.

  3. rjsmitty says:

    I would sock in the head again !

  4. AG says:

    PIGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Damn right he was resisting arrest; on what grounds were they arresting him!???! Not having a license!? BULLS***. What kind of America is this in which a man can’t sit in his car in front of his girlfriends house without an ID without being hassled, arrested, and beaten by pigs.

    1. citizen says:

      because they are pigs

    2. james maurice says:

      you are in idiot

  5. citizen says:

    Cops behaving badly, what a surprise. Sue , sue. If i’m on jury you won big tiime.

  6. T.S. says:

    I think its time the COPS start suing the crooks for violating the Cops civil rights….. The Cops are people too, they have never waived their civil rights, but you will never see the ACLU or some high priced atty come to support them when the crooks violate the cops civil rights or attack / kill a cop. Lets see see the ACLU really stand up and defend the cops for once.

    1. Chase says:

      The ACLU will stand up for ANYBODY who has their civil rights infringed on.

  7. citizen says:

    Can you say Fullerton! The guy is lucky to be alvie.

  8. M says:

    “I hit him with my left fist on the right side of his face”. In order to have done this the cop must have been standing on the right and slightly behind Alexander and not facing him. Therefore, Alexander was no threat to the cop.
    Just another day in cop heaven – beating an innocent man.

    1. the truth says:

      Once again the bias and misleading CBS2 NEWS strikes again by conveniently misquoting the Gardena Police Department, “The police department says Alexander was both combative and non-compliant and doesn’t deny that excessive force was used during his arrest.” Really? The police department said “Excessive force?” Unlikely. In fact, that is not what they said. Your credibility as a news agency is rapidly losing its value. Keep in mind, there are many other sources of news out there and when you irresponsibly quote someone to boost your personal agenda, it makes you look like a bunch of unreliable amateurs. We get it, CBS2 is anti-law enforcement. Just be a little more creative in how you try to skew the public’s opinion. There are other people watching that know what your news agency is doing.

    2. rich says:

      your kidding right M? if i am faceing you my left hand will be in your right side becasue we are facing diffrent directions so my left handed punh would hit the right side of your face or head if you cant picture that try it with someone you know and see for your self

  9. asian says:

    What riight do this officer of the law have to abuse private citizen what no one was looking….this happy cop should be going to jail himself…

  10. Moet says:

    First off Mr. Alexander was doubled parked at 3:00am talking to his girlfriend on phone. Was the car started, lights on, etc.
    Officers have to first evaluate their safety, it is 3:00am and most individuals out at that time are on the way to work or up to no good, Mr. Alexander should have parked correct and he wouldn’t have drawn attention to himself.

    Mr. Alexander didn’t have a Drivers License on him – Ticket and Car should have been towed, unless he had a Valid Drivers License.

    The Assault/Beating, Etc.
    I can’t speak on this because I wasn’t their and it’s two sides to every story.

    One thing I will say:
    OFFICERS SAID “I warned Alexander verbally that was I going to ‘sock him in the face iif he didn’t put his hands behind his back.

    Alexander made no attempt to comply. I delivered two short jab punches with my left first to the right side of Alexander’s face,” an officer wrote on the initial arrest report.

    You really cant see much, but the officer telling him I’m going to punch you in
    the face, wow – Officers can hit individuals but we can spank our kids for not listening.

  11. good moral citizen says:

    Remember most cop are dirty and the ‘da” are also trying to cover them up beacuse they all get pay from the same paycheck… most of the abuse by cop only be notice when the camara are be recorded if not they all get away of their crime against good moral citizen….that the fact.

  12. Hilda Gonzalez says:

    Oh please. They never do anything. He probably gave him some lip and was a smart ass about it. He didn’t have a license, he was blabbing on the phone. He might of been a little high. He was doubled park. He clearly attracted attention to himself. I live in Gardena and I constantly see how these kids are always double parked with their loud music on at all hours of the night. And then get mad when the Cops tell them to turn down the music.

  13. goatherder says:

    DA always files charges when there is a complaint against the police. They all work for the same gov’t agency. They use the charges to defend against a lawsuit.. Next step will be to make him a plea deal with the threat if he doesn’t accept he will do big time in prison. Was on a jury once that was obviously to get a conviction to head off a suit against police. Felt very manipulated as a juror. The trial I was on was very parallel to this incident. We found defendant not guilty.

  14. Chuck Robey says:

    It has been my life long observances that almost 80% of Cops are corrupt and liars..

  15. Chuck Robey says:

    It has been my life long observations that about 80% of Cops are either corrupt or are out and out liars who when given the chance will beat you senseless because if you do anything even remotely like defending yourself you will get charged with resisting arrest or assaulting a police officer or both.

  16. Chuck Robey says:

    You know if the Government hadn’t enacted the very stupid law about not using cell phones while your driving this whole episode would have never happened, this occurred because WE THE PEOPLE let the Government take our Freedoms away.

    1. citizen says:

      You are so right.

    2. CB says:

      The fact that he was double parked is what drew the attention of the police. If you are legally parked, you are free to use your cell phone.

      YOU’RE AN IDIOT!!!

  17. coup says:

    i hope the cops get fired….the man has NO PRIOR CRIMINAL RECORD and he get beat up?

    1. citizen says:

      don’t worry they won’t

  18. j says:

    Corrupt DEA where stealing drugs from evidence vaults and reselling them to cover extensive credit card debt.
    They also are creating suspects by planting evidence just so that they can steal from them.
    Given the choice of suspension or dealing with their debt most DEA are thinking outside the box.

  19. citizen says:

    Gardena is a hick town with a hick police force.

  20. Jimmyjam says:

    Gardena has it’s fair share of criminals. Perhaps they thought this guy was waiting for his burglar partner to come out?…and he was using the cell phone to warn his partner about the cops? Hmmmmmmmm……certainly possible…happens all the time…day and night. How do they know if they don’t check? Then this fine citizen has no ID? Hmmmm wonder why….now they don’t know who he is? If this guys was such a good guy why didn’t he do what the cops asked? If the cops were so corrupt and brutal why warn the guy? Why not just beat him and not say a word? Know why…because the cops are not the bad guys. They do a job most of us can’t or won’t do. I happen to have had the opportunity to see Gardena Cops work around town….very professional and hard working. I bet most of you would be afraid to even stop and ask this guy what he was doing. It’s their job! How do you think they catch them? Get real….sound like most of you live in fantasyland!

    1. Sworn Citizen says:

      If they suspect he was even possibly involved in a crime why not conduct a CODE 6 Draw down and request for backup at the same time. At this point nothing justifies the officer for telling the subject that if he didn’t comply he would punch him in the face. That alone is a threat and which now the officer have committed a crime. Who ever u r, u should study the law and take a class at USC on civil rights.

      1. Perry Jr says:

        cant we all Just get along… in my King voice

  21. Sworn Citizen says:

    I am not surprised by this incident. I have worked with Law Enforcement officers for many years and i must say that Torrance PD, Gardena PD, Hawthorne PD, Inglewood PD and Long Beach PD officers take personal attacks on minorities. They commit these type of beatings and get away with it. As a corporate executive i must say that i avoid driving through any of these cities because i know even with business attire i am vulnerable to a BS traffic stop. I would recommend the Attorney General, FBI and DA’s office to provide better oversight to these agencies. They get away with ADW, 211, BRIBERY and a list of other crimes. We need to feel safe in our city. Its bad enough we have to deal with gangs let alone gangs in uniform. I say dismantle GARDENA PD, HAWTHORNE PD and INGLEWOOD PD and have the LASD or some other agency take over. These officers are a Major liability to the city.

  22. Perry Jr says:

    drink water and smile…. GOD bless!!!!! +/$

  23. Perry Jr says:

    Justice!!!! can i get it in the morning!!!! can i get it in the morning.. P-mix

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