PACOIMA, Calif. (CBS) — A Union Pacific train derailed Tuesday morning in Pacoima.

Authorities said the derailment occurred when two cars came off the track around San Fernando Road and Sheldon Street in Burbank.

Aaron Hunt of Union Pacific said the cars had been carrying rocks but were empty at the time they derailed.

No one was injured in the incident.

The cause of the derailment remained under investigation.

Officials say trains were running on schedule Tuesday afternoon.

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  1. Steve says:

    That’s not a metrolink train. That’s a freight train. Unnecessary bad press, check your facts CBS.

    1. Fernando Bolaños says:

      Steve, to make things worse, it’s not Pacoima nor Burbank. It happened in Sun Valley, I work a block away from this intesection

  2. mike says:

    Metrolink does not run freight trains, it uses Union Pacific lines to run its passenger trains.


  3. shelia Graham says:

    Before you run a story about a metro link train check to see which train it is of course there no injurires on the fright train there no passagers dommy

  4. Pepe Oronez says:

    It didn’t happen in Burbank it was in Sun Valley

  5. Rob Joubert says:

    CBS News’ accuracy is getting as bad as Faux (Fox) News!!!!

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