LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Hundreds of jobs could soon return to local schools after the Los Angeles Unified School District reached a deal with a state labor union.

KNX 1070’s Brian Ping reports district officials expect the agreement with non-teaching employees would restore $8 million worth of positions.

Library aides, school financial managers and clerical staff are among those jobs expected to return to schools in coming weeks using at least a portion of some $55 million unspent from last year’s budget.

After laying off 800 workers Friday, L.A. Unified says the district will designate about 400 positions to be restored over the course of several weeks.

Negotiators with the California School Employees Association also agreed to four furlough days in a deal that must still be ratified by the union and school board.

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  1. George says:

    Heaven forbid they should leave any budget untouched. No doubt the unions steamrolled the negotiations, no one cares about the taxpayer…we have deep pockets.

  2. Zz says:

    Administrators, not teachers!?!

  3. joseph says:

    Schools need to be cleaned as well, what about the custodians.

  4. swhitS says:

    That’s smart have the janitor teach the kids.

  5. noneoff says:

    The problem is not with the unions or the school districts; it’s with the state legislators. The first thing out of their mouth come budget time is to cut the education funding. This needs to stop if schools are to have the money they need to pay ALL the people needed to help educate our children.

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