YORBA LINDA (CBS) — A woman in Yorba Linda decided to abandon her plans Monday for a “pace car” program in the city after receiving numerous threats from locals.

Nancy Stevens had planned to solve the problem of hasty drivers zipping along Yorba Linda’s boulevards and byways with an army of vehicles with yellow “pace car” stickers roaming at the speed limit.

Doing that with enough volunteers, Stevens believed, would have created “moving speed bumps” that would force other drivers to slow down.

Instead, during this week’s City Council meeting, Stevens said the program was dead.

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  1. bounce says:

    It should require threats to put an end to this, just some common sense and possibly some sound legal advice.

  2. Ian says:

    All it would take would be one shopping cart left in the middle of the road by a homeless person and WHAM!!! Not that something like that would slow down cars… so how about some SIGNS put up by the city? Or will it take the death of a child to get drivers who don’t care whom they kill to obey the law and slow down. Those who threatened this woman probably are teenager or adults living in mom’s basement.

  3. Rosie says:

    This is rediculous. Where are the cops and highway partrol? Where is the city doing something about this? Citizens should not be forced to do something that is the city and county’s responsibility.

  4. Gregory Wright says:

    Fast-moving gas guzzlers unfortunately are one of the most common features of the car-clogged American junkscape and one of the reasons Americans are the world’s highest per-capita carbon emitters (along with a handful of Persian Gulf emirates). Websearch ‘Eco-Driving’ for the single best way to achieve safer roads, lower fuel costs, reduced CO2 emissions, and reduced national energy dependence. (Hint: It has something to do with easing up on the accelerator and paying attention to traffic signals more than ten feet ahead.) Not that the knucklehads in their F-150 pickups and Cadillac Escalades give a cr*p about that. Nor our public leaders. Forget the car industry. A few car insurers and fleet operators are beginning to give Eco-Driving a little attention; the most amazing aspect of this is how long that has taken.

    1. Pratt Robert says:

      like you havent been there lol.

    2. GW says:

      Small cars never speed

  5. Timothy McGarry says:

    What a creepy town.

  6. bonnie love says:

    GREGORY…..gee wasn’t this article about speed and safety? Who asked for your oppinion on polution? YOUR MAKEING MIND POLUTION FOR ME , HOW CAN I RESTRICT YOUR TYPING? I will drive what I want and no liltte HITLER control person like you is going to tell me what i can or csnnot do. You do what you want , and leave me and my car OUT OF YOUR WORLD because i want no part of it. HITLER.you don’t like it? get the hell out of America ,because we are a free country and dam proud of it.get out!

    1. bonnie hate says:

      Oh. My. Gosh. Just a little over-the-top with your comment, eh, bonnie love? You call the man Hitler because he’s voicing his opinion about a subject in a forum built for just that? Wow. You must think the world revolves around you and that people actually care about your twisted, convoluted ideas. I hate to break it to ya- nobody cares, his thoughts were not a personal attack against you, and he expressed himself just as you have. It’s America, a free country, right? So pipe down, Sally.

  7. TheWindrunner says:

    The fecal creatures have taken over America since the 1/2 & 1/2 er got into the White House. Society has devolved into a do what you want society if you can get away with it.

  8. Realsist58 says:

    Nancy and pace car enthusiasts need to get into a time capsule and be transported back in time and dropped in a jerk water little town and ride around in horse and carriages…or turn Amish 🙂

    1. Alzaetia says:

      Or maybe people can just slow down and not endanger other drivers…

      Why does being modern mean that it’s ok for people to drive recklessly?

  9. geeM says:

    When was it a crime to try to get people to obey the speed limit on residential streets ? Report speeders and stop sign runners if it’s aproblem in your neighborhood. If that does not work, get some videos of it and embarass the PD publicly.

  10. izzy says:

    you would think that this should embarrass or at least get the PD up and moving! like one person said, it should not be up tot the citizens to do their job and then to get threatened? I and other nightbors have tried to get the PD to patrol or Please put speed bumps on my street, where a young girl was hit on the “Side walk” curb, by a hit and run, cars have been side swiped, and side view mirrors lost, cats hit, rabbits ran over.. and guess what? we live on a culdesac in a family oriented neighbor hood.. its the college students with their souped up little cars, and little care doing these things..

  11. Bob L. says:

    Hum, with the basic speed law, other than in residential neighborhoods, her gang could get citations for impeding traffic.

    Will she be safe driving at the speed limit? Not if you are watching your speedometer constantly and fail to see the kid run out in the street until it is too late.

    I guess Nancy is not concern about tailgaters, or people who run red lights and stop signs, or who are driving the speed limit, but changing lanes and cutting people off.

    Also, driving the speed-limit can be too fast at times based on conditions.

    If Nancy did get threats, where is the investigation? How many other kooks were going to help? How much gas and pollution that kills people will she contribute to?

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