GARDENA (CBS) — An armed man who was fatally shot by a Gardena meat market owner during what police said was his second attempt to rob the store in two months was identified Monday as a 24-year-old Hawthorne man, but his name was withheld because relatives have not yet been notified.

The shooting occurred around 6:30 a.m. Friday outside Paisano’s Market, 1523 W. Rosecrans Ave., according to Lt. Steve Prendergast of the Gardena Police Department.

A bystander was also injured in the shooting, police said.

Prendergast said investigators believe the man was armed with a loaded .25-caliber handgun and had committed an armed robbery at the same business on July 20.

During that heist, the suspect robbed the owner and another employee of cash and jewelry before escaping on foot, police said.

“The owner apparently recognized the suspect from the previous robbery, armed himself as the suspect entered the business and ultimately shot the suspect,” Prendergast said, adding that the shooting was captured by
surveillance cameras.

A customer outside the market was also shot in the chest as the two men ran outside, but the wounded man was expected to survive.

It was unknown who fired the shot that wounded the bystander.

Comments (5)
  1. laca mod says:

    deadmeat @ the meat market

    1. Bob Henning says:

      Thats how it should work. These Losers Robbing People are not looking for a Gun Fight or a Fight of any kind THEY ARE COWARDS, They only seek VICTIMS. Arm Yourselves and Fight Back. Our Justice system only helps AFTER THE FACT, AFTER you have been Murdered AFTER you have been Raped, AFTER You have been Robbed, AFTER THEY HAVE BEATEN YOU DOWN. NOTICE I SAY THEY, ONE AT A TIME THE COWARDS ARE SCARED LITTLE CU__S.

  2. Igor Doublebubblevich. says:

    Store owners arm you and employees like gun ranges and pawn shops, the blacks will not rob you.

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